Tortilla Tale

I was not in the mood of trying to perfect protein pancakes again, so I went with quinoa cottage cheese pancakes instead.  I blended up 1/3 cup quinoa flakes with 1/4 cup cottage cheese, an egg white, cinnamon, and Truvia.

While I do like the fluffy texture of cottage cheese pancakes, they take so long to cook!!  Hence why I do not make them very often.  And even though they were good, I wasn’t completely delighted, because what I really wanted was this:

On Thursday night, I mixed 1/4 cup oats with half a serving of sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix; I think it was about a tablespoon.  I added some Truvia and a mountain of cinnamon, along with an egg white, half of a banana (mashed), and an unmeasured amount of water that I estimated to be about half a cup.  I was considering using hemp milk, but I didn’t want to ruin it!  I baked it at 350 for about 45 minutes, until all the liquid evaporated.

Oatmeal banana pudding!  In fact, I liked it so much that I promptly made another one to have today.

And now for the tortilla tale.  I use Tumaro’s Tortillas when I make wraps. I finished my package on Sunday, and because I knew I had just one tortilla left, I’ve been attempting to buy another package. I say “attempting” because I have not met with success. See, I can’t just walk into a store and buy them — I need them to have an additional label stuck on the package that certifies it as Pas Yisroel.  And I haven’t been able to find that.  Since I am a little compulsive about this, and I have had the same lunch every (non-holiday) Sunday for who-knows-how-long, I needed wraps.  Enter:

They’re higher in calories than the Tumaro’s; I was actually tempted to buy these instead, but I don’t want a dozen of them… I’m hoping I’ll find the ones I really want before too long.  Anyway, I just had to try these out right away, so I made a “pizza.”  (My brother stood over it for a good thirty seconds before telling me that it was “missing dough and cheese.”)

Brown rice tortilla, pasta sauce, peppers, onions, and Lightlife pepperoni.  Maybe because I used frozen peppers, the bottom got a little “soggy” … or maybe it was the pasta sauce.  The edges were crisp, but the bottom wasn’t.  Not that I minded — it was good!  I still want to find the Tumaro’s tortillas, but these aren’t bad at all.

But this is bad:

I hate dirty nails.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  And enough of a reason to wear polish, because if my nails aren’t 100% sparkling clean, I can’t stand looking at them.  Anyway, I bought this on Friday morning, thinking it was the color that you see in the bottle, with a little bit of sparkle to it.  And the name wasn’t unattractive, either:

If you ask me, that name ought to be attributed to a red polish, but whatever.  Seriously, who comes up with the names for nail polish colors?  I get a kick out of them.  Though nobody beats Opi!  Anyway, I did not get what I was expecting.

I kind of feel like I’m back in the seventh grade.  Or like a fairy pincess shat glitter all over my hands.  I’m so glad I didn’t buy the orange polish instead of the blue — imagine how garish that would have been!  Eep.

Due to some extremely unwelcome aquarium drama, I need to find time this week to visit a pet shop… when that will be happening, I don’t know, because thus far the week is looking insanely busy!  Because, you know, I need to spend most of my time at work so that people who don’t work can benefit from my non-salary.  (That sound you hear is my blood pressure escalating through the roof.)  I can’t even begin to compose a to-do list, because there is too much to put on it.  Ah, well…

earrings, for old time's sake

Recycled, of course.

Have a great Sunday.

“Go for it now.  The future is promised to no one.”
~Wayne Dyer


9 responses to “Tortilla Tale

  1. oh my that nail polish is STUNNING! so fun 🙂

    haha “hottie”

    yea sometimes when i make my wraps with those tortillas.. the bottom gets soggy and rips a bit causing the insides to spew out lol. guess its inevitable..


  2. traynharder23

    this . post. made. me hungry. GAH!


    will you make them for me when i come visit you!?

    and yeay for tasty baking!

    love the polish. coz u a hottie! and yes i “text” wrote that.

  3. Quinoa in pancakes?? One more thing I need to try! I hate it when the middle gets soggy. I’ve had a few wraps do that, but I’ve had others that get too hard to chew. Hard to find the perfect one!

  4. I use those tortillas for some of my pizzas as well because we seriously have a lack of good tortillas up here in Canada, and I actually like how the edges get crisp but the middle stays softer.

    And I seriously have to try that baked oatmeal thing you did with the pudding mix. I’ve been thinking about trying to add pudding mix to oats for a long time now, but was never really sure how to carry it out. I’ma try this…

  5. Ooh I must try oatmeal banana pudding! Looks yummy 🙂

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  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE OPI!!! Ha. Do you still have that polish on? It does look way different than the bottle!

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