Hop & Hobble

Just call us Hop and Hobble.  My brother went on a camping trip, where he injured a tendon in his foot.  Now he’s hopping, I’m hobbling, and we just all-around resemble a couple of decrepit senior citizens!

But I hobbled my way to my therapy appointment yesterday, where I put in my mom’s request for an appointment.  Without me.  Yes, this means I am being treated like a two-year-old.  But honestly, I don’t want to be there.  Call me crazy, but I’m not so into the whole putting myself into situations where I am just begging to be insulted and belittled thing.  Either way, my therapist said that if my mom wants to see her, she can just call and make her own appointment.  Ha.  In the meantime, I am teasing myself by setting out on an apartment hunt, which is just such a joke until I finish this cash-sucking thing called graduate school.

Someone went a bit overboard on the seasonings here…

Romaine, acorn squash, tofu, zucchini.  I have no idea why I keep buying acorn squash when it is my least favorite squash.  It was probably because it was little and cute and I have a hard time resisting produce like that!

Vanilla yogurt, corn muffin topper, and apricot sauce.  Which I liked so much, I repeated it the next day.

And the next, but with blueberry preserves.

I do believe this was better with the apricot; but my taste buds weren’t exactly working properly this evening.  Thank you, Novocaine. Since nobody else died, I had my dentist appointment today.  I abhor waiting for the numbness to wear off, so I said that I didn’t want any Novocaine.  I didn’t really need it — it didn’t hurt — but I kept involuntarily jerking back every time he got close to a nerve, and he said he couldn’t work like that, so he gave me half a dose.  Which, by the way, still hasn’t worn off completely.  Forty-five minutes to an hour an a half, indeed.

Numbness notwithstanding, I just could not wait to try one of the exciting new products I found in Whole Foods today!!

You have to understand my delirious excitement here… Quorn and Gardein are not kosher, and I’ve always eyed them rather mournfully, because it is just not fair that I couldn’t have something like that!  So I certainly was not about to let a silly thing like a numb face prevent me from trying this right away.

I decided I wanted to try the marinara one with spaghetti squash.  It is not at all unusual for me to have a stock of winter squash, and this is why.  My mom went to a supermarket on Sunday, and she asked me if I needed anything.  I requested a small spaghetti squash.  Small = ideally ten ounces or less, because it’s easier to cut!  Somehow, in her mind, this turned into a nearly-two pound butternut squash.  Which baffles my mind a bit since I already had two butternut squashes sitting right there on the countertop!!  You do not even want to know how many stores I went to in my neighborhood, trying to find a spaghetti squash.  Oh, but now that I’m not actively seeking that out, I am finding kabocha everywhere.  Just no spaghetti squash.  I was quite disgruntled, and I am also going to be buying at least two when I go to work tomorrow.  Argh.

Where was I?… Oh, yes, those cutlets.  Due to lack of spaghetti squash, I wound up plopping one of them atop a bed of whole wheat noodles, lightly steamed baby bellas and broccoli.

I think I liked it; but I can’t be too sure, since I was still pretty numb!!  I do know that it was spicy.

(pretend I wasn't too lazy to crop out that blurry piece of broccoli)

I’m going to reserve full judgment until I’ve tried it again with a functional mouth.  Which will be tomorrow, with spaghetti squash, because it is dangerous to have something like this open in my refrigerator.  Someone will inevitably knock it over.  That’s one thing I didn’t like about it — if it’s in sauce, it should be in two separate bags.  It’s annoying to have to fish one out.

Speaking of fish — the rec center where I go swimming apparently acquired an aquarium!  It seems to be about fifty gallons, and there are not yet any fish in it… I guess it has to cycle first.  But I just found that rather amusing.  It was lovely to get back to the pool, though.  New summer rules: from 7.30 to 9.30 is strictly lap swimming.  That means no Bobbing Ladies!  Unfortunately, many people are too dumb to comprehend the “more than three people in one lane must swim in a counterclockwise direction” concept, so it’s still kind of congested.  And even though I was under the impression that swimming is supposed to be good for aching joints, it hurt my knee to kick, so I had to swim using only my arms.  Hmm.  Thank goodness my acupuncture appointment is tomorrow!

In other news, guess what finally happened?

Yup, my gym cut the locks that they’ve been threatening to cut for months.  They also left the cutters behind in the locker room, and if it wasn’t such a big, bulky thing, I would have taken it so that the next time we’re stuck waiting for them to open (errr… tomorrow), I can just cut the padlock!

Tomorrow also would have been the day when I’d meet my friend for lunch… but she’s gone now.  😦  I officially do not know anyone working in this city now.  Actually, allow me to re-phrase that.  I do not know anyone with whom I would voluntarily choose to spend time working in this city now.  ‘cuz, after all, Mr. J works in the same place I do.  And within five minutes of his arrival this morning, he had me wanting to claw my eyes out.  That’s serious; I do not take my vision lightly!!

Clawing my eyes out would be easy right now, considering the length of my nails.  I can’t decide whether I ought to polish them or just give up and cut them.  Except that I bit my nails really badly until I was nearly in high school, and I never did quite master the art of cutting them properly.  See, I can’t even manage something as simple as that.  I must be in worse shape than originally thought.  😉  Feel free to mock me if you must.

Happy Thursday.

“Man performs and engenders so much more than he can or should have to bear.  That’s how he finds that he can bear anything.”
~William Faulkner


7 responses to “Hop & Hobble

  1. Ack. I hate dentists. The whole face numbness thing doesn’t sit well with me either, especially because I usually end up drooling on myself at some point. Class all the way. But I DO love muffins in yogurt 😀 I usually have them with honey or maple syrup, though, so one of these days I really need to try them with jam. And speaking of trying things…

    I’ve been kind of curious about trying those Gardein products, but the whole meat like texture/feel kind of throws me off. It’s been so long since I ate meat, that I don’t know if I’d really enjoy eating something that feels so meaty…

  2. wow they actually cut the locks! lol. yea it wouldve been sweet if u snatched the cutters haha.

    i hate waiting for the numbing to wear off!!! geez.. the random drooling is annoying.. and i always start chewing my lips cuz i can.. and then regret it when the numbing goes away and i actaully feel the effects of my random chewing. lol

    xoxo ❤

  3. I can understand your excitement over the new lightlife things – I get so happy when I find new Katie-friendly foods at the supermarket! It’s a rare occasion given how many weird things I’m meant to avoid, so I think I’m justified in my enthusiasm 😛

    I’m sorry you don’t get to meet up with your friend anymore 😦 also, please don’t claw your eyes out, you never know when you’ll need them! Although I guess that’d be a novel excuse for getting out of work…

    K, I’m going to go and be crazy somewhere else now 😉

  4. ~Jessica Zara~

    I’ll be hopping and hobbling along with you both as I am suffering from the same misfortune as your brother. So no running (or even walking) for me…again! Hmph.

    I can’t cut my nails properly either! I’d like to see anyone cut the nails using their ‘weaker’ hand…unless they’re ambidextrous of course 😛

    Gardein products look great: I get ludicrously excited over anything new too so you’re not alone there. Nothing to be ashamed of: most people don’t have half as many dietary restrictions as we do so they’re spoilt for choice. But I’ll bet we appreciate the few products we CAN find twice as much.


  5. Your post just reminded me that I need to schedule a dentist appointment pretty soon. Sigh…

    But seeing those Lightlife products made me happy! I didn’t know they have cutlets–sure looks yummy! I like their “deli” lines and their veggie dogs.

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