Dinner: Done.

Much as I hate to admit this, going out to eat would probably be less terrifying to me if I did it more often.  I’m apparently always afraid that whatever decision I make won’t be the “right” one, and if I only go out once every few months, I’m going to have to have the “perfect” order.  It would matter less if it wasn’t such a novelty.  However.  I am not going to tell this to anyone, because my family, much as I love them, is really not the right company for such a stressful activity.  (Sign up here!  ;))

Mom's Kitchen Sink salad

I had to take her mushrooms... except the one that touched the tomato and was covered in seeds! Ew!

Dad's Caesar salad

Brother's Chef (?) salad

Brother's pasta primavera

Mom's veggie burger wrap

Dad's veggie burger with fries

So, you’ve noticed that none of these dishes were ordered by me.  I thought I’d provide you with some visual stimulation before I start to babble!

There are certain things I am okay with eating — if it isn’t from a restaurant.  These include both pasta and beans.  The latter means that I had a bit of a protein problem here, since I don’t eat fish.  I finally had determined that I was going to actually order something different from my usual, and get an egg white frittata (this is why the All Whites in my salad yesterday were notable, since I have a stupid rule about not eating the same thing twice in one day).  I was, however, extremely worried about whether said frittata is fried or baked.  When I asked the waiter, he said, “The chef isn’t going to make a frittata now.”  Seriously?  How long does that take?!  Everyone else had already ordered, and they were all waiting for me, so I panicked and just ordered the same thing I always do here (zucchini pasta).  And then I ordered a side of black beans.  Beans.  I was originally considering ordering a few sides instead of one entree, but I am so glad I didn’t, because the “side” was enormous.

black beans

What is that, three cups?  Four?!  I could not have such a huge bowl of beans in front of me.

I had that.  My mom and dad both tried it (dad: It’s good! in a shocked tone of voice, because anything remotely healthy can’t possibly be good, right?), and even after that, look at what remained:

We took that home.  And a certain someone put it in the refrigerator in a very stupid fashion, so it turned over and spilled out.  Most of it was salvageable but I had to heat up the leftovers in the toaster oven, since I had no liquid left to be able to use a pot!  But more on that later; back to the restaurant.

I remembered the zucchini pasta as being massive, but it really is just vegetables… zucchini, mushrooms, onions, roasted red pepper, and eggplant.  This is what arrived.

Immediate reaction: it’s not as huge as I remember it being.

Secondary reaction: there is a sheen of grease on this.  (Mom: it’s from the eggplant.  Eggplant does not have grease.  It soaks up grease, yes, but that’s not the point.  It is greasy and that freaks me out!!)  But have no fear…

A few bites in, I realized that it definitely was as big I remembered.  The plate was just a different size.  Yes, I felt like a pig to finish 99.9% of it.  Why do you ask?  But it did taste good.

In short, it could not possibly have been as awful as I was expecting; that’s the benefit to freaking out as badly as I do.  Your worst fears will seldom be realized.

However, this morning I woke up and knew immediately that it was not going to be a good day in terms of body image.  I changed clothes no less than three times before leaving for work; I never do that.  It would be lovely not to give a crap about such things, really… and not have to struggle with trying to figure out if I “can” eat XYZ because of what I did yesterday or what I might do tomorrow.  I’m sure this is mostly psychological, but my stomach wasn’t too happy with me for the first part of the day, either.

Since this is already excessively long, I’m going to save the rest of the food pictures for my next post!  Except for this, since I mentioned it already:

Some of the leftover black beans on a pan-warmed sprouted corn tortilla… apparently, when heated properly, it rolls up just fine. These black beans, by the way, taste remarkably similar to Eden Organic Caribbean Black Beans. Just saying.

One of my cousins who invaded earlier this month sent us flowers.

How nice.  I like flowers.  But I never buy them.

Have a lovely weekend!

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
~Mark Twain
(Um… ew?)


10 responses to “Dinner: Done.

  1. traynharder23

    aw hun, i just ate half teh jar of almond butter. so i know how you feel . STUFFED!

    eggplant does not SWEAT grease. that’d be me.

    sorry it was so stressful. eating out with me always is because everyone goes you’re not going to eat this…so it’s like okay….

    sorry for the weird comment, i’m in a funk right now.

  2. pretty flowers!

    glad the dinner wasnt as bad as expected but even the most “normal” of eaters is put off by portion size in restaurants I think. And if they’re not, they should be!

    SErving size = size of one’s fist. 3-4 cups of anything is 3-4 servings in my book!

    You did great!

  3. ~Jessica Zara~

    Hmm…that restaurant portion looks like one of my more ‘normal’ portions *hangs head in shame.* As you say, it was mostly (if not all?) veggies though, and it doesn’t look that greasy to me. Restaurant food is always an unknown quantity though…what an objectionable waiter/chef! If a fritatta is on the menu then what’s the big deal about making you one?

    Glad the experience wasn’t as awful as you thought it was going to be though 🙂

    Those flowers are lovely ~ I particularly like the roses.

    Have a great week-end.


  4. Gosh that’s a lot of beans! I can’t believe they didn’t make a fritata if it was on the menu. What’s up with that?

  5. Lol omigosh. That quote you ended with is definitely not something I want to think about. I’d rather not let food fight it out on the inside and be left to experience the aftermath. Nooooo thank you.

    But internal food battles aside, I’m glad that things weren’t as bad as you thought they were going to be, although I can’t say that freaking out that badly just so the experience won’t be so bad is a good way to go about it 😉

    Have a great weekend, hun!

  6. a lot of beans = a lot of gas lol. i LOVE beans but yea sometimes side plates can be just as big as a meal or even bigger!

    i used to always do ‘safe’ options at restaurants but ive learned to regard my choices as neither right or wrong and that no food is good or bad, its just food. and even tho some food will fuel the body better than others, its all welcome and helps me get over the safety factor i tend to lean on.

    you proved to urself that we create a lot of that anxiety going on in us and when we actually let go a bit and experience it, we realize it isnt as bad as we had thought. good job girl!!

    xoxo ❤

  7. In a restaurant, it’s impossible to know how thingsare made, but we need to just hold trust in the fact that it is prepared in a healthy enough way! i trick myself and try to lie to myself and say it’s been prepared in the way i WANT it to be! i’m sorry you weren’t able to face the challenge of the fritata but you are one step closer to trying it the next time you decide to eat out, which will hopefully be soon!

    hope you are having a lovely weekend lovely


  8. Aaaah I just realized that the pasta was zucchini, haha!!


  9. My approach to restaurants: Order a salad loaded with as many good looking veggies as I can, dressing on the side. Eat it. Done.

    If that’s not an option, I usually like to get a bunch of veggie side dishes (I ask if they can make sure they’re made with olive oil or steamed, to avoid the whole dairy/over-saturated with fat debacle that might arise). Or order a veggie entree and, if it looks huge, eat like half of it and take the rest home. Restaurant portions are ABSURD, but they need a reason to be able to charge you $13 for a dish that would cost you less than $5 to put together in your own kitchen. It’s REALLY not just you and your anxiety – there are grounded reasons for feeling insecure in a restaurant situation!

    But that pasta really does look fantastic, as does your mom’s salad (that’s probably what my choice would be).


  10. It wasn’t easy, but you did it! And it’s over 🙂

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