Needing A Vacation… While On Vacation

It is common knowledge that after a vacation is when you really need a vacation.  That couldn’t possibly be more true in this case.

Today, while sitting and reading near this swimming pool…

…in which I could not actually swim, due to lack of a swimsuit, this happened…

Due to lack of sunscreen, which was in my luggage.  Also due to lack of said luggage was the fact that I got eleven hours of sleep, because I couldn’t go for a run this morning since I had no running shoes.  And I ate a pound of baby carrots while sitting and reading by the pool, because there was absolutely nothing else I could eat.  I felt kind of sick after that.

I spent an insane amount of time on the phone trying to get my suitcase back.  The airline says they reimburse up to $25 for any clothes or things you may need to buy in the interim.  They don’t know this yet, but they’re paying me a lot more than that.  And I would have bought clothes if I could have, but apparently today was Whit Monday (first time I’ve ever heard of it!), and so everything was closed.  Lovely.

My bag was finally delivered to me around 6.00 PM.  The first thing I did was take a shower and put on clean clothes (okay, short shorts and a tank top, but whatever).  Then I examined my precious cargo, which apparently was not treated as precious cargo, because everything in there is all bashed up.  Nothing seems to be ruined — I suppose I can eat crushed cereal as well as non-crushed — except for some sort of stain that seeped through the top of the bag and onto a skirt.  Me not happy about that either.

I was actually about to send an email to notify the dive operation that tomorrow won’t work out when I got the call that my luggage was here.  I am really just kind of hoping that I don’t have to write this off as the worst vacation ever, so I’m not holding up some very high standards here for the next couple of days!

I love the convenience of a tiny Mini, but it’s more difficult to maneuver and it’s harder to get pictures up, so for the most part that will have to wait until I get home.  But I do have this one, which I snapped while trudging along the side of the road today… for lack of anything else to do.

There is a big, big bed and a TV calling my name …

Have a great Tuesday!  Tomorrow IS Tuesday, right?…


7 responses to “Needing A Vacation… While On Vacation

  1. Yikes, sorry you’ve had some complications! Not having control over your own stuff is a very frustrating feeling. I’m glad you got your bag, and I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly. Just a friendly reminder to fuel up so you can enjoy your dive, when you’re doing something physical and outdoorsy like that it’s always important to have extra energy in case something unplanned happens…hang in there and have fun!

  2. HOLY EFF! that looks HARSH! i dont even wanna imagine how much it burns and stings. oh girlie 😦 be careful, im so sorry 😦

    im praying the rest of ur vaycay goes much better ok! xoxo ❤

  3. Try to just breathe and leave the bad stuff in the past! Just because the beginning was crap doesn’t mean you have to carry that with you for the rest of your time! I hope you have an amazing rest of the vacay — and yes please sunscreen up!!

  4. Gosh your poor arm. So glad you got your luggage, but what a bummer it wasn’t in good condition when you got it. Now that you have it though, it’s time to stop worrying and have some fun! Enjoy your vacay!

  5. When I came back from HK, I really did need another vacation…thank god I still AM in vacation. I was pooped!

    GOSH!!! That is a NASTY burn!! Ack, it looks so painful…I guess your skin doesn’t tan easily, huh? It’s actually really coveted in Asia, though.

    Okay, no more complaining, my dear…slather on some sunblock and go play your heart out! 😀

  6. imaginenamaste

    Oh my gosh! No need to added stress on vacation!
    How on earth did you get sub burned like that? I’ve seen some crazy lines from lifegaurding–but never that!
    Take a BREAK! Breathe 🙂 Have an amammmazing time!

  7. ohh my… i just returned from a trip to MD and my biggest fear was them losing my bag with the bridesmaid dress and shoes in it!!!! glad you got your stuff back though and i hope you can enjoy a peaceful vacation. not running is good for you, a break is ALWAYS good…you should extend it and not run while on vacation, maybe just take a walk? explore, meet people etc.

    Have Fun!

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