Feels Like Friday

Today felt like Friday because the clock would. not. move.  It was interminable.  It was pure torture.  I was dying.  Days like today make me think I should really consider a career change, because sometimes I am so not mentally stimulated that I am quite literally bored to tears.  But A) I feel horribly, horribly guilty complaining about this because I have a job, and I am extremely lucky for that; and B) I have absolutely no marketable skills, so it’s not like I can do anything else anyway.

And the question of the day: what is an appetite?  Because anything resembling that was totally MIA for me.  I took one of my horse pills without food:

That was a less-than-brilliant idea, from an absorption standpoint anyway!  I remember when I first learned how to swallow pills… it was something really tiny, I don’t remember what, and I was so proud.  It makes me laugh because at the time, I would have run away screaming when faced with a pill this size, and now I do it multiple times a day.  Par for the course!

Summer in a bowl:

Red probably wasn’t the best color choice for the bowl in terms of photography, but whatever, it tastes the same!  I ate an entire bag of cherries all by myself this week… my gain, everyone else’s loss!  (No pun intended with the word “gain,” though that is probably true as well…)

Dug this veggie burger out of my freezer and heated it up in the toaster oven.

I liked it! I have a package of the original burgers in my refrigerator; I didn’t love them the first time around, so I think I will try to pan-sear it or put it in the toaster and see if that helps.

Remember what I said about the hemp milk ice cream?  About how hard it was, and how impossible to scoop?  Well.  Observe.

I am a genius.  I just stuck it in the microwave for ten seconds!  Which was actually not quite necessary, since it was the last serving and I could have just eaten it straight out of the container.  And this also doesn’t help me if we have it on Shabbos, because then I can’t use the microwave.  But still.

I saw my therapist today… instead of being “fine” (because, well, I always am), today I was “pissed off.”  Because I feel like nobody is listening to me and I am just talking to myself.  So nice to have put it out there, but we’ll see what comes of that.  I’m suspecting nothing.  Oh, and she’s getting on the medication train again.  Why oh why oh why oh why is it so hard to understand that I do not want to go on anti-depressants?!  “No” seems pretty straightforward to me.  Maybe I’m just weird.

Weird enough to wear my brother’s clothes.

Yes, I wore that in public.  I have no shame.  (I do, however, have a sweatshirt that I wore over it.  Yes, it was nearly 90 degrees.  But I am weird.  Didn’t we just go through that?)  Actually, my brother is so insanely tall that this is too small for him, and it is now officially mine.  So there.

Last night was the second in a row when I didn’t wake up half a dozen times!  This is exciting, but it would be a lot more exciting if I wasn’t so exhausted despite my uninterrupted sleep.  You know what else is not exciting?  When I got back from my vacation, my mom told me that one of my fish had died, but of course she was unable to provide me with any details as to which fish.  It took me a couple of days to figure out that it was the geo … I liked that guy! 😦 He was really cute. So today I bought a Bolivian ram (which the clerk claims is a blue ram, but hello, I am not blind… it clearly isn’t that!)… and when I came home, I found a dead brilliant rasbora.  And completely crazy pH and ammonia levels.  La dee da, right?  I really should learn more about that, because it would probably make it easier to control it!  But I am quite scientifically stupid… that makes for some complications.

I do believe I’ve rambled on for long enough.  Have a great Friday.  (Or second Friday, if you’re me!)

“If we cannot be clever, we can always be kind.”
~Alfred Fripp


9 responses to “Feels Like Friday

  1. Glad you got some good sleep, even if you are still tired! There’s always naps?! I usually rely on those when I get terrible nights of sleep. I hope you can work something out with your therapist. I’m rooting for you!

  2. True story: When I saw the title of this post my first thought was “Wait…. It’s not Friday?!?!” Sad but true.
    Mad props for voicing your pissed off and not fine-ness to your therapist. Regardless of if anything “comes” of it or whether or not you get what you want, at least you were able to voice your frustration and get it off your chest. I have therapy on Thursdays too 😉


  3. I wear my brother’s stuff sometimes. Love the earrings!

  4. Maybe there was something in the air because my day dragged like hell, too, and my appetite has been MIA as of late. I blame the weather (because I always do), but maybe tomorrow will be better… here’s hoping 🙂 But it’s good to hear that you’re sleeping well, and I hope you’ll get some good rest tonight, too.

    Oh, and that pill is crazy big =X I think I’d have to cut it in half…

  5. “No” is my word on anti depressants too. No, no, no, no thank yoU!!
    I happen to dig the outfit you’re wearing. I have a thing for wearing menswear, I think even sloppy it generally looks awesome on chicks. (And for my current fave menswear-on-chicks looks, see Lady Gaga on Larry King and Sarah Jessica Parker in the first bit of SATC2).
    I’m completely backwards from you, I thought today was Wednesday all day! I was so pleasantly shocked to discover tomorrow is already Shabbat.
    Sorry to hear about the fishies =/ i don’t think I could ever maintain a tank, mad props on that!

  6. weird would be getting spray tanned with super stinky stuff and not being able to shower for a couple days. oh wait, that’s me, right now 🙂

  7. imaginenamaste

    Glad you got some restful sleep–makes a world of difference!

  8. My week flew until today. This has been one long Friday morning and it’s only 9! I’ve been having crazy sleep problems. For the last two weeks I’ve only been able to get about four hours a night. Last night I finally got seven and only woke up once. I feel so much better today. Hope you got some sleep too!

  9. i think its fun to wear boys clothes and ive raided my brothers closets on many an occassion.

    omg i used to have to crush up little pills in like 8 pieces to swallow.. but now i can take like 5 big ones at a time.. not that i do.. but uno what im sayin’ 😉


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