Beyond sleepy… I kept waking up every ten minutes starting around 3.00 AM today, which was extremely annoying!  I am hoping for an early night … and not to wake up until 5.00 AM once I fall asleep.  My, I can certainly be demanding…

So.  Today marked Day II of a pretty awesome salad that I could not enjoy fully, because I am a paranoid freak and I was so stressed out that Mr. J was going to come over and harass me about why I was eating on a fast day!  Thankfully, he did not.  Come over, I mean.  Because if he had, you can bet your life he would have given me grief.

Romaine, fetus carrots, chopped Dr. Praeger’s meatless Southwest burger, roasted artichokes.  Artichokes and I have a, shall we say, somewhat volatile relationship.  My last effort at fresh artichokes nearly melted a bowl into the surface of my microwave.  I decided I should just stay away from the fresh stuff and started looking for canned / jarred artichoke hearts, but the only kosher certified ones I can find are marinated, and I don’t want that.  So I settled for frozen, which I roasted with garlic salt.  It was a little … tough?  The flavor was good, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from garlic salt!

Today’s muffin topper took this form:

Toasted and crumbled over vanilla yogurt, accompanied by half a sliced banana.

That apparently did not fill the chocolate quota for the day, because I made a very, very exciting discovery in Whole Foods this morning.

Come on, you can’t tell me this isn’t exciting!!  😉  Under normal circumstances, I would save a packet like this for when I go on vacation, but I just had to try it.

It tastes, like, well, hazelnuts.  And chocolate.  I liked it, which is odd, because I don’t really care for hazelnuts — they remind me of Pesach!  And this was wonderfully creamy and “drippy.”  I liked that.  So the second packet can wait until August, when I go on vacation…

Because I am 99% sure I have settled on where I am going on my next dive trip!  When I spend money, I spend money.  😉  (I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  Yes, it’s an expensive hobby, but I do it in the most frugal way possible, believe me!)

It’s been a while — recycled picture.

In case you were wondering, wearing such earrings on a windy day is a bad idea. I already knew this.  Not that the knowledge helped any.  :p

Tomorrow poses a little challenge… since I apparently like guessing games, you can find the clue somewhere around here.  😉  Have a happy Hump Day!

“A child, like your stomach, doesn’t need all you can afford to give it.”
~Frank A. Clark


9 responses to “Sleepy

  1. traynharder23

    i always love looking at your earrings. did i tell you? i think i wanna get a post through the cartilage in my left ear. i like LEFT better than RIGHT. =D

    anyways, i had artichoke humus today! YAY FOR TWINS!


    i hate when people harass me about food. it’s like GET A LIFE and focus on your food not mine.

    i’m excited about the nut butter! i have none right now. =(

  2. I’m scared of artichokes. They straight up intimidate me with their spikey looks. I’ve always been curious as to how they taste, but I don’t think I’m even going to attempt to learn how to cook them properly… I would probably just hurt myself in the process.

    And isn’t chocolate hazelnut butter like… Nutella? Or is there a difference in Justin’s version of it? In any case, your muffin yogurt mess makes ME want a muffin yogurt mess. Sadly, I’m lacking the main ingredient… muffins. Must change that asap to prevent further jealousy =X

  3. omg i definitely bought justin’s chocolate hazelnut today. it’s…um…crack. yeah. thats the word for it. if you really save that packet til august…woah nelly. chocolate doesnt survive in my house. i also love those crackers you have it pretty sure i know exactly which ones they are, if kosher groceries all like to stock the same things 😉

    i can NEVER figure out how to cook artichokes. i love the hearts in the cans and whatever but when i bring fresh ones home…it never works out. ever. let’s learn!!

  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ah sorry you can’t enjoy your meal bc of the fasting thing 😦 but it still looks yum! & that hazelnut butter looks deliciousss.. flavored nut butters are so great. i’m interested to hear about your challenge- good luck hun.


  5. I was trying to find the little packs of that almond butter in whole foods yesterday and they dont have it 😦 I wanted to try it out before i spend all that money on the big jar! UGH…

    Wish you didnt have to feel guilty about eating on a fast day but I know how you feel girl…

    Dana xo

  6. I love artichokes! Especially blended with olive oil, onion and salt – that makes such a lovely pasta sauce. Good luck with your challenge tomorrow 🙂 and I’m glad Mr J kept his nose out of your lunch!

  7. I’m lovin Justin’s hazelnut butter. I’ve been having it in my oats and holy’s GGGOOODD!

  8. Ive never actually had an artichoke before, they look nice though.
    Thats a lovely shade of green in your earrings, very striking 🙂

    Hope tomorrow goes well, whatever it may be!

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