Beautiful and Bikinis

Unlike yesterday, today really was beautiful!  Until it started to rain again at 4.00, anyway.  (I do have to beg forgiveness for that post title, BTW.  Sorry.)

With the return of Almond Dream, I was able to try a new cereal today:

Leapin’ Lemurs!

Yes, it is a kids’ cereal. Whatever.  It was a bit crunchier than I was expecting, but otherwise tasted very similar to Peanut Butter Pows… tempered by a cocoa flavor, much like Chocolate Cheerios. I realize this is of no use to you if you haven’t tried either of those cereals, but you should. 😉

Shockingly, I managed to get through to my endocrinologist today.  I didn’t ask him about the bone density test, because I am a moron who did not originally notice that under all the coding on the prescription, he wrote, “Bone Densitometry.”  But I did ask him about the dosage of the medication… and, I quote, he said, “My mistake.”  Um.  Yikes.  Glad I cleared that up.  And then this evening my pill cutter decided to break on me.  Nice.

Meet-the-friend-for-lunch Tuesday!

Kabocha roasted with paprika, chili powder, and garlic powder; edamame.  I was kicking myself for not buying those mini kabochas I saw a couple of weeks ago… which I did not buy based on the reasoning that I have a plethora of squash at home already.  At last count: two each of butternut, acorn, and delicata, plus a spaghetti squash.

Let’s talk about these brown rice tortillas for a moment, okay?

It says 6 count on the package.  So would someone care to explain to me why, if I’ve used three of them, there are only two left?  I am getting a little paranoid about thinking that I ate two of them, thinking it was one!!  I made a “pizza” on Friday, a wrap on Sunday, and then another “pizza” today (see below) — that equals three, right?!

I wanted to use a squash base, but considering I had already eaten quite a fair amount of squash today, I went with barbecue sauce instead.  Because pasta sauce seemed too repetitive, I guess.  I was worried that it would get way too soggy and completely fall apart, but that didn’t happen at all.  (There’s barbecue sauce, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and chili-powdered tofu piled on the tortilla.  Just FYI.)

Guess what else I did today?  I’m sure you’re all totally fascinated, but I bought a new swimsuit!  One day I should show you how many I already have, so that you understand how completely unnecessary this was, but…

The reasoning behind my choice: I forgot that I don’t like wearing white swimsuits; white + wet = transparent!  And I felt oddly more exposed in the monokini.  Probably because it was meant for someone who is seven feet tall, and it bagged in a bunch of weird places.  And because I expect to feel exposed in a bikini, but not in a one-piece.  Actually, for all I know, this doesn’t fit properly either; I have never bought such a swimsuit in my life.  Due to a traumatic event involving a halter-top suit when I was ten, I have stuck exclusively to tank suits… with the exception of one bikini that I’ve used under my wet suits until now, but that’s a boy-short bottom.  I can’t wear shorts with these — that would cover up the butt!  😉  This is rather anxiety-provoking, actually.  I am so not the type who can carry off something like this, but whatever, I’ll have to find a way!

On the topic of swimsuits, I had the best. swim. ever. today.  The water was deliciously warm, and my goggles did not leak at all, nor did they fog up much.  The latter is extremely important in helping to avoid collisions with Bobbing Ladies.  I could not get out of the pool… but then realized that my brother, who was picking me up, would be kind of pissed if I didn’t.  Boo.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes — yay!  I’ve already handed in my Assignment from Hell, which definitely could have used more work but I ran out of steam for that.  And we have a group presentation tomorrow, too, which we haven’t even finished cobbling together.  We are awesome.

And one of my new fish died.  Double boo.  Triple boo: another one looks like it’s developing a fungal infection on its tail.  Oh, dear.

But … eighteen days until I go on vacation!!!!!!!  😀 😀 😀


Happy Hump Day!

“People wish to learn to swim and at the same time to keep one foot on the ground.”
~Marcel Proust
(Nah… the ground is highly overrated)


9 responses to “Beautiful and Bikinis

  1. no u def didnt eat two in one dont worry.. they put those paper things in urs too right.. so i dont think two got stuck together. etiher the company messed up or theres some crazy gluten-free ghost roaming around ur place lol… who knows…

    and that cereal is prolly eaten more by adults than kids which is hilarious to think about. i think the older we get the more excited we are with kids foods! i like the leapin lemur ones the best. the panda one was ok.. but no i like the mix of choc and pb..!!! ❤ xoxo

  2. I’ve never actually bothered to count my tortillas, but I seriously doubt that you ate two thinking it was one. You can always look back at the picture you took to make sure, but don’t be too paranoid; the company probably made a mistake or maybe one of your family members ninja’d one without you knowing.

    Sorry to hear that one of your fishes died 😦 That’s exactly why I can’t keep fish; they die too quickly and I tend to get overly emotional.

  3. I seriously need to try kabocha! Especially with edamame, sounds tasty 🙂

  4. A bought a package of FlatOut wraps a while back that was supposed to be a 6-count, and it only had 3! I was pissed! The thing is, I had bought it months ago and frozen the package, so by the time I pulled them out to use they were way past the sell-by date and I was embarrassed to take them back to the store. 😦

    Sorry about the fish! They are tricky little critters, it’s obvious you give them the best care they could ask for.

    I agree with you about bikinis being a little more betterer, because for me I’m more self-conscious about having fabric clinging to my skin than I am just showing the damn skin.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Sorry about your fishy, but hooray for a good swim!

  6. Poor fishy! You totally called that one!!! I bought my first while suit last year that you couldn’t see through. It took a lot of searching to find it!

  7. It sounds like you got gyped out of a tortilla! I think I love cereal almost as much as you do. I’ve seen the Lemur cereal and wondered if it was good. Peanut Butter Puffins are my addiction now though!

    ❤ Tori

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    so glad you had a gerat swimsuit and even though i’m no yankees fan, i like it 🙂 very cute!! and aw poor fishhh.. so sad! never tried those brown rice tortilla yet. the lemur cereal looks delicious!!! i LOVE PB POWS! yum


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