Re: St. Lucia Photo Album

This isn’t a “real” post, as I was hit with a massive migraine today and am not exactly functioning right now.  Must be something in the weather… I never used to get migraines this frequently!!  Anyway, as is typical of the fiercely private and paranoid me, I password-protected my last post because, well, it contains pictures.  Duh.  If you want to see / read it, e-mail me for the password.

Back tomorrow or Sunday with a “regular” post!  Until then — have a great long weekend.


5 responses to “Re: St. Lucia Photo Album

  1. k just emailed you.

    SORRY ABOUT THE MIGRAINE! i can just feel how painful that would be- DAMN, i find putting a wash cloth with luke warm watter and setting it on ur forehead really helps. ❤

  2. imaginenamaste

    oh feel better so you can go swimming with the fishies 🙂

  3. Of course I want to see the album! =P
    Enjoy your long weekend love!

  4. feel better!!!!!!
    you can drop me the password when you’re feeling better if that’s ok!

  5. Drink a lot of water! I hope you feel better. If you don’t mind dropping me the password, I’m obsessed with the VI’s and underwater so I’d love to see the pics!!

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