Customer Non-Service

Monday was not a very zen day, to put it mildly.  When is calling customer service ever a pleasant experience?

First up: gym.  The girl showed up late… I left at 7.15, and she hadn’t come yet.  (I found out today that she arrived at 7.25.  Nice.  Her excuse was that she wasn’t supposed to be the one to open that day… and then it morphed into “I fell asleep.”  Rule Number One of being a successful liar: get the story straight.)  I decided that being polite wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I was going to have to be assertive (AKA, a bitch).  I informed the customer service rep that I had called about this several times and that I was told the complaint was being “forwarded.”  I don’t know to whom it was forwarded, or if it was forwarded, but obviously it was ineffective, so I want to talk to someone who can actually help me out here.  The district manager is supposedly going to contact me.  Mmhmm.  And oh yeah, while we’re at it?  I’d like a refund on this “maintenance fee” that was tacked onto my bill.  Why the hell should I pay to maintain a gym that I never even get to use?!

Summer's Bounty

To end the day on a circular note: I exist on SCT (Senior Citizen Time).  Thus, I was beyond ready for bed by 9.30 PM.  I was typing away, when suddenly my laptop decided that the T, H, C and V keys were unnecessary.  I was on hold with Dell technical support forever.  Then an outsourced employee, whom I could barely understand, informed me that because I was no longer under warranty, I could pay $59 to upgrade my drivers, and if that didn’t work, I could just replace the keyboard.  Which would cost less than upgrading the drivers, so why wouldn’t I just do that in the first place?!  I can get a keyboard on Amazon for half the price, so I was going to do that… but first I re-started my computer.  And presto — problem solved.  Thanks for the help!

Tried a new-to-me kind of tempeh:

romaine, roasted rutabaga, tempeh, roasted cauliflower

I liked it; but then again, I’d probably like anything if it was doused in garlic powder / chili powder / paprika and roasted.

Another new thing that happened yesterday… I went here.

It was actually kind of embarrassing, but in the morning, every customer who walked in was greeted by cheering employees.  (My co-worker went in the afternoon, by which time they’d apparently grown tired of that.)  I bought a three-pack of bell peppers so that I could make something that’s been brewing in my mind for a few days… vegetarian stuffed peppers.

2 bell peppers
2 T dry quinoa
1/4 cup dry TVP
1 T salsa
1/4 cup pasta sauce
1 t nooch

Re-hydrate the TVP according to package directions, and cook the quinoa.  Preheat your oven to 350.
Cut off the tops of the peppers and remove the seeds.
Mix the quinoa and TVP with the salsa and 3 T of the pasta sauce.  Divide the mixture and stuff half into each of the peppers.  Spread the remaining pasta sauce on the top of the mixture, and then sprinkle nooch over that.  Replace the tops of the peppers, put them in a foil-covered pan, and bake for about an hour.

It was missing something.  I’m just not quite sure what.  Nor am I sure I’ll be repeating this, because I remembered that I prefer raw peppers.

Today’s weather was exactly what I don’t like — extremely humid and bloat-inducing.  And rainy.  I’ve never managed to solve my problem regarding footwear in rainy weather.  It is incredible that with the amount of shoes I own, I still can’t find one pair that is appropriate!!  The latest attempt:

Uh… ouch.  Not only is this not a friend of bunions, but my ankle is now rubbed raw.  I think I am just going to give up.  What do you wear when it rains?!

vanilla yogurt, double chocolate chip muffin topper, cherries

I know this is probably hard to believe, considering the nature of some of my posts, but I was never one of those girls who excoriated my physical appearance to my friends.  I never saw the point of complaining about a feature, only to have others assure me it isn’t true — if I think it’s true, nothing anyone tells me will change that.  Nor am I very likely to spend chunks of time in front of the mirror, tearing apart my flaws.  Doing that will change nothing.  I’m actually very tight-lipped about such things; I don’t talk about it in real life.  Which is probably why I end up writing about it so much on here.  (And for those of you who worried that I was offended by your comments: if someone ever leaves a comment that I find offensive, I would definitely say so.  Privately.  So if I haven’t bitched at you, it’s fine.  ;))

In any event, I have a very hard time actually saying such things.  My therapist and I don’t usually discuss it, leaving that aspect to my nutritionist, but she does ask occasionally how things are going on the food front.  I can be evasive about it — “Let’s not go there” — because it feels so awkward talking about it.  And it’s just preposterous.  (Yeah, yeah, because I’m “too fat” for that be an issue.  Typical.)  I don’t know, I just really struggle to convey such things verbally.  It’s difficult enough to do it in writing!

Tomorrow is my appointment with the endocrinologist.  My cringe is in place, because it doesn’t matter that I tell him I don’t want to know my weight; he announces it anyway.  He’s an old man, I guess he’s hard of hearing.  Hmm.  Also very uncomfortable to me: I won’t be able to work out tomorrow because of my appointment.  😦

In the you really didn’t need to know that arena, it seems to be an inexplicable phenomenon that happens every Tuesday: my butt is so. sore.  This is a weekly occurrence, without fail.  I have no idea what causes it.  It is really quite mystifying.

There is an All-Star game competing for my attention here, so I’m going to go… I’m incoherent enough when I devote 100% of my attention to blogging, and it will only be worse if I’m watching a game at the same time.

Have a happy Hump Day.

Oh, and P.S.  Enter this giveaway for a TofuXpress.  Or don’t; I really want it! 😉

“Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”
~Will Rogers


6 responses to “Customer Non-Service

  1. Whoa, that tofu express looks pretty cool! lol, sorry to hear your butt is sore. you had me laughing, i guess i shouldnt laugh at others pain though..SOrrry..

    I wish you it was easier for you to express yourself. I use to be very closed about how I was feeling to everyone, I was so shy and timid. Now i just think i give people way to much information. Maybe write down some things to talk to your nutirionist about and that will make you more comforable

    DAna xo

  2. ouch, definitely NOT comfort shoes!

    haha i love how they cheered at the customers coming in! i would have turned a shade of red.. awkward … lol

    yea, as the day went on it was probably more ‘grunts’ than cheers.

    geez ur gym has so much drama huh! and yea, if someone is gonna lie they better make sure to remember their lies and not get their stories twisted!

    xoxo ❤

  3. Omigosh how I hate dealing with customer service. Sometimes I honestly feel like it would be easier to just go out and replace whatever it is that isn’t working than spend the time trying to get it serviced. Especially when you’re on hold forever and listening to that God awful music they play… It can be so frustrating to deal with those people, but I imagine they get pretty frustrated having to deal with people complaining all day…

  4. Customer non-service. Yeah. Totally agree. I hate dealing with such things, because THEY don’t deal with me, it seems.

  5. so, this is why i don’t go to therapy: I am a big liar. I lie, lie, lie, waste everyone’s time and money, and am prone to getting frustrated that it “isnt working” but it won’t work if I don’t be honest, so that’s why I don’t go. I had two occasions where I was removed from school and compelled to undergo a psychiatric exam and agree to therapy to get back into school – lied my butt off until they said I didn’t have to go to therapy anymore. Beh – what’s the point?? I hate to say it, but if you’re not gonna talk to your therapist about what’s really bothering you, why bother going?

    in the rain? flip flops, nonstop

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