Tired Teeth

It was a fight to stay awake today; I was just so tired!  It isn’t my thyroid, either.  My blood test results were normal.  While this is a relief — I sort of have a functioning metabolism — it’s also disappointing because there is no other explanation for my exhaustion.  Unless it’s just that I’m getting very old and I need more sleep than I am currently getting.  Either way, the day was just dragging — you know how some days are like that, and it seems like it will never end?  It’s pretty bad when you’re actually looking forward to going to the dentist!!  (More on that later.)

New cereal I tried this morning:

It looks like kibble… or what I imagine kibble would look like.  I’ve never actually seen any, considering that I don’t have a kibble-consuming pet!  (Just plecos that keep dying.)

It tastes kind of bland, but there is a nice crunch to it and it would probably hold up very well in yogurt or oats.

By now it is a well-documented fact that I avoid sandwiches if I can help it.  They just make me feel uncomfortable.  But today, I had one anyway… I need to finish up those refried beans somehow, and this is a drop in the bucket!  (Any suggestions re: what to do with the rest of the beans are welcomed, by the way.)

Obviously, this is not a sandwich.  But it was the star of the show, because I grew the lettuce myself!

Oh, yes, the sandwich.

Lettuce and refried kidney beans on germinated wheat bread.

Because it’s just such a fascinating view.

Some leftover lettuce leaves, mixed vegetables, and Bragg’s.  I brought home a can of those vegetables from St. Lucia!!  (I bought it there, but then my suitcase arrived so I never wound up eating it.)

I bought a new plate today, because I had a little… incident with the one I was using until now.

See that lovely crack on the clear plate? … Yeah, melamine is not microwave safe.  I know this.  So I heated up the food on another plate, and then transferred it onto this one… which apparently can’t handle anything hot, because I literally watched / heard it crack right in front of me.  Hmm.  The black one is not melamine.  It is stoneware, microwave-safe, and extremely breakable.  I give it a month.

On my new plate: a Light Burger Original, which I heated on a nonstick skillet. Even prepared that way, it’s just not as good as the veggie variety. I’ve yet to try the mushroom

I thought that my dental visit was supposed to be a quick check-in after my last appointment, but apparently I was scheduled for a cleaning.  Okay … fine, I have nothing against clean teeth!  The tooth polish that the hygienist used was chocolate mint flavored, and I swear, it tasted exactly like a chocolate mint Jocalat bar.  Which is much, much better frozen, but I digress.  The hygienist is a yakker.  She asked me if I’m on any medication, because “some medications can affect your gums.”  So I tell her yes, and which: the thyroid and the osteoporosis pills.  She went on and on about how it’s not good for someone my age to be getting a DEXA, and that I shouldn’t take that drug, I should just take calcium and vitamin D, blah blah blah… and all along I’m thinking, You’re supposed to be cleaning my teeth, not telling me what to do about any other body parts!  When she asked who gave me the prescription and I told her an endocrinologist, she was disappointed… I guess she was looking forward to telling me that I should have gone to an endocrinologist.  Fun stuff.

Other fun stuff: apparently, I have two cavities.  My dentist has this nifty new machine — I have no idea what it’s called or how it works, but it basically shows the depth of a cavity.  It’s not an emergency — he says he’s been keeping an eye on it since 2009, though this is the first I’m hearing about it!  I’m not very happy at all.  I haven’t had a cavity in over ten years.  And my crazy mind is having a field day telling me that this is because I am eating too much.  Don’t ask me to even attempt to begin to justify that, because it makes zero sense.  I’m just really, really pissed off.  And oh, yeah — they’re on two different sides, so when I get them fixed — in September, I think — I won’t be able to eat.  Joys!

Random question of the day… it’s a long story, and I’ve already yapped for long enough, so I’ll skip it.  But if you had to choose:

Would you go with the blue or the yellow?

Is it really very sad that it isn’t even 8.00 PM, and I’m already seriously considering going to bed?!  Just call me Grandma.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
~Karen Lamb


11 responses to “Tired Teeth

  1. Awwr… I used to get exhausted by 8:30 too and I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed and end the day. Now I’m actually able to stay up past 10, and I consider it a huge success. Next up? 11. Woo! Going to sleep early sucks, especially in the summer… it’s still light out when I’m lying down for the night, and it makes me feel like I should be trying to stay up later…

    As for the beans you could try to make a wrap. Beans, salsa, corn, avocado, and you got a nice themed wrap going down 🙂 As for the dresses, I’d go with yellow.

  2. traynharder23

    when i worked summer camp full time, adn last summer as a supervisor…i got up at 300 am so i went to bed at 830. ain’t nothing wrong with that!

    sammies! and with your own lettuce! love it!

    my mind is so tired, I”M thinking of going to bed at 830! LOL!

    blue…but i’d rather not wear either!

  3. id go with the blue.. i seriously took 3 minutes pondering! it was really hard.

    i hope u find out whats going on thats making u so tired. i remember dr.oz doing a show on some bug that makes u exhausted all the time.. not saying thats what u might have tho 😉

    ive tried that cereal before.. and how fitting that u ate perkys since its a post about feeling less than perky haha

    ❤ xoxo

  4. I LOVE sandwiches but I’ve never had one with my own lettuce! That is quite an awesome accomplishment – well done. the leaves look so green and beautiful, I bet they were tasty.

    And that cereal might look like kibble but I want some! I love crisp and crunchy cereal.

    About the dress…I’d go with the yellow/gold color. It looks more sophisticated and fresher, if that makes any sense.

  5. Hmm. I think I’d go with the yellow, because it would suit my hair better. But I don’t think I’d wear something like that in the first place – I can see that it would look amazing on some people but I’m pretty certain that I’m not one of those people! Yay for homegrown lettuce 🙂 but I’m sorry about the cavities. I have lots and trust me, it has nothing to do with how much you do/don’t eat. Although obviously both anorexia and bulimia lead to tooth loss/decay eventually, a lot of problems with teeth are just down to your own unique biology. I have genetically rubbish teeth, my gran lost hers by the time she was 30 and it does not matter what I do to mine, I am always getting holes in them! I think we should be more like sharks and grow new ones every now and then.

  6. I’m so impressed by your lettuce. I wonder if it’s too late for me to try to grow some. Probably is! I like both colors, but I’d go with yellow!

  7. Oh I hate going to the dentist! I also hate it when they chat to you while your lying there with your mouth wide open, its like how do they expect a resonable response?!?!

    Hmm as for the dress, Id go for the blue, both are very nice but I just prefer blue more to yellow 🙂

  8. ~Jessica Zara~

    I’d definitely go with the Blue ~ it would match your complexion and eyes beautifully. And you are BLUE Eyed Heart after all.

    The cavities issue is more likely to be due to a lack of good nutrition than eating too much! Teeth can degenerate years after the initial abuse occurred…my poor Mum’s teeth are fragile and brittle as her bones.

    I come across irritating people like that hygenist all the time ~ glad you managed to shut her up 😉 And people like that are generally great at dispensing advice but useless at taking it themselves. Yes, I am a hypocrite for saying that.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting recently ~ I’ve read every post (yeah, stalker…apologies) but haven’t trusted myself not to say something stupid until now. Hopefully this comment has been idiocy free…

    Wish I could think of a way for you to get some sleep!


  9. So cool that you grow your own lettuce! We don’t get quite enough light near the windows 😦

    My friend once had a really uncomfortable (and unwarranted) conversation with a nurse about her birth control… some people just don’t know when to can it.

  10. Ooh I love the Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookies! And I would definitely go with the yellow. Always yellow 🙂

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