Hot Hot Hot

Hello, hello!  Can I just say that it is extremely hot here (95+ at 7.30 PM), and that I am absolutely loving it??  Of course, it helps that I didn’t have to go to work today and suffer through climates of others’ choosing…

First things first… a couple of reviews which I would have posted yesterday, had I not been feeling too lazy and blue… two flavors of Ciao Bella sorbet, blackberry cabernet and raspberry.

Blackberry cabernet:

No idea what the word “cabernet” is supposed to represent, but whatever.  I absolutely loved this one, but then, I love blackberries.  My parents and brother all said it “doesn’t taste like anything.”  I believe they are crazy.


We all agreed on this one; it was good.  It’s kind of hard to screw up raspberry sorbet, though!

I’m not sure where I first saw this idea — I think it was on Lindsay’s blog — but I’ve been meaning to try it for a long, long time.

Combination of whole wheat pancake mix, egg white, and protein powder (half vanilla, half chocolate)… there were some other random things in there too, like water, Truvia, and cocoa powder, but I don’t really remember!  A pity, because this is ingenious — baked in a Pyrex dish instead of made into flat pancakes.

Inside view.  If I do say so myself, the chocolate was better than the vanilla.  And I just remembered that I did add some baking powder because I didn’t trust that it would puff up on its own.  😉

As is becoming the norm for days when I would normally work, but am not, I went for an outdoor run.  My run / walk ratio has improved, but I have a weird problem:  I need to slow down.  I am not a slow-paced person in general, but if I wouldn’t be moving so fast then I wouldn’t have to take so many walking breaks.  But I don’t know how to move any other way!!

I also had time to make breakfast.

Toasted Ezekiel bread, and a less-than-pretty omelet… I added too much almond milk, and it was kind of hard to flip.  It tasted fine, though.  I’m sure the liberal “pinch” of black pepper didn’t hurt… when will I learn that I can’t just upend the container like that?!  Anyway, I’m not usually a “savory breakfast” person, but I had to finish up some ingredients, so a zucchini-yellow squash-mushroom omelet it was.  And until now, I thought that the idea of hot sauce on eggs was kind of weird, but I poured some Frank’s over this and it was actually quite good.

Random deviation to note a discovery I made while trying to finish up some other stuff:

I don’t particularly care for the combination of banana and chocolate hazelnut butter… the latter of which still isn’t finished, but at least I got rid of the banana, which was kind of the point.

Back on track, I went to the gym, which was actually open.  That makes three days in a row.  Be still, my heart.  I think I might be slightly crazy, because I walked there and back, and it was well over 90 degrees at that point.  Oh, well.  Today was actually an absolutely lovely day for a swim in an outdoor pool… hot, hot, hot!!  Even with all the fluids I consume (and trust me, that is a lot), I think I must have spent too much time outside, because I developed a somewhat raging headache.  I intended to take ibuprofen, but then two minutes later I found myself in front of the cabinet wondering whether I had actually taken them, or if I’d just thought about it.  So I took two (more?).  For what it’s worth, my head still hurts.  😉

Tomorrow it’s back to work… this saddens me very, very much.  But I finally booked my next vacation!  I’m a little torn about looking forward to it, though: it’s the week before classes start up again.  And that, I am absolutely dreading.  😦

Happy Tuesday!

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
~Steven Wright
(Excellent point.)


8 responses to “Hot Hot Hot

  1. I lived for a summer in ny, and I dont think I will again because of the heat and humidity. Thats why I think I’ll end up living in LA most of my life, because its 73 and dry all year round. I dont my mean to brag 😉
    anyhow, I love you creativity with the baking mix and mixing of flavors!
    Hope your having a great day!
    PS,did you notice even the cheap ice cream they sold in every newspaper stand in israel was better than any gourmet ice cream joint in the states?

  2. traynharder23

    it’s so hot here TOO! AUGHH! i’m like always sweating.

    the cake looks SO GORGEOUS. i wonder if you could do a three part with strawberry. how come my baking shit never turns out well….

    cabernet. hmm. trying to sound gourmet.

    and you are a fast runner. end of story. =D

    2 miles, remember!

  3. I feel like I’m the only one in the world who has to deal with cold weather 😦 Seriously… it’s been nothing but wind, rain, and hail! Please feel free to package up any warm weather you need to get rid of and send it my way.

    And I neeeeed to make that protein muffin thing, seeing as it’s been too cold for protein smoothies. Expect me to hit you up for the recipe. very. soon.

  4. dude that protein muffin thing looks so cool. like a yin yang.

  5. ~Jessica Zara~

    Love your two-tone protein cake! I’m sure I’d like the chocolate section the best too 😉

    Woohoo for the gym actually being open for a change, and for your upcoming vacation ~ seems like a lot of positive things to focus on in the future (although I’m sorry about work 😦 Must be even worse going back after the holiday)

    Not sure I could hope with quite that much heat, although I am loving the warmer UK climes at the moment.

    With running, it takes a while to find your happy pace, but there does come a point where you have to consciously tell yourself to slow down and make your body do it, otherwise you’ll be a fantastic 100m sprinter but it’s not so great for distance! Glad the foot is enabling you to run though 😀


  6. Hey girlie! Thanks for the shout out on the pancake muffin! You are a genius adding protein powder in the mix! I never even thought of making a chocolate one. I’ve been hung up on pumpkin. I’m trying that ASAP. Have a great Tuesday.

  7. at least u have a vacation booked! that’ll make starting up work less of a pain. good luck tho girl! i remember starting my last job i had during this time.. super hot and id always leave work boiling and my clothes felt sticky. lol not a fun mental picture but yea 😉

    mmm refreshing sorbet ❤ perfecto 🙂


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