Personal Day

With the start of the new fiscal year at my workplace (July 1), all unused personal days will go to waste.  I am not about to let that happen, so I took today off… to go to the warehouse…

…and pick up, apparently, over three thousand pounds of boxes.  😉  But I’m glad it worked out today — we were waiting on some of the paperwork — because if it hadn’t, then I would have taken off next Friday and gotten a massage.  This is not a good idea because I don’t care to spend money on that, especially since I’m not too keen on going through a repeat of my previous experiences.  Not even going to mention the whole I feel like I am too fat to have anyone touch me thing, because the truth is, I never like being touched.  Which is why it is so strange that I ever get massages at all.

Anyway!  Since I did not go to work today, I decided to finally take my running shoes outdoors.  Honestly, I do not think I am meant to run… for one thing, I am the Cramp Queen.  For another, I am more like, well, a lumbering elephant than a speedy gazelle.  (Goodness, what is it with me and the animal similes?!)  I wound up doing 5.09 miles in about 1:15, but I only ran, oh, .09 of it?  And that’s probably being generous.  I didn’t take my camera with me (who am I?!), so I will definitely need to repeat this walk soon, because it took me over the bridge during the tail end of the sunrise, and it was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, I think my right shoe was laced too tightly, because my poor foot is absolutely killing me now.  A weekend of pacing should fix that!

The walk, and a short subway ride, basically landed me at the gym, where I did a very quick twenty minutes of abs / weights, then to Whole Foods (can’t pass up $1.99/lb awesome cherries!!), then back home again, where this happened:

1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup wheat bran, one egg white, half a banana, splash almond milk, cinnamon, baking powder.  All blended up and cooked on a griddle pan.  The sauce is just blackberries microwaved in sugar-free syrup, with banana slices added in afterwards, because I don’t like cooked bananas.  I had to throw out half of the berries in the pint container due to mold — I guess you get what you pay for!  And I seriously hope one of my cousins ate some of the cottage cheese, because I’d rather think that happened than to think I bought a container that had already been opened.  Ew.

Eventually, it was off to the warehouse!

The light at the end of the tunnel.

I just find this sign extremely amusing for some reason.

Anyway, we (my brother and I) took two of my nephews along, so we were done pretty quickly!  Now there is a stack of boxes in my basement… joining the other stacks.  My mom is complaining that she doesn’t have a basement, she has a storehouse.  Yes, mommy.  Whatever you say.  I’m telling you, this propensity for complaining is genetic!

But I do not actually have time to complain right now.  😉  So I will just wish you all a lovely weekend, instead.

Oh, and PS: For those of you who saw my obnoxious Facebook status, rest assured that I am pretty sure I am kidding.  :p

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”
~George Smith Patton


8 responses to “Personal Day

  1. I always feel left out when people mention Facebook and Twitter, because I don’t do either. Blogging and Google Reader is enough of an online time sink for me for now, I think… but it would be nice not to feel so left out all the time!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I’m in no way a runner either. I’ve tried to get into it in the past, but it just didn’t take… I’m more of a fast paced walker, and there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂

  2. ~Jessica Zara~

    Covering that distance at a walking pace is still pretty impressive ~ you must power-walk like the olympians do!

    Hope you enjoyed the day off despite the box-moving shenanigans.


  3. wow 1.99 for a pound of cherries- thats definitely a good steal!!

    i love walking everywhere and ive definitely become more of a speed walker without noticing it. when i have somewhere to go im usually faster on foot than by bus. “outta my way people” hehe


  4. wowza! 3,000 lbs worth of boxes! you go girl haha. ❤ i wish i didn't have facebook. it has taken over my life lol =/

  5. I take my days off before I lose them too! Nothing wrong with that!

  6. omg I definitely went to whole foods and got the cherries too…i bought two bags, and i’ve eaten 1 1/2 over shabbat. yep. i am a BEAST.

  7. imaginenamaste

    days off are fantastic! i hope you get another one without so many boxes!

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