Here We Go Again

Good morning to you, too: guess who was late!  It really doesn’t make me very happy to have to wait and wait and wait, when I could have been sleeping.  (Okay, that’s a lie, considering I woke up at 3.00 AM again.  But still.)  She apologized, “It’s a crazy morning” … you know, I understand that emergencies happen, and that’s okay.  If it doesn’t happen every freaking day!!  And it also messed with my plans to see if my foot is better… but that’s an entire post on its own.

The challenge I faced today: my mom came to take me out to lunch again.

I don’t even remember what was in this… romaine, egg whites, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, and croutons are what I can recall.  The croutons were difficult for me.  I am a total carbaholic, but I just know that whenever “they” tell you what to avoid at salad bars to keep the calorie / fat count down, croutons are always on the list.  I don’t know my weight, and I don’t want to know, but whatever it is, I feel like “I am too fat to be eating as much as I am eating.”  It is driving me completely insane.

I mentioned it last time, but today I actually got a small frozen yogurt (which was really quite large). 

It was good.  The resulting guilt and anxiety was not.  It is very easy for me to forget how anal I can be about what is in the food I eat, if I’m the one who always prepares it.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s just frozen yogurt.  It is not going to make a discernible difference one way or the other.  But try to tell that to my stupid brain.

And if you think that prevented me from eating ice cream later in the day, you clearly don’t know me very well.

Then, because I love making myself feel all crazy by breaking “rules” that make me crazy in the first place…

I forgot to take a picture of this, and only remembered when I was halfway through it… but it was a toasted orange cranberry mini muffin, crumbled over vanilla yogurt.  The ice cream flavor was orange vanilla.  In my crazy world, that qualifies as eating the same thing twice in one day.

Hey, I never claimed to be normal.

Normal people don’t find themselves stuck with an ingredient they know they don’t like, right?!  Like me and the coconut milk?

I repeated the curry I made last week — but I replaced the chick’n strips with tofu, the quinoa with wheat couscous, added minced garlic, and took the lazy route by using onion powder instead of onions.  I do like it, but not enough to eat it every. single. day!!  Clearly, I needed some help.  Enter: some of the zillion boxes of cake mix in my basement.

Devil’s food cake mix with coconut milk, eggs, and applesauce.  These are actually coming to work with me tomorrow — I promised them to a co-worker!  And the other concoction I created is not yet ready, so that will just have to wait.

Last night I bought two tickets to a baseball game.  I bought two because that’s what my dad told me to do.  He also told me to take my brother with me.  That provided me with a good laugh — if you knew my brother, you’d understand.  (But I did have a dream that we went together, and that I caught a foul ball.  It was, indeed, a dream.)  These are actually pretty good seats, albeit in the nosebleed section, but I absolutely refuse to go with someone who’s only coming for the free ticket!!  I don’t understand why my dad wanted me to get two, but hey, he’s paying for it, so whatever floats his boat…



And I just remembered that I forgot to water my plants / vegetables today.  Oops.

Happy Thursday.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
~William Shedd


11 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. ~Jessica Zara~

    As I said, my gym problems are minor compared to yours: it would have taken every ounce of self-control I have (uh, not a lot) not to have said something vituperative to that girl…or just poked her in the eye.

    I think frozen yoghurt is probably the most ‘blog approved’ foodstuff out there, along with the Greek stuff and peanut butter/almond butter. I appreciate that probably doesn’t alleviate the guilt, but it’s certainly not something which thousands of other people don’t enjoy guilt-free…all of your ‘dessert’ type foods are healthy versions anyway 🙂

    Sadly I have no suggestions re:the coconut milk because I spend most of my time trying to make things taste MORE like coconut. Looks like you’ve found some great uses for it yourself though.

    Sorry if I sounded stuck-up about the whole desk-job thing. I know how fortunate I am not to have to do one at the moment, and I admire anyone who can endure it the way you can and still work hard/do a fantastic job. I’m just weak-minded and would be a total wreck.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight!


  2. 🙂 great stuff on your challenge, you had me wondering yesterday what it would be! The salad looked delicious and although its hard to let your head register this at times, a few croutons really wont make any difference.

    Well done!

  3. crazy mornings throw me off on the wrong foot. its so hard to recover from them too.

    we used to have a froyo here that served the twist ‘choc and vanilla” just like urs but they went out of business ( i dont know how.. well maybe i was the only customer or something lol) .. now i can only get it when i take the ferry to vancouver.. hmm i need to take a trip soon i guess ha

    xoxo ❤

  4. Froyo is considered “healthy”. Just look at the price of a real froyo, and compare it to McD’s soft serve. ;-p
    Good for you for challenging yourself with the croutons!

  5. Great job on the croutons and fro-yo hun. And don’t feel guilty at all… I would kill to be able to have some fro-yo while I’m out, but I can’t seem to find any place that caters to my allergies 😦 Every fro-yo and ice cream place around here “may contain traces of peanuts” and it drives. me. insane. Is it too much to ask for a peanut-free fro-yo? I don’t think so. Looks like I’m just going to have to open one myself 😉

  6. I agree with Sophia, frozen yogurt is basically a health food. Gotta get those probiotics!

  7. Devil’s food cake mix with coconut milk, eggs, and applesauce = lucky co workers! hope they enjoy em!

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