Lunch With Mom

Dead pleco alert!  Boooooooooo.

My mom came in to the city today, so she took me out to lunch to celebrate the end of my semester.  Which, yes, was close to a month ago, but this is the first time our schedules have coincided!  We went to the same place I always used to go before I wised up and started bringing my own lunch from home.  I am ever so glad that I did, seeing how much this cost!!  But my mom loves to tell me to spend money on food.  Hmmm.

I really love this in the raspberry flavor, but I can never find it anywhere.  Which is good, I suppose, because it’s insanely overpriced.

Enormous salad: romaine, egg whites, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, beets, croutons, and balsamic vinegar.

Something I would not have gotten had my mom not been “treating”: brown rice cucumber roll, sans sesame seeds, plus the saltiest “light” soy sauce I have ever encountered.

They have apparently (re-)acquired a frozen yogurt dispenser, and I really would have gotten one, but I was beyond too full at that point.  Next time!

But, on the topic of going out… we still haven’t settled on a time / place for my mom’s birthday dinner.  (Yes, her birthday was Saturday.  But when I turned sixteen, it was nearly my dad’s birthday by the time we got around to going somewhere.  My birthday is in August.  My dad’s is in January.  So this isn’t bad at all!)  I really wish we could just decide and get it over with… I hate being anxious about something so trivial.

After I sent this e-mail to my nutritionist, I printed it out and showed it to my therapist, because I was just really upset about feeling so unheard.  Apparently being a pain in the ass has its benefits, because they had a sort of tête-à-tête… and we compromised a little so that I don’t feel so anxious about what I’m doing.

Anxiety, apparently, is overrated anyway.  I really did push myself this week, because I need to get to a certain point before my nutritionist leaves for the summer, and I was sure that I was packing on the pounds like nobody’s business.  Apparently, that’s not what happened.  This tells me a couple of things.  First, that my thyroid probably is not what is responsible for my chronic exhaustion; and second, that I absolutely cannot trust my perception of anything relating to such matters.  Duh, dummy.

Another day, another frozen novelty…

Ciao Bella sorbet in Sicilian Lemon, which I can’t actually find on their website; I guess it was renamed “Lemon Zest”?  That would be an appropriate name anyway, because it was lovely and lemony and just the slightest bit sweet.  And isn’t the tiny spoon adorable?!

Since I’m an expert at mixing up the order of things… before she came to meet me today, my mom was near the Muffin Man, so she stopped by at my request… there were so many different flavors that she took one of each and came home with a dozen!!

I froze them, obviously.  Before that, I label them so I know what’s inside each baggie without having to open it.  I wasn’t sure about some of them — cherry or cranberry?! — but I guess it doesn’t matter, since I like them all anyway.  But during my labeling session, it occurred to me that these muffins are suspiciously greasy for fat-free muffins.  I am going to choose to believe that this is due to the fact that they greased the muffin tins prior to baking.  I don’t care if that doesn’t make sense.  Hmph.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

“Skepticism is history’s bedfellow.”
~Edgar Saltus


14 responses to “Lunch With Mom

  1. traynharder23

    i want some muffins. carrot. or bran. mmmm.

    so sorry bout your fish. =( i mourned.

    my mom NEVER takes me out to eat! so random! =D

    i know this comment is so strange but i’m drained from today’s mind boggling micro. =( you know i love you!

    keep on trekking! =D

  2. Don’t call it being a pain in the ass – I think you’re being awesome. You genuinely want to be heard and you’re making yourself heard. Me?? I ran the hell away from everyone who I enlisted to help me. You’re much stronger than you think.

  3. Speaking up has its benefits! Good for you for sending that email. It def doesn’t make you a pain either. You should be the service you deserve! I miss going out to eat with my mom. She doesn’t live here so it’s few and far between when we get to hang!

  4. glad lunch went well with your mom! haha thats funny about the birthday and meals being amonth late. by then youd have somethign new to celebrate!

    “First, that my thyroid probably is not what is responsible for my chronic exhaustion; and second, that I absolutely cannot trust my perception of anything relating to such matters. Duh, dummy.”

    agree with you 100%, eat more, get more energy, body speeds up, body doesnt gain, body needs more food!

  5. my mom ALWAYS treats me when we go out.. but i do find she expects me to do a little more housework tho to make up for it lol. im so glad u got to take some time to hang with ur momma! always nice for the ladies to chat and catch up and enjoy delicious food. brown rice sush is the best. i usually can only get it at the grocery store since the sushi places only use white rice and think im strange for asking if they have brown 😛

    im glad u showed the email to ur therapist. i would have felt so unheard and dismissed at that time. malpaz is right in that its more of just re-training the body and kicking it back into the right mode!

    xoxo ❤

  6. Glad you had an ice time out with your mom! I love when mine treats… you get to have things you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself.

    Also glad your therapist and nutritionist are working together to sort things out.

    Have a great day!

  7. I definitely wish I could be more objective when it comes to matters regarding weight/body image/food intake. My mind likes to blow all of those things way out of proportion and I end up feeling like I’m bigger than I actually am, and that I eat more than I actually do. I think that’s the case with most people who have an ED, though. We’re not exactly the most objective bunch when it comes to our bodies, and it’s good to have someone there to set things straight for us and remind us that our perceptions aren’t exactly accurate.

  8. so smart to label the baggies!! :]
    it sucks having to wait around for a decision to be made, but maybe take this opportunity to work through it and make it okay for yourself to wait without getting overly anxious?
    good job with confronting your nutritionist! i’m really sucky at that — i just quit lol. must stop doing that..

  9. I love brown rice sushi but can never find it!
    I really hope you can get everything worked out before your nutritionist leaves for summer. I would be full of anxiety if I were you too but don’t fret love!

  10. Is your therapist helping you after you shared the letter? It sounds like you are really trying to reach out and are getting nothing from them.

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