Birthday Dinner!

My mom, my sisters and I went out for dinner.  To celebrate my birthday.  Oh, the irony.  (Actually, we were a party of five.  I think that in its current state, my hair qualifies as a separate entity.)

Of course, I chose the same restaurant I always choose… and I always, always get the same thing.  (One of two things, really, but who’s counting?)  I decided to try something different this time… and was reminded of why it is a bad idea for me to (attempt to) do that.

I asked the waiter what vegetables are in the spaghetti squash… he got them all wrong, but thankfully he mentioned the olives, so I was able to ask him to omit them… and the cheese.  Which leaves me with no protein, so I ordered a side of tofu, because I really do love their tofu.

Forty-five minutes later, while we were all still waiting, except for one sister who didn’t want to start in on her salad if nobody else’s food was at the table yet… the waiter told me that they were out of tofu.  Hello?!  Health food restaurant?!  Out of tofu?!  Fine, whatever, never mind, just give me the spaghetti squash.

Yeah.  Basically, a pile of vegetables — spaghetti squash with zucchini, carrots, and peppers, all sitting in a lovely pool of oil.  Exactly how does this qualify as “baked”?  I mean, it wasn’t bad, but I could have made the exact same thing myself… and in less than the hour it took for this to come out of the kitchen.

And then I ate most of my mom’s side salad that came with her eggplant parmesan, since she had ordered another salad, too.

It had to be properly de-contaminated from the tomato, of course.  Much like I did with my  mom’s mushrooms.

And then, after we asked for the check, we had to sit around and wait some more.  It never did make it to the table — we got so annoyed that we just got up and left, stopping to pay at the front on the way out.  The horrible service is doubly annoying, because this was one of my favorite restaurants — if not the favorite — and if I don’t go back really soon to get rid of this negativity toward it, I’m afraid I won’t ever want to go back.  And that would suck, because I have very few health food restaurants in which I can actually eat.

So, happy birthday to me.  That’s actually a much more loaded statement than it sounds… but I’m not going to get into that part right now.  Hopefully, tomorrow’s lunch with my mom will not be as great of a disappointment… I’m sure it won’t, because my expectations of that place aren’t very high, and besides, I can get frozen yogurt!

And — this is exciting news — my parents gave me a book of sudoku puzzles for my birthday.  Ha, not really — I mean, they did, but my dad called it an “appetizer.”  They’re going to help me pay for a new camera, because I have been lusting after one of these forever… but I can’t justify spending that much money on a camera.  For some reason I can no longer recall, I had my heart set on the 50D.  But even with the money my parents are giving me, I’d still have to pay a pretty penny for it, and I just don’t have that right now, and I really want to get a new camera!  Not like I know all that much about photography… so any advice on which to choose would be more than welcome!

The Mebar in my last post…

It was (supposed to be) carrot cake… I dehydrated my own carrots, and even though they weren’t in there for a fraction of the recommended time, they were rock-hard.  I thought the food processor would grind them up, but apparently not.  Oh, yeah, and the walnuts are far too greasy a nut to stand on their own in there.  Major tinkering will be happening.  In the meantime, here’s another flavor!

Any guesses?  This one was a winner.  🙂

My mom and I played Scrabble the other day… I got a kick out of this.

More irony!  In addition to the irony I mentioned way back in the beginning of this post, that is.

I tried talking to my mom about my niece … I told her that she ought to discuss it with A, because A won’t listen to little old me.  She said that she actually did talk with A, but, surprise, surprise, her body works.  See, my niece was always skinny.  And I wasn’t.  Which is why, apparently, it’s okay for her to be skinny, but not for me.  Besides, there are people who still get their period at insanely low weights; that doesn’t make it okay!  My mom says, yes, people who are naturally X pounds.  Who, besides for someone who is three feet tall, is naturally that weight?!  Even if that statement made sense, I’d like to point out that my niece is taller than I am, and I am not short.  There is no possible way anyone that height is meant to be that weight naturally.  No matter how many times I tried to re-direct the conversation, my mom kept bringing it back around to me.  Finally I just said that if someone doesn’t do something about this, she’s going to find herself in the exact same situation in six years… but with my niece instead of with me.

New earrings!

Happy Thursday!… And hey, that’s odd, I was born on a Thursday.

“Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.” 
~Charles Schulz
(look at me fly!)


13 responses to “Birthday Dinner!


  2. happy birthday?? only… i guess im remembering wrong, i didnt think your birthday was this week… haha anyways, im guessing ur bar is apple-walnut? looks good!

  3. p.s. what restaurant was the whole mishap at?

  4. me + sudoku = FAIL
    I just zoomed in on the menu pic and i saw the vegetable stirfry with crispy tempeh ❤ THAT SOUND SOO GOOD! and the veggie burger deluxe sounds yummy too! hopefully u end up having a fabulous luncheon with ur mom, im doing the same with my mom tomorrow too 🙂


  5. btw did i mention

  6. Happy Birthday 😀 and shush about being over the hill, you’re only a couple of weeks older than I am!

  7. Happy Birthday 🙂

    Oh…they were dehydrated carrots! I never would have figured that out in a million years. Ah well…I think the dark colour of the Mebar made me think it was chocolate *facepalm*. That new one definitely looks like ‘apple pie’ flavour though.

    Sorry about the bad restaurant experience, but as you say at least there’s frozen yoghurt in your future 🙂

    I think you handled the situation with your neice very well, and your Mom would do well to think about that last statement you made in particular, which was very powerful.



  8. happy bday!

    the new layout is 100000x better/easier to read..thank you!

    the spiralizer, love it! and i just chop up the remaining “stem” . dice it and throw in w/ the rest of it all and there is 0 waste that way.

    me bar. ok i would use fresh carrots or carrot juice pulp if you’re wanting to use carrots, but dehyd carrots would be hard to work with, yes.

  9. you are you and your niece is her. dont forget youre two different people and that you must take care of yourself– there’s no room left for comparisons!

    hope you have a wonderful day. Keep shining.
    love, becca

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! I’m jealous of your future camera. I’ve been lusting after one of those myself. One day, right? Bummer about the poor service. I say give the place another chance..maybe they were having an “off” night. XOXO

  11. Happy Birthday! I am sorry the service at your fave restaurant was so bad! 😦

  12. Happy Birthday m’dear, although I’m sorry that your experience at the restaurant wasn’t that great 😦 That kind of thing makes me feel better about not being able to eat out, but I still wish that you had a more enjoyable experience than you did…

    Sudoku and cameras are two of my biggest loves, so I think your birthday present is a pretty awesome one 🙂 I’m not too sure what kind you have right now, but you will looooove having a DLSR. I got mine for Christmas, without knowing much about photography, and it’s been a blast.

  13. HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTH (happy birthday sounded to conventional!). That DLSR is pretty damn cool so I hope you have fun with it. I’ll be honest, I dont get sudoku but I”m not good with math or number (unless its calories, thank you ED!).
    That me bar is stumping me! I have no clue but too be funny I’ll just guess its falafel flavored.

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