Yet Another Insurance Rant!

As per usual from me… a lot of random rambling in no particular order!

Pancakes made with whole wheat pancake mix, soy protein powder, water and carrots. There was a lot of cinnamon in there, too, but I think I forgot to add any binding ingredient. Didn’t seem to matter.

One of the dozen muffins:

Banana chocolate chip, obviously.  I really like how they put a couple of pieces of whatever flavor the muffin is, on top of the muffin.  Makes life easier.  😉

There are cousins in my house.  A lot of cousins.  One of said cousins in particular drives me batty because it seems like whenever he’s here, all he does is sit on my couch.  Why on earth would he pay to fly halfway across the world if that’s all he’s planning to do?! I’ve complained many many times about this, but it is still a pet peeve of mine.  It is not very pleasant to feel like an intruder in your own house, and that is how I feel when they’re everywhere all the time.  I’m not very fond of the way they tend to eat my food, either, because they always seem to eat the things that are not quite so easy for me to replace.  Typical.

Some new products, of course…

Raspberry coconut water sorbet and coconut milk ice cream in cookies ‘n cream.

I absolutely loved this sorbet.  It was kind of a funky color, but the flavor was incredible, and it had the same creamy texture as the mango sorbet.  If only it weren’t so expensive…

I say this often: except for my dad, who claims to like it, we don’t care for coconut here.  That’s too bad, because this would have been good otherwise.  The coconut flavor was way too strong.  I was wishing that this flavor was available in the soy ice cream, but then I realized that it already is… but it’s marked dairy.  Boo.

Oh, by the way… about the whole “eating late” anxiety thing.  I realized that I am most anxious in between the time that my dad gets home and my brother gets home (he has a tendency to dawdle).  I know this.  I made a concentrated effort to not freak out, which wasn’t 100% successful, but nobody knew about it except for me, so I guess that’s an improvement?  I also “cheated” a little — I actually tried the sorbet earlier in the afternoon.  Not like I wasn’t eating insanely late anyway, but this gave me a false sense of peace of mind…

Another new-to-me product:

Sprouted corn tortillas.

Nice to actually be able to identify all of the ingredients!

That mush you see in there is the last of the refried beans. I was going to put this in my Foreman, but the tortilla cracked when I folded it, and I just didn’t feel like cleaning up the ensuing mess that would seep out all over the grill. So I just left it as is. I took a couple of bites, and then realized it was really bland because I had forgotten I wanted to add some Frank’s. Is it just me, or is this stuff not actually hot?  Don’t get me wrong — I like it, but I find it more sweet than anything else.

Remember this?

That was my co-pay for the osteoporosis medication I filled last month.  As I do not have nearly ninety dollars to throw at pharmaceutical companies every month, I asked my endocrinologist to mail me a prescription for the generic — I can get three months’ worth for $24.  (Which is still $2 a pill, but hey, that’s better than $20…)  Anyway, I went to Target today to fill the prescription.  They only had a one-month supply on hand, so I planned to take that and then come back for the rest once they got it in.  But I was curious to know what my co-pay would be if I paid for this using my insurance.  When the pharmacist tried to check for me, she said that my insurance company billed this on June 12, and they won’t allow for a refill until July 2.  W. T.  F. I did not get an automatic refill on the name brand!  And even if I did, it was less than a month ago, so it shouldn’t have been filled.  I just love calling insurance companies to deal with their stupid mistakes.  And in the meantime, I had to pay cash for this.  Why do I have insurance, again?…

My last attempt at seitan wasn’t exactly a rip-roaring success, and I finally gave it another shot today.

It wasn’t chewy or rubbery.  Instead, it was kind of… spongy.  Not really what I was going for, either!  I used a boiling method this time, instead of the oven.  I’m sure there must be a comfortable medium…

This is what I chose to do with my Sunday: I went to the library.  Yes, I am a hopeless nerd, and an unapologetic one at that!  My stack of books was getting perilously low, and I need to have a lot of options at all times.  😉  Think of it in terms of a treadmill belt (because that’s where I have them lined up) — when it gets to the halfway mark, it’s time for a refill.

After the library, I went to a nursery which is pretty near my house, and of whose existence I was previously unaware.  I also got hopelessly and embarrassingly lost on the way home… when I say I have no sense of direction, I am not kidding.  Unfortunately, my GPS doesn’t have one either.  The reason why I went to the nursery will be revealed in due time, if it works out!   Because I’m so sure you’re just dying to know.  😉

Have a happy Monday.

“Fish and visitors smell in three days.”
~Benjamin Franklin
(Not-so-coincidentally, I abhor fish)


10 responses to “Yet Another Insurance Rant!

  1. Mmm yummy muff! And I am guessing I would loove that cookies n’ cream stuff if you said it was coconutty. And I’m sorry about lame insurance companies! =/

  2. Hehe “intruders”… I don’t like having them in my house either. It definitely disturbs my peace and makes me feel like I have to constantly watch myself. I no longer feel at home in my own home! Plus, the disappearing food is definitely an issue.

    Sorry to hear about the insurance thing 😦 But know that you aren’t alone when it comes to having a poor sense of direction. Sometimes I swear I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag…

  3. omg such a brilliant muffin! i love the bubbled top on it! nice and big 😀 cant stand tiny muffins.. well unless they are combined with something like on yogurt or w/e.

    im sure we’ve all dealt with the same things at some point.. or will at least in some point in our futures. insurance is always a pain in the ass!! and getting lost? such a scary and stressful feeling. and then when its over i feel a bit embrassed for myself lol. sorry lovely!


  4. Ugh ugh UGH I hear you, sister. My prescription used to be $10/ month and is now $76. SERIOUSLY?!

  5. That banana muffin looks absolutely lush!!! xx

  6. That banana chip muffin looks incredible! And there’s no dairy in the So Delicious Cookies ‘n Cream soy ice cream! We love Turtle Mountain because they don’t put dairy in any of their products.

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