After falling asleep at 1.00 AM last night and waking up at 5.00 today, I needed a major caffeine infusion.  Instead, I went to the lab.  This morning’s attempt was successful!  I went to one in the general vicinity of my workplace instead of the one I went to yesterday.  This one opens at 7.00 AM; after meandering around to kill some time, I arrived at 6.45, and I still wasn’t the first one there!  The other person waiting was a gentleman and let me go ahead of him.  😉  It took all of fifteen seconds to suck my blood, anyway.

I had a forty-minute acupuncture nap this morning, too.  I swear, those are the weirdest naps ever… kind of like a half-sleep with the strangest dreams!  I have no problem with needles (obviously), but I do think it’s a bit strange to have them in my face.  Anything to get rid of these migraines, though…

Yesterday, during my ill-fated Trader Joe’s jaunt, I nearly bought sprouted whole wheat berry bread.  As I figured, since it isn’t wheat, it doesn’t need to be pas Yisroel… but then I thought that maybe I had another issue, so I called my brother-in-law to check with him (he’s my go-to for such things).  He told me that he wasn’t sure what it was, so I should call the certifying agency.  I did, and got the most annoying answering service ever; no matter what I pressed, I kept winding up in the same place!  I didn’t buy the bread, since I couldn’t get an answer.  (I e-mailed them later, and it turns out that I can’t have it anyway.)

The point of that long ramble was to say that I went to a supermarket in my neighborhood (where I bought the disposable knives!) and picked up another type of bread.  New to me, though I’ve seen it around for years.  Not this particular loaf, obviously.  😉

I think this is really funny: to preserve its freshness close bag carefully and store in refrigerator. Total semantics, but it sounds like the bag needs to be kept fresh.  Well.  I suppose that’s important, too.

With chunky peanut butter.  Lately I’ve been realizing that I prefer a “heavier” bread… I know that in theory, it’s supposed to be good if it’s light and soft and fluffy, but I just don’t like it that way!  How do you like your bread?

Today was meet-the-friend-Tuesday… these will die come the end of August, because my friend is going to law school out of state.  That is sad because she is one of my only single friends!!

Roasted kabocha (chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika), black beans, raw corn.  Friend lifted the lid and craned her neck across the table so that she could “see what you came up with today.”  That makes me extremely uncomfortable.  But we go through that every single week, practically.  Another couple of months, and then I’m all by my single self again.  Sob.

The Cauliflower Monster has put in a reapparance.

It was accompanied by a seasoned salt monster, I guess… and a lack-of-color monster!  Cauliflower roasted with seasoned salt, quinoa (with seasoned salt, of course), and barbecue baked tofu.

Happy news of today: getting to swim again!  And nary a Bobbing Lady in sight.  Not-so-happy news is that my sister was in my house when I got back… okay, that’s not exactly a problem per se.  She lives around the corner, but she is a major wuss about walking by herself “in the dark,” so she came with my niece.  The one around whom I feel like a beached whale.  So did not need that.

Going to skip further verbal vomit; I am t-i-r-e-d!


Have a happy Hump Day!

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”


8 responses to “T-i-r-e-d

  1. traynharder23

    do i count as one of your single friends??!

    cauliflower monster needs to come to my house. lol. right now i’m a “organic mixed greens” monster.

    re: bread. light and fluffy sucks. it’s too fluffy! texture, baby! i like ezekiel. and breead must be toasted/crispy. almost burnt. yep, imma get cancer.

    i had a trippy nap as well. it was…well. trippy. kinda like this comment. =D

  2. imaginenamaste

    i like bread my bread a bit soft but also full of flavor if that makes sense….none of that stuff that falls apart when you put on the peanut butter!
    interesting about the acupuncture, i’ve been debating trying it for headaches lately

  3. “Roasted kabocha (chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika), black beans, raw corn.” _YUM!

    as is the cauli monster. LOL

    cute earrrings too!

  4. oh I feel you on the kosher certification woes…thus is the horror that is my life haha

    your salad looks fabtastic. i’ve never had kabocha but it looks/sounds so good!

  5. Four hours of sleep and needles in the face? Ack! I don’t know how you do it girl; I’d be losing consciousness in both cases.

    I’ve never been a big fan of bread bread (more an english muffin/wrap kind of girl), but the times I do have it, I like a hearty piece of multigrain, and it always has to be toasted.

  6. no u did not need that at all hehe… anyone that makes u think of urself as a beached whale.. not cool! lol. thankfull u got a nice swim in! and i salty delicious meal sounds pretty tasty to me. id be in need of a coffee IV if i slept that short… hopefully the caffiene does the trick and u can catch up on some sleep tonight. xoxo

  7. Ahhh I hate when people peer at my lunch too and are all inquisitive! That sounds like I’m just weird haha but seriously it’s so annoying because you know they are going to make some comment about “wow why do you eat so healthy” and it just bothers me. Mini rant, done. 🙂
    Hope you get some better sleep love!

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