Brilliant Point #1:

As we were standing outside the gym this morning, waiting for it to open, a fellow member and I came up with a lovely plan.  It entails my informing the gym that we had to wait outside for so long that my knees gave way and I collapsed, thus causing the beautiful injuries I posted a couple of days back.  I will have no problem conjuring up “witnesses,” and then I will be rich.  😉

Brief interlude to review the TJ’s raspberry sorbet:

More sugar and corn syrup!  It tasted okay.  My mom said it was a little too sweet.  When someone in this house says something is too sweet, it must be too sweet.

Back to the gym… I’m not sure if I heal remarkably quickly or if I just adapt to pain, but I’d say I’m at about 75%.  Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck, and today it was just a bicycle!  I did an abbreviated modified workout, which means I used sissy weights.  😉  For the most part, it didn’t hurt, but having dealt with a chronically painful wrist for months, I am not interested in pushing things too far.

Brilliant Point #2:

When purchasing Ezekiel sprouted corn tortillas, if you aren’t going to use it up within a week, freeze the rest.  I had to toss almost an entire package, which hurts when it’s that expensive.  I’m all for extra health benefits… just not when it comes from mold.

hommus and alfalfa sprouts on a (mold-free!!) sprouted corn tortilla

Brilliant Point #3:

I made dinner for everyone tonight.  This is a rare occurrence because my cooking is not high-cholesterol, high-fat, and high-sugar enough for them.  It is also not carnivorous enough, but since everyone is meat-free until Wednesday…

This is mine; I used lasagna noodles for everyone else, but I used whole wheat lasagna noodles for myself. I stuffed the cooked noodles with Lightlife Smart Ground Original, rolled it up, and poured some tomato sauce over it. (I’ve made a version of this before, but then again, it’s hardly rocket science. ;))  I baked it at 350 for about half an hour… post-oven photo:

My co-worker is providing me with another bounty of CSA zucchini tomorrow, so I really needed to use up what we already had!  Hence, the side:

Zucchini and baby corn stir-fried with Bragg’s… that was for everyone else.  This was mine:

Same method, but with zucchini, yellow pepper, and baby bellas.  Mushrooms aren’t very popular in these circles.  I absolutely adore them.

Also on the topic of the CSA… I had to do something with the fennel.  My motto is, “When in doubt, roast,” so that’s what I did.

Just a small bit for me.  It does taste like licorice.  I don’t like licorice.  It was also really hard to chew.  I’m thinking I might have done something wrong, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what…


And then my parents requested milkshakes.

Brilliant Point #4:

It took about a month or so, but my pleco died.  (I know, I know.  Total shock.)  So I went to get a new one, and I asked what the life expectancy is for a pleco.  Apparently, it is five to ten years.  As far as I know, I do not live in a time warp, so why do mine keep dying?!  It seems they are very sensitive to low pH levels, and anyway, if I start messing with that, it will harm my other fish who are doing just fine with it.  The manager told me that if (um, when) this pleco dies, I shouldn’t bother getting another one, since I’d just be wasting money; I can make do with Algaefix instead, as it would serve the same purpose.  Now you tell me?!

Brilliant Point #5:

This isn’t a “brilliant point,” really, just an observation. Tuesday is a fast day… and I’m not sure yet whether I’m fasting or not, but the indecision is making me anxious.

I’m going into it kicking and screaming, but I hope you all have a great start to your week!

“Always forgive your enemies — nothing annoys them so much.”
~Oscar Wilde


9 responses to “Brilliant

  1. haha i love your little sly plan to complain to the gym. i think its so shitty that ur still having to wait for them to open!!

    corn tortillas always get mouldy fast! its such a shame. but point taken, i will make sure to freeze them 🙂

    lol im really loving that carnivorous-free dinner. even if its veggie-fied im sure its just as delicious!

    im sorry ur Pleco died! one of my little koi fish died not too long ago. so sad 😦


  2. i love your devious little plan. LOVE IT!!! they need to get their shit together

    sorry about your fish. look at the fish i sent you..and SMILE! =D

    and man, i think i need to invest in a cinnamon shaker!

  3. I’m impressed! Brilliant gym sabotage plan, and brilliant lasagna noodle roll! Sometimes I’m in the mood for a lasagna type dish, but I don’t want to go through all the trouble of making a whole big dish if I’m going to be the only one eating it. Individual lasagna roll-ups look perfect 😀

    In all honesty… I had no idea you could actually keep Ezekiel stuff unfrozen. I’ve been buying their products a little over a year now, and I’ve always kept them in the freezer. I’m kind of scared of mold (goes back to the fear of throwing up thing) so I’m pretty careful with stuff like that.

    I’m sorry about your fish 😦 Their high mortality rate is one of the reasons I can’t keep them… I just get too sad.

  4. babygirl you shouldnt be working out when you’re injured! honestly it makes healing way harder, even if you think you’re better. is there anyone else you can complain to at the gym about the girl, by the way?? i think that’s absurd … AND she OBVIOUSLY knows you’re gonna be there waiting for her to open up, it’s not like you don’t go every morning, it’s not like she has a “well no one’s there” excuse. in the words of stephanie tanner, How Rude!!

    is it weird that i like the nine days because we don’t eat meat?? i know, how sacrilegious can i get. but i feel you on the fast day thing – it’s often a tough call for me because i know fasting one day might lead to a triggery down fall for me but then again it’s SUPPOSED to be a spiritual challenge … of course i also don’t have doctors monitoring my weight and how i eat so i guess there’s our difference haha. i guess i’ll decide tonight.

    with fennel, i like to chop it up and just roast it with olive oil until it’s kinda crispy. ok, fine, i always call my dad and ask HIM how to cook it first.


  5. ~Jessica Zara~

    Hehe, that definitely sounds like a plan to me. I’m glad you were able to get back to some kind of training relatively pain-free 🙂

    Poor old Pleco…at least if you do get an Algaefix it’ll save you some heartache?

    Love your veggie noodles ~ ruffles on pasta always look so pretty to me 🙂

    Hope your week is off to a good start despite the kicking and screaming!


  6. You’ve been cooking up a storm! It all looks so fresh and delicious. I LOVE everything Ezekiel, but always end up freezing it too! I wonder if Trader Joe’s makes “fauxzekiel” corn tortillas…

  7. imaginenamaste

    i’ve developed a recent love of zucchini (haha, i think–we eat it a lot at my partial program)–i should cook some of it on my own, with that lasagna creation you’ve got there!
    take care of yourself with working out!

  8. sorry bout the fist

    fasting, do as you wish. i think you should just eat chocolate all day 🙂 my personal take on it..kidding!

    ok the fennel. i think you saw my recipe but basically you need to chunk it into wedges, not overly small or it WILL Burn. And roast it like 400-425 ish but with a piece of foil over the pan otherwise, again, it will burn before it gets tender. So like 40 mins covered then uncovered for 20ish. And season with EVOO, coconut oil, S & P, ginger, you name it whatever you like. The way I make it it DOESN’T taste like licorice as i hate black licorice!

  9. It must be Tisha b’av…I have never fasted on holidays, its too riskt ED wise, and health before holiday traditions in my book, plus, i make other people envious of my food 😉
    I put fennel in soups, its sweet and gives the broth a nice flavor. I also like it raw sliced thinly with apples and a sweet dressing

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