This post is going to be an exercise in randomness.  Okay?  Okay.

I don’t think I ever reviewed the wild pomegranate pecan Bora Bora bar.  (Well, obviously not — I still had it!)

I really liked the sweetness of the pomegrante and cherry!  But it left a greasy sheen behind, and I didn’t appreciate that part.

romaine, zucchini, tempeh, yellow pepper

As it turns out, my left wrist is just fine; I think I sprained my thumb.  Luckily, I had an acupuncture appointment this morning, which did help quite a bit.  It still hurts, but at least I can move it now.  Without wanting to scream in anguish, that is.

Yesterday, before the start of the fast, one of my married brothers came over to eat at my house, since my sister-in-law and the kids are away.  I was about halfway through this when he arrived:

tortilla, tomato sauce + Frank's, Lightlife "beef" crumbles, baby bellas, broccoli, nooch

“That looks really good!”  He was all excited to have one… and disappointed to find that everyone else was eating something different, because, in my words, “The people in this house do not eat the same way I do.”  (My dad took offense to that and insisted that no, “You don’t eat the same way as the people in this house!”  Whatever.)  Anyway, it actually was really good, so because I am a sweet sister (so sweet that I followed up by complying with their request for milkshakes)…

vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate

…oh yes, I was saying how sweet I was.  I made this because my brother was supposedly coming over to my house to break the fast, but he didn’t end up doing that.  My parents and other brother ate it, though.  No word yet on how awful they thought it was!

Tortilla base spread with a mixture of tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, and Frank’s, topped with onion, green pepper, corn kernels, Lightlife “beef” crumbles, and nooch.  Note the absence of mushrooms and broccoli; the crazy people here don’t like them!  However, I do.  Hence…

Savory oats!  I wanted to, but was actually literally scared to use steel cut oats, since I so adored the rolled oats the last time I made them… but I’m glad I went with the steel cut anyway, because it. was. amazing. So: steel cut oats with a beaten egg white mixed in, steamed broccoli, zygote carrots, and baby bellas, Lightlife “beef” crumbles, Frank’s, and nooch.  I was a little confused about whether to use a spoon or a fork for this!  I wound up going with the spoon, simply because it was already dirty… but what would you use??

I realize this post is absolutely not in any logical order whatsoever, but hey, that’s to be expected; I’m the one writing it!  This is where I sat until 1.02 PM today:

The lower step.  With the upper step jabbing me in the spine all the while.  It was vastly uncomfortable.  But then, I guess that’s kind of the point. (Can’t decide if it was better or worse than my perch last year…)  Anyway, I did fast.  Until midday (1.02).  This would have been a perfectly fine plan, had I compensated for the missed calories, but I didn’t make up for all of them.

The problem is not that I don’t know how to fit them in.  I mean, yes, at some point it becomes sort of ridiculous trying to do that — like if I were already consuming 3000+.  But I am not.  I am, in fact, kind of in a free-fall.  The sort in which I am eating half of what I was a couple of weeks ago, if that, and the notion of eating more on one day than the day before is pretty unbearable… but simultaneously managing to convince myself that since I haven’t lost a whole bunch of weight and I feel fine, it doesn’t matter.  And this is not okay.

Random photo of the day.

It wasn’t on this train, but a random woman told me today, “I like your earrings, they’re very nice.”  Isn’t that sweet?  This would be an appropriate place to insert a photo of said earrings.  However, I am too lazy to get up and take one, and I can’t find one to recycle.  I’m pretty confident that nobody will lose any sleep over this… except maybe me, but I don’t have any to lose.  😉

Have a happy Hump Day.

“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
~Owen Arthur


10 responses to “Free-Fall!

  1. i think i would have used the spoon just cuz i seem to use spoons for everything, even things that would probably be better with forks.

    i get turned off too with greasy sheens. my green cuisine muffins always leave these dark liquid stains at the bottom of the brown bag that looks like oil, but they dont use oil in most of their muffins and they told me its the heavy moisture from the soy milk and water they had. haha i was happier to hear that cuz it was looking really oily to me. but ive had a few bars that looked liek the bora bora one which was sad.. sometimes its just the sweetner.. sometimes the grease hehe


  2. Pizza and savory oats? Are you trying to win me over?! 😉 I’ve been devouring both those meals on a regular basis for the past few weeks, and absolutely love them both… although I’ve never tried using steel cut oats instead of rolled oats. I have no idea why, since they’re my favorite variety. Oh, and I use a fork for my savories, because it usually helps with the veggie poking.

    I hope you’re doing okay, hun 😦 The free-fall thing kind of has me worried about you, so please try to remember that it’s NOT worth it. Really. Health is definitely more important than everything else.

  3. love love loved savory oats that one time i tried them. i used a spoon. thats how i shoulda broke fast…but instead i ate a pound of cherries. win anyway.

    listen – when it comes to falling into your old habits, you have to be honest with yourself, but more than just honest about your bad habits, but honest with your own motivation to recover. It’s really easy to fly on the seat of momentum, going up OR down, and it takes effort to keep in moderation. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

  4. ~Jessica Zara~

    I have an awful habit of dousing savoury oats in ketchup. The non-Texas Chainsaw Massacre-orientated presentation of yours puts me to shame 😉

    And your family is very lucky indeed that you ARE a kind and considerate person towards everyone else but yourself, it seems…I’d have been elated to have you make me one of those pizzas, which look delish.

    It’s about time you had some nice comments from a stranger: I remember about this time last year someone was poking you with their umbrella…I think!

    Take care


  5. I have yet to venture into the world of savory oats. Kind of ridiculous since I’ve been eating oats almost every day since I was a kid. I need to jump on this. That was sweet of the lady. I love how little compliments can totally turn my day around.

  6. Compliments from strangers in the middle of a bad day are sometimes all you need to turn it around. You DO have lovely earrings 🙂

  7. I love bora bora bars!

    Sorry you are struggling with trying to get enough calories in.. Dont let your ED fool you into thinking it’s o.k though because your not losing weight. This happened to me once before and I backslide untill I was eating next to nothing and still not losing. ( I think i’ve told you this before though…) ANYWAY, my blood work was TERRIBLE, my health was a MESS just from not eating. It didnt matter I wasn’t at a super low weight, not eating an adequate amount of food was enough to really wreck havoc on my body.

    That was sweet of you too make your family shakes 🙂

    Dana xo

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