Growing Gardens

Tomorrow, I would like to act as if I work for my gym and just “forget” to go to work.  There were at least fifteen members, plus the class instructor, waiting outside this morning for the gym to open.  I left after half an hour because there are things I’d rather do than hang around in the heat and humidity.  I prefer not to work out at home — I need to have some sort of boundary to keep me from going overboard — so I did not really work out today, aside from the incidental 2.9 mile walk to the gym and some gardening (more on that later).  This makes me very anxious, and I really wanted to do something about it, but I’m trying to prove myself that the world will not end if I don’t have an official workout for a couple of days.

About that 2.9 mile walk… I did wear my running shoes, with minimal pain. This is definitely preferable to agony, but if it hurts to walk in them, exactly how am I supposed to run?!

The usual post-weekend frozen novelty reviews:

Hibiscus coconut water sorbet, Rice Dream orange vanilla swirl, German chocolate coconut milk ice cream.

While the sorbet texture was delightful, like the other flavors, this wasn’t our favorite.  Having never tried hibiscus before, I have no idea whether the taste is authentic to that, but we weren’t fans.  It’s highly unlikely that I will purchase any of these again anyway, given the prohibitive price tag, but the raspberry was hands down the best flavor.

The Rice Dream was actually free, since for some reason it wasn’t in Whole Foods’ system at the time.  That was a nice bonus; and I’ve been looking for this flavor for what seems like forever.  Purely for nostalgic reasons… when I was a kid, after every visit to the dentist we’d go the ice cream shop (yes, yes, I get the irony!), and I usually got an orange vanilla cone.  Calories?  Wha?  If I wanted two scoops, I would get two scoops, dammit.  I miss that.  Anyway, this Rice Dream was very similar to what I expected… at first, I thought I was only tasting the orange flavor, but then later that day I was eating a vanilla yogurt and realized that the Rice Dream definitely tasted like vanilla too.  Big thumbs up to this one.

Okay, now, this coconut milk ice cream was a mistake.  Had I read the ingredients, I never would have bought it.  Not only is it made with coconut milk (duh), it has dried coconut, caramel, and pecans in it.  I do not like the former two, and I hate nuts in my ice cream.  But I bought this, so I have to eat it.  It is very… coconutty.  The chocolate flavor does mask that a little bit, but I definitely will not be buying this one again!

Instant oats, chunky peanut butter, cottage cheese, and cinnamon.  Yeah, apparently I can’t stand cottage cheese in oats… or in any form but blended, because the curds make me feel like I am chewing on vomit.  Not that I’ve ever chewed on vomit… okay, sorry for that visual.  Moving on!

More palatable: a cranberry muffin.  Um, at least, I’m pretty sure it was a cranberry muffin.

Confession: I apparently eat a muffin or a muffin topper practically every day.  And ice cream.  Not together, but still.  I should be unapologetic about this.  Should is the key word here.

I ate a strawberry from my rooftop garden!  I haven’t had a strawberry in years.

But speaking of gardens, my dad and I finally went to buy chicken wire so that we can build some sort of contraption to keep the cats out of my garden.  I dug up a small section of the backyard, and filled an entire garbage bag with weeds.  What I want to know is this: once the things I’ve planted start to grow, how am I going to be able to differentiate between my vegetables and the weeds?!

That looks kind of gross.  😉

Proof that I am slightly crazy: I know I don’t like coconut, and yet I bought this anyway.  All for the sake of one recipe, for which I used about a quarter of a cup.  Any ideas re: what to do with the other seven and three quarters cups are more than welcome… preferably in ways that don’t really taste like coconut!  I used it for a “chicken curry,” but I actually didn’t eat the “broth” so the coconut flavor wasn’t very strong.

I made this last week, because for some reason I decided that the flavors needed to “develop.”  Don’t ask me!  Anyway, I barely remember what’s in there… onion, curry powder, ginger, garlic powder, consomme, cauliflower, fetus carrots, peas, chick’n strips, and coconut milk, of course.  I’d have no idea whether this is “authentic,” but I’m betting it isn’t, so I took the liberty of having it with quinoa instead of something you’re “supposed” to have with curry.

Having just spent over half an hour building one quarter of the cat repeller (for lack of a better word), which is apparently far more tiring than you’d think, I’m going to pretend that this post isn’t all over the place and just go to bed.  I have something semi-exciting on my agenda tomorrow, which is actually probably only exciting to me, but ten points if you can guess what it is.  😉

Have as happy a Monday as a Monday can be!

“Our bodies are our gardens; our wills are our gardeners.”
~William Shakespeare
(How apt.)


10 responses to “Growing Gardens

  1. if i had my way i would have a muffin every day.. which i just might do this summer when i start making them more often instead of buying them.

    im so picky with shoes because almost every running shoe causes blisters or has an annoying feeling that just wears on my skin. i agree.. if u cant even walk in them how would u be able to run around with the pain!

    i tend to wear my hiking boots more often lol.. which may look crazy but theyre so darn comfy!

    i always trust ur ice cream/ sorbet reviews! if i decide to get some this summer instead of making my own, i always know to just check back here before buying! ❤

    ps. doesnt that muffin top remind u of like circular stairs.. since the shape sort of swirls to the top. maybe im just muffin crazy lol.. who knows 😛

    xoxo ❤

  2. I’m pretty sure I won’t put cottage cheese in a muffin now! Your frozen treat reviews really influence my purchases! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what your semi-exciting news is! I could probably guess, but I have Monday brain!

  3. I eat muffins, cookies, or chocolate on a daily basis as well 🙂 No shame! It’s okay to enjoy good food, girl, it makes life so much better. Food is so important, not only for our physical well-being, but for our mental well-being as well. Why deprive ourselves of such simple pleasures? I’ve done the whole deprivation thing, and I was miserable. Life’s too short not to enjoy treats on a daily basis, so don’t feel bad!

    Exciting news? Gah! I hate being left in suspense!

  4. If I could, I would eat a muffin everyday, too. But I have so many other things to eat, too. I used to eat 3-4 muffins a day when I had an oven to bake, though.

  5. ~Jessica Zara~

    Being that I’m obsessed with coconut and chocolate…and I love pecans, that ice cream would certainly find a home in my freezer. It might get a little melty in transit across the atlantic though 😛 And we could really use some decent vegan ice cream in the UK…it’s rather hot over here right now, at least by our standards.

    Your gym woes put mine into perspective. I’m getting sick of Body Pump classes being cancelled at the last minute almost every week, but at least the gym is OPEN.

    Seriously, a muffin and a bit of ice cream is nothing. Most people don’t think twice about eating such foods and it’s not as if the types you choose are exactly unhealthy!

    I love your garden 🙂 It must be so lovely to eat a strawberry that you’ve grown yourself.

    Can’t wait to hear the news…I really am lost as to what it is though…another vacation maybe?

    Happy Monday to you too


  6. I have something chocolatey at least once a day – today I had a muffin after lunch and a brownie after dinner. Yum 🙂 That little strawberry is so cute. I am craving strawberries now.
    I am excited to hear your news (and I apologise for the bittiness of this comment, I think my brain has given up and died!)

  7. If you planted your stuff in rows, you will be able to tell it from the weeds. We were kind of able to anyway 😉

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