Dive Day

Ahhh… the reason I went on vacation!

Preparing / gearing up for a dive is a royal pain in the ass.  And, ironically, I hate getting wet.  But once in the water, it is so worth it.  These dives were a lot more comfortable for me than the last time I went, because A) I was using my own wetsuit (really, really glad I went with the 5mm — anything less and I would have been cold), and B) the weights were integrated, meaning I didn’t have an annoying weight belt knocking into my hip the entire time.  Those hurt.

I’m going to put up more pictures when I get home and do my picture-intensive post, but these are just a few of the things I saw today…

hawksbill turtle

various types of crabs

sea urchins

I have 148 underwater pictures.  I am probably going to put them all up on Facebook, because I am going to be too lazy to sift through them and remove the blurry ones.  😉  There are a lot of those… because I am a combination of a moron and a genius.  This is because I finally figured out how to use the flash on my underwater camera.  Unfortunately, that only happened once I was on my night dive.  That is unfortunate because without the flash, I couldn’t really get anything that didn’t look like a beam of light, because, well, that’s what it was; with the flash, I had to be two inches away from my subject or I encountered a major problem with backscatter.  However.  This is just to show how excited I am about figuring out the flash: it means color!  Other than blue!

See that??  Red, yellow, green… at a depth of thirty feet!  This is a very exciting development.

I am apparently being very lazy during this vacation, because this morning I opted to sleep in (to the tune of crawling out of bed at 6.00 AM instead of 5.00) instead of going for a run.  I don’t consider diving to be a very strenuous activity, so I’ve essentially been sedentary for three days running (no pun intended).  Whee, right?  The thing about this is, I need to go for a run at least once so that I will not have brought my running shoes along in vain!  I have a feeling that this will not be happening tomorrow morning, however.  That means it probably won’t happen at all.  Hmm.

Happy Hump Day!


10 responses to “Dive Day

  1. i would find it hard to run on vacation but if u do have the opportunity it could be nice! mmm i love all the underwater pics! that would be such a blast and especially deep diving.. so much more to see lurking closer to the bottom ❤ YAY

  2. Omg just catching up on the posts. The sunburn. Ouch! But the dive…can’t wait to see the pics! I have never taken pics underwater so you’re awesome for doing it!
    Enjoy your trip and dont worry about running, blogging, or anything else other than having fun!!!!!!

  3. I’m so excited for the dive pics. I don’t blame you for sleeping in. Diving is hard work!

  4. I love the pics you shared with us! Diving is so peaceful! I would love to go again!

  5. sounds like such fun! i’ve scuba dived before — in a pool haha. not the same!

  6. I’ve never been diving because Im so scared I’ll be too claustrophobic but I looove the ocean and underwater and it looks so cool!

    Enjoy your vacay!!

  7. glad to hear you are not running and taking a break…. one run is better than 5 so way to go.

    the diving sounds like so much fun! my dad works for a pool company and he had to go to scuba class haha and he brought home his wet suit for me to try one day. royall pain in the ass like you said. i only got to jump in the pool with it though!

  8. Yay yay this made me so happy! I’m so glad you got to dive!!! And I love that you held the sea urchin.

  9. Those sea urchins look so cool! And I’ve always thought diving was strenuous but maybe not? I’ve never done it just seems very active for some reason! Looking forward to more underwater pics!

  10. Cool pics. I’ve only snorkeled, but have a few friends who always rave about diving.

    And don’t worry about not being motivated to run…you’re on vacation, so just enjoy each moment as you wish.

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