CSN Stores Upcoming Review + Hale & Hearty

As a kid, I loved it when the JCPenney Big Book arrived in the mail.  Not because I’d get to rifle through the pages and see all of these fabulous toys… no, I loved it because of the home decor section.  See, I had this idea that one day, I’d have an orphanage or group home or something, and it was very essential that I know how it would be decorated!

Obviously, I don’t have a group home.  Alas, much to my dismay, I don’t even have an abode of my own!  But still, I like to dream about the day when I will have one… and then I can go to town on dining room furniture … and a bunch of other goodies from CSN Stores!  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out, because it truly is awesome.  I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to do a product review.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

When I went to get my blood drawn this morning, there was one other person there — a man who celebrated his eightieth birthday last week.  It was a little depressing, since I kind of felt older than he looked!  But throughout the day, the universe seemed to be sending me some sort of subliminal message… I saw no fewer than two people in wheelchairs, one woman on a crutch because of a broken ankle (due to Jamaican rum which was had on her first night in Jamaica… don’t ask, I really do encounter the strangest individuals sometimes), and a man with his arm in a sling.  All of this made me feel remarkably spry and chipper!  Yes, maybe my knee and wrist aren’t healing as quickly as I’d like, but I’m notoriously impatient and always want everything to have happened yesterday.  I have my mobility, and I should be grateful for that.

A few weeks back, I bought these almonds for my dad to try.  He did not like them.  Nor did my brother.  So I took on the task of transforming them into something else… namely, honey roasted almonds.  I’ve made honey roasted almonds before, and they turned out fine.  But I was too lazy to check out the recipe, so I decided to wing it, using a mixture of honey, sugar, brown sugar, and oil.  I ran cold water over the almonds first to get rid of the garden herb seasonings, then patted them dry and tossed them in the new seasoning mixture.

Yeah, they burned.  I sat and stared at them for what seemed like forever, and nothing was happening, so I walked away from the oven for a few minutes, and this was the result.

Nothing burned here… romaine, roasted kabocha, tofu, and cauliflower.  Which, I realize, looks burned, but it actually was not.  That is set off my smoke alarm does not mean anything… everything sets off my smoke alarm!  I guess that’s better than the alternative, though.

I popped into Trader Joe’s today for baby bellas (I have to say, the new TJ’s is really helping me to get over my hatred a bit), and somehow emerged with this.  Don’t ask me how that happened.  I mean, I did have in mind that I was going to pick up ground flaxseed, but I have no idea why, and I don’t know what to do with it.  Help??

And I just realized that I’m closing in on 400 posts, which may or may not coincide with my (Hebrew) birthday.  Which, naturally, calls for a giveaway.  Because I am uninspired, you can tell me what it should include!

Happy Tuesday.

“Reading – the best state yet to keep absolute loneliness at bay.”
~William Styron

(Right — I’m off to read a book now.)


9 responses to “CSN Stores Upcoming Review + Hale & Hearty

  1. I ❤ flax. I put it in oatmeal and smoothies … it's also great to use for a vegan egg substitute in baking, you cook it in water for a few minutes until it becomes "egg like" – I'm bad at explaining it, just do what I do every time I need to do it, and google "flax egg."

    I'm the queen of walking-away-and-burning. How ridiculous??

    I was definitely in the middle of emailing you back when I got complete ADD and walked away from the computer. Gotta finish that. Haha.

  2. the universe truly works in mysterious AND strange ways. it has a weird way of reflecting our own lives, and deflecting our worries when we see someone who is struggling more than we are. kind of neat how it worked as a natural pain killer 🙂

    400 posts! wow! i would feel guilty mentioning i wanted to win another giveaway lol, not sure if karma would get me for being greedy hehe ❤

  3. Aww I’m sorry about your roasted nuts. I’ve had quite alot of cooking/baking failures due to my thoughts that i could just “wing” it.

    Hahah don’t worry, I always go in the store with only one thing in mind, but come out with 5 items in the end…everything BUT the thing I went in for. Fail.

  4. ~Jessica Zara~

    I’d love to see what you do with the flax: it’s always intimidated me a bit and I never know how to use it.

    Seeing people with worse injuries makes me think that I should be grateful that mine aren’t worse…but guilty that I’m not and I still wallow in self-pity about my own problems. Doh.

    400 posts is an epic milestone! Happy birthday/anniversary on many counts 😉


  5. It’s always kind of nice to have our situation put in perspective by what we see around us… let’s us see that things aren’t really as bad as we think they are, and that it could be so much worse. I have a problem with kind of honing in on my own discomforts as well, but when I really stop to think about it, life is pretty darn good.

    Flaaaax. I love the stuff. I put it in oatmeal and smoothies, and it tastes great when mixed into yogurt and a bit of sweetener. I also use it a lot in baking. It can be used as an egg substitute; just mix 1 Tbsp. of flax with 3 Tbsp. of water and that’s one “egg”. It tastes pretty good sprinkled onto savory dishes as well; adds a nice flavor and texture.

  6. dude, i go through so many flaxseed meal bags a day! the possibilities are endless and they are so good for you
    I make awesome pancakes with them, i posted them on my site so do a search for “full o’ flax pancakes”, I think thats what I called them.
    I also do waffles and a coat chicken strips and sweet potato fries with it as well. The possibilities with it seem endless to me, I sound so pathetic sounding this excited about a simple food. They are also an excellent egg replacer, I know vegans use them in baked goods instead of eggs. anyhow, glad you picked it up! heres to trying new things.

  7. Whoaa 400 posts. I’m way behind 😉 haha

    Dana xo

  8. “I sat and stared at them for what seemed like forever, and nothing was happening, so I walked away from the oven for a few minutes, and this was the result.”—STORY OF MY LIFE!!!

    that’s another reason i am high raw..it precludes use of the oven. lol

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