Not Feeling the Love + Giveaway!

After the girl who opens the gym came five minutes late, this scene ensued:

I am doing crunches off a stability ball; she is going around cleaning up the mislaid equipment from the night before.  (Which why you’re supposed to be there earlier than we are, you nutjob!)  There were a few dumbbells on the floor next to me, and she asked if they were mine.  I said no.  She said that she was asking because she didn’t want to take them away if I was using them.  Nice and considerate, and all.  Except that I’d be a lot less inconvenienced from having to walk a few feet to pick up the dumbbells than I am from having to stand outside every morning waiting for her to open!  It is rude and obnoxious and disrespectful and borderline insulting.  I mean, people who come to the gym that early in the morning do it because they have jobs to get to.  You know, a job?  It’s that thing that you have, but for which you seem to find it difficult to put in a timely appearance!!  ARGH!

New-to-me cereal:

I expected this to be overly sweet, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t. 

I loved the combination of textures in here — crispies!  Flakes!  Balls!  The only thing missing is twigs.  😉

It’s been a while, but I don’t think I ever reviewed this bar… because, well, I don’t like sesame seeds.

I was happy that the other flavors were far more prevalent!  It was kind of really sticky, though.

romaine, baby carrots, tofu, roasted artichokes

For those of you who think my salads look so neat and linear… by the time I actually get to eat them, they look more like this.  😉

Yesterday, after my supermarket trip, I realized that I had neglected to buy cauliflower.  So off I went to the supermarket in my neighborhood, where I quite literally bumped into my ex.  Um.  That was awkward.  I haven’t seen him in, oh, two years?  I didn’t know he even lived here anymore.  Not a very pleasant experience, that’s for sure.

But I did come across this!

It was a far more welcome sight, though admittedly that isn’t too hard.  I’ve tried the sweet barbeque potato straws, which were okay, but not awesome.  But.  Cinnamon?  Yes, please!

It tasted much more like apple than cinnamon, but whatever.  I really liked it!

I absolutely did not like this iced tea I tried today.

I’m not a major lover of mint, though there are some exceptions (accordingly, see below re: giveaway).  But this was so awful that I couldn’t even force myself to drink it.  I gave it to a co-worker who does like mint, and he said that it was a little bland but not unbearable.  All I can say is, thank goodness I only paid fifty cents for it! And on a sort-of-related note, I am totally stocking up on tofu right now: a buck each!!

My verbal vomit… so, when I was in the dive shop yesterday, I got a text from my nutritionist telling me that she spoke to the woman who weighs me at my doctor’s office, and that I am “doing just fine” and she will take a look at what I’ve been doing (foodwise) to see if she can adjust it to make it more comfortable for me.  Honestly… I don’t know what to think about this.  Because to be completely frank, I have been slacking.  In a big way.  And I know this because I have developed an obsession with measuring things out exactly in a way I never have before.  Initially, the point was that I wanted to be sure exactly what I needed to maintain, but it is now irrelevant, since I could probably maintain on air alone.  It is so far from “fine” that it’s not even funny, but it’s kind of proving the point which I’ve made all along: nobody really cares what the hell I do / don’t do, as long as I can maintain my weight.  Which should be simple math / science (never my best subject[s]), but apparently my body has different ideas…

Oh, yeah, I mentioned a giveaway, didn’t I? …

I have two tickets to my baseball game

…and neither my dad nor my brother wants to go with me.  (Yep, totally feeling the love these days!)  Do you want to come?

Um.  Yeah, I’m not being serious, that isn’t the actual giveaway — what kind of crappy giveaway is that?!  No, I’m just going to be nice and let someone else have a chance to try a couple of things I had been wanting to try… and then I found them!

Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter; NuGo Dark mint chocolate chip bar

And, as usual, depending on my mood at the time, I may or may not toss in something random.  😉

Two ways to enter:

1) Tell me what on earth to do with that second ticket (options are nothing; sell it; tote along someone who is only going because the ticket is free but doesn’t really want to go with me).
2) Link back!

Winner will be chosen on Sunday night, July 11.

That’s enough for now, I think.

Happy Friday!

“This is a game to be savored, not gulped.  There’s time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings. “
~Bill Veeck


14 responses to “Not Feeling the Love + Giveaway!

  1. 1- Take me! Duh!
    (I’ll link back next time I blog…whenever that may be)

  2. I’d say sell it. Ask around, I’m sure someone would like to go. Or take your mom. I think that would be a funny story for your blog at least, Haha!

    ❤ Tori

  3. traynharder23

    sell it? i have no idea. i’m just putting my 2 cents in. =D

    happy friday to you too!!! =D

    I DRANK THAT TEA TOO!!! but not the mint. thank god i would have hated it too if it was THAT minty!

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  5. 1. Take me! *Oh…I don’t have money to take the plane to the US.*
    On second thought, sell it :3 And buy some yummy food 😀
    2. I linked back:

    If it’s not open for Canadiens, edit the post xD

    I’ve been wanting to try the cereal, but my mom will kill me if I open another box! You can add all-bran or fiberone for the twigs and it would be complete!
    You can file a complain to the manager of the gym? I hate waiting, especially when it’s because of other people…Life is hard 😡
    I wonder if you can drink apple juice with the straws 😀

    ps: Ahhh so you eat your salad like a normal person! :p


  6. if ur dad or brother dont want to go id say sell it.. maybe the best option to do unfortunately…

    umm how crazy is that cleaning woman! a few years ago when i had a membership to the gym i would get there early and have to wait too! but it was cuz of the secretary at the desk- she was such a bitch! lol

    omg that cereal really is good! im the same as you- cringed thinking i would find it TOO SWEET and have to give to someone else 😦 but thankfully they decided that just cuz its gluten-free doesnt mean they need to go all out when adding the sweetner!

    xoxo ❤

  7. i’d say sell it… but do what you think.The goods look good! lol thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I say give it to someone who’ll never get a chance to see a game, like a family living in a shelter or something. do the random act of kindness and give it to someone looking lonely at starbucks. I dunno, just a suggestion. You dont need to enter me in the giveaway though, good luck to everyone else!

  9. ~Jessica Zara~

    Personally, I would sell the ticket. You work extremely hard for your money and it doesn’t make sense to let it go to waste or let someone tag along at your expense.

    That woman at the gym would drive me insane. I admire your patience because I’d have been tempted to hit her over the head with one of those weights.

    I covet your cereal, seriously! Something gluten-free, not to sweet and *gasp* interesting (because GF cereal is just so bland most of the time) sounds like my idea of cereal heaven.

    And with regard to the verbal vomit, I reiterate: fluid. retention. If you’re anything like my Mum you could have lost 5lbs and not even noticed it scale-wise because of the humidity. Please take care of yourself!

    I have linked back to the giveaway here:

    Thanks so much for offering up one of those precious choc/hazelnut packets!


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  11. I think you should give it to a stranger on the street as a random act of kindness.
    I’d LOVE to win those prizes, you can’t get them where I stay, so I hope you liked my suggestion.

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