The Dress Diaries

After all the yammering I did about dresses in my last post, I thought it might be fun to do something a little different and show you the sort of thing I mean when I say I have dresses altered.  Oh, yes, by the way — for those of you who are under the impression that I do it on my own, I don’t.  I mean, yes, I can sew.  A button, or a hem, or, one memorable time, replace the stretched-out elastic in a pair of nine-year-old pajama pants because I love them too much to throw them out!  But I can’t do this kind of thing.  I go to a seamstress and tell her what I want done — that’s about my only contribution to the process!

These are in no particular order, but they aren’t very recent.  I had some of them made for friends’ weddings, and, well, since I’m an old maid, that was quite a while ago.  😉  I love doing it, but lately I’ve had no particular reason for it.  I guess I still don’t, since I could technically just wear one I already have for my nephew’s bar mitzvah… heaven only knows I’ve got enough of them!  Technically.

This was strapless. I bought two dresses and used the material from the second one to build up the top. The hole for my neck is tight.

So, for this one, I made sure to tell the seamstress I wanted it cut lower. She got mad. (Very religious seamstress, you see.) The top of this dress was a black velvet tank. I bought a black bodysuit turtleneck and cut out the top and attached it to the skirt. And yes, I cut off the bottom too.

I don't have a decent picture of this dress... I actually quite like this one! I think I was lucky this time and found fabric that matched; the dress itself was strapless. I think I asked for a square neck on this one.


...and after! This dress is great for my posture, because if I slouch, the fabric doesn't lie flat above my chest. Which isn't exactly a good sign on the seamstress' part, but I'm sure my back appreciates it.


...and after! Pretty self-explanatory, I guess.

It looks like I have somewhat of an affinity for black, wouldn’t you say?!  I didn’t even realize until I compiled this post that all but one of them are black.  Hmm.

Regular posting to resume tomorrow, I suppose.  Until then — enjoy the rest of your weekend.


5 responses to “The Dress Diaries

  1. I think it would be safe to assume that you do like black quite a bit 😉 Your dresses certainly undergo some creative alterations though. Makes my clothes a bit jealous, as not one article of clothing I’ve ever owned has seen an alteration of any kind. Not that they didn’t need to, I guess I was just too lazy…

    Hope you’re having a great Saturday night ❤

  2. You really do like alterations! I’m impressed with the creativity. 🙂
    Hope your weekend is going fabulously!

  3. I’m blown away by this. I really couldn’t envision these changes! I love the top one. It’s so fun!!

  4. imaginenamaste

    I’m impressed with your ability to combine different clothing and fabrics (haha even if someone does it for you–sounds like my “sewing”)! The dresses look lovely! You will have to show us the final product of your latest dress!

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