Surprise Surprise

Last night I rediscovered the value of a hand-written journal.  My wrist hurts from writing so much; I’m not used to that anymore!  Synopsis in blue (as per my system):

My mom is not exactly a gracious gift recipient.  I understand not wanting to receive gifts / feeling awkward about it, but seriously?  You can never go wrong with a simple “Thank you.”  Don’t ask me why she feels like she needs to say things like, “Oh, you don’t have anything to do with your money?” or “Why did you get me a present?” before adding a “Thank you” as an afterthought.  This is nothing new — she’s been like that for years — but oh my goodness, it irks me!

Friday night, my brother did not come home until nearly 10.00 … which is long after the time when I feel comfortable eating.  I was kind of hyperventilating.  And attempting to keep it to myself, because this is what happens when I don’t: “Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful.”  A) I didn’t say anything!  B) Suddenly you know how to say “thank you”?!

Saturday afternoon, everyone came over for a party.  By “everyone,” I mean my siblings with their kids, and I don’t know exactly how many there are, but I have well over two dozen nieces and nephews.  The house looked like a tornado had swept through it, but that’s okay, it can always be straightened out again.  I was less okay with my niece being two inches away from me for two hours.  The very thought that my sister ever thinks she can borrow my clothes! … I am, like, three times her size!!!!

And that is that.  Moving on, we tried some new “frozen confections” this week.

So Delicious coconut water sorbet in mango; Almond Dream ice cream in chocolate.  (Ignore the third pint; we haven’t tried it yet!)

I hate coconut.  It isn’t very popular in this household, but I wanted to try this.  I bought the mango flavor even though I don’t like mango because I was attempting to prevent my brother’s inevitable complaining about the coconut component!  It turned out not to be an issue, because we couldn’t taste the coconut at all.  If you like mango, you’ll love this; I want to try the other flavors, because it did have a delightfully creamy texture.  (Speaking of the other flavors… what does hibiscus taste like?!  The Whole Foods where I bought this didn’t have the raspberry or lemonade.)

Chocolate Almond Dream: well, it tasted like chocolate.  😉  No surprises there!  But it didn’t have the slight bitterness like the Purely Decadent did, which is a good thing in my book.

For some inexplicable reason, some containers of strawberry yogurt have appeared in my refrigerator.  I did not buy them, because I only buy vanilla; I remember that I couldn’t find any vanilla a few weeks back, so I bought some strawberry, but I already finished those.  No idea when or how these appeared, but I guess they need to be eaten.

With a microwaved / crumbled Nana’s berry vanilla cookie bar.

No, I am not sick of roasted cauliflower yet!  I realize that you might be sick of seeing it, so I wouldn’t post this except that it made me think of Averie: I bought a head of cauliflower today, and it was not organic, but when I pulled off the leaves, I found a bug crawling around on its merry way.  Lovely.  So much for pesticides!


And now I will go back to my book and my crack whilst mourning the end of the weekend because I do not want to go back to work with a boss who “can’t predict the mind of a maniac.”  (Don’t ask.)

Have a great Monday!

“Life is a great surprise. I don’t see why death should not be an even greater one.”
~Vladimir Nabokov


14 responses to “Surprise Surprise

  1. traynharder23

    my mom does that a lot too! she is like why do you spend your money on XXXXX. (not THAT kind of XX. just any item)

    love the earrings. and i should really think about journaling. jonesy rec’d it to me. i laughed and said it got too negative.

    what a strange boss. then again, mine invited me to his house to sit in his hot tub. i DECLINED.

  2. i think the last time i wrote in my journal was in treatment last year! wowza — long time ago! i think journaling frustrates me because i can’t get my thoughts down quick enough and then i forget. haha.
    eats look yummy :] and i actually never really have coconut things around, but it is definitely an acquired taste — ill give you that!
    take care darling<3

  3. I don’t think I’ve written in a journal since I started blogging; at least not in one where I’ve had to write by hand. I used to keep so many of them, but that was before I discovered that I could type faster than I write, so I started writing journal entries on the computer and printing them out. Not quite the same sentimental feeling, but definitely faster and less painful.

    And can I just say that it’s completely unfair that you get to enjoy so many different frozen desserts? Our supply up here in Canada is limited enough, and all of the non-dairy ones I’ve come across may contain traces of peanuts, leaving me SOL on the ice cream front. Bah.

  4. imaginenamaste

    ohh chocolate almond dream….that sounds amazing! will have to try it…

  5. I am jealous of all the interesting dairy free ice cream flavours you have over there! There’s one brand available in the UK which does a couple of unusual flavours but they make it with agave syrup, which doesn’t agree with me. Bleh.
    I hope Mr J isn’t too weird today 😉 xx

  6. I have tried many times in my life to start a hand written journal but I just can’t get the hang of it. I’ve even tried typing it out on the computer, but it just doesn’t stick. I want to be more disciplined and start one, either by hand or on the computer, because I imagine how much fun it will be to read through in 20, 30, 40 years!

    Your food looks delicious, especially that almond chocolate ice cream – I bet that is fantastic!

  7. a slight bitterness to the almond dream would be nice- i agree!! cant wait til we get some here so i can pick it up!

    oh and ive tried the last one- spoiler allert :I LOVED IT! but even better- the cookie dough one!!! .. theyre a bit sweet tho..

  8. I tried the chocolate brownie almond icecream over the weekend and it was killer. So good that I ate the whole thing in two days!

  9. Handwritten journals are always so therapeutic for me! I know you said you don’t like coconut but I bet that Cookies n’ Cream stuff is amaaazing! Maybe it won’t be very coconutty? I may have to purchase it and try for myself 🙂

  10. Ok, I officially have to try the coconut water sorbet, the end.
    I love a written journal… I’m bad at sticking to it but every now and then it’s so nice to just write.

  11. great ice cream reviews, i have bought all the popular brands once but honestly, they are so $ that we just make our own. I know scott can down 2 of those pints in a sitting LOL


  12. We are still eating a lot of roasted cauliflower too 🙂

    I sometimes think I should journal. It may help with the things I don’t feel like sharing.

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