School’s Out!




It really helped that it was also my last day of classes.  I am free for the next three plus months!  My professor brought a party to celebrate the end of the semester:


…and mini cupcakes.  Cute.  Our presentation was okay, I guess; who cares now, it’s over!!

Backtracking to the morning…

Hooray for sample boxes!  Especially good because I don’t want an entire package of this — I don’t like honey, I don’t particularly like almonds, and the cereal was wholly too sweet.

On the subway going to the gym, I came to a horrifying realization.

You see the problem, I am sure: I forgot to put on makeup.  I’m not one to sport a face full of products, but I never, never, ever go out without mascara.  For obvious reasons.  I could have — should have — taken a lesson from this hottie, but… this had to be remedied. Since the girl opening the gym was late (of course), I ran across the street to Duane Reade and bought this (and a new pill cutter):

That’s (slightly) better.

I do not know what was wrong with my memory this morning.  I wanted to take a pedometer with me, because I really feel like treadmill mileage isn’t actual mileage… but, of course, I forgot.  Not that it mattered, since I only had time for five minutes on the treadmill anyway!  But for some inexplicable reason, my butt is incredibly sore; no clue why, but I am loving it.

Ever since I had my ROYGBIV salad, I’ve had this inexplicable craving for roasted cauliflower.  Weird thing to crave.  But, hey, cravings must be satisfied…

Romaine, roasted cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and tofu.  The tofu is more burned than anything else… I had to chuck the worst of it, but it’s good I like things well-done.  Oh, and if you’ve never tried cauliflower roasted with seasoned salt, do it.  Now.

A yogurt smoothie (strawberry, this time):

I wanted it to be thick enough to eat with a spoon, so I added some xanthan gum.  It didn’t really make it thick; it did, however, make it goopy.  As in, if I shook the bowl, it wiggled like, well, a bowl of Jello.  Not a major fan… I think I’ll stick to the original version from now on!


Added zygote carrots to the sauteed eggplant, mushrooms, and All Whites; and some chili powder to the couscous.  I realized that the All Whites expire today, and I still have one cup left.  I’m going to be living on the edge one of these days… any suggestions what to do with it?

I encountered an amazing amount of stupidity for one outing when I went to Petco.  Came away with another angelfish.

Random question of the day: can one run in shoes like Skechers Shape Ups?  (Well, obviously you can; but how bad of an idea is it?)

Happy Thursday!

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
~Oscar Wilde


12 responses to “School’s Out!

  1. Gorgeous weather AND being done school? Not fair! Share the wealth and at least send some good weather my way 😉

    And I can’t believe you actually went out and bought new mascara just because you forgot to put some on! I feel kind of naked if I don’t do up my eyes too, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone out and bought some when I forgot to put some on. Your eyes are gorgeous looking without any makeup anyways 🙂

  2. Ohhhh don’t worry, I have TOOOTALLY stopped by Rite Aid and picked up eyeliner on the way to school sometimes.

    And I’m melting for your Empire Staate Building shot..I was just up there yesterday!

  3. all those random protein cakes and pancakes that everyone who’s not a vegan makes 🙂 use eggwhites

    your eyes are gorg! makeup, used to always wear, now, i never wear.

    the weather is my kinda day…enjoy!!!!

  4. yea mascara can make a world of difference. ur eyebrows are nice btw! hehe. oh the weather is GORGEOUS there! love warm sunnyness. yummy tofu salad. lots of great veg mixed up in there ❤

  5. Ohyes, I never leave the house without mascara. The one piece of makeup I must wear because I have light eyelashes. I forgot to put it on once, except I’d also put on a thick layer of eyeliner so it looked weeeirdd 😛

    Roasted cauliflower = YUM. It’s one of my new fave thing too!

  6. That’s my favorite cereal- I’ll take it if you don’t want it!! =P
    And I like your angelfish 🙂

  7. Woohoo! You must be on cloud 9 right now… school’s out for summer!!! I LOVED that feeling… sad it’s gone 😦

  8. Happy for you school is out!!! 🙂

  9. I for one think you look just as beautiful as the summery day with or without make-up. You can put away the sick bag now 😉 But I really mean it…I never wear make-up at all because I’m allergic to every.single.brand. Including the supposedly hypoallergenic ones. Eyes that are puffed up and gummed together aren’t exactly a good look so I think I’ll be doomed to looking like a piggy-eyed twelve year old forever!

    Whoop for being free! School’s pretty much out for me too aside from the independent assignment work.

    While you technically *can* run in Shape-Ups, I really wouldn’t recommend it. Those shoes are designed to alter your gait which is all very well while walking (because it’s what they’re intended for!) but anything which forces your body into an unnatural position when running is a recipe for injury. I had enough problems when I was first starting out simply by wearing regular trainers that weren’t designed to correct my overpronation (and I was only going 2-3 miles at a time back then). Sorry to be a party pooper but I really don’t want you to get injured when you’re just finding your ‘stride’ for running as it were.

    On the subject of injury, I really do need to thank you for your comment because it has indeed given me a lot to think about…and made me remember how miserable I was during my achilles problems in the winter.

    Enjoy some much-deserved time off school!


  10. Wow, I want your weather! Congrats on getting to the end of another school year as well 😉 and I agree with Jess, you look great without the mascara. I rarely wear make up (just special occasions) because I look like a clown when I put it on 😛

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