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Memorial Day

Hello, all!  Did you enjoy your Memorial Day?… Or your Monday, if you aren’t in the States!  😉

I had this grand plan to go to the lab for a blood draw this morning.  It’s annoying because it requires me to fast, which means going first thing in the morning.  (Unless I care to just not eat all day, which is fine with me, but, well, you know.)  Since we are in the twenty-first century, I think it isn’t asking too much if I expect them to have an answering machine that actually states their hours.  But, alas, they do not, so I took a nice little drive over there at 7.00 AM.  They were closed, obviously.  Not like I really lost sleep over it, since I had just about the worst night’s sleep ever last night anyway!

Upon my not-so-triumphant return home, I attempted to make something that popped into my head the other day.  See, there are some pears in my refrigerator that just refuse to ripen.  Seriously — they’ve been in there for nearly a month!  I actually like unripe pears, but they don’t like me — I always choke on them.  So I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and finally decided I am too impatient and I am going to do something with one of them.

Not quite the way I envisioned them!  I used the microwave since I have zero pancake-flipping skills, but the plate was too small, which ruined the would-have-been-pretty pattern.  Ah, well; will just have to try again!  Long story short: sugar-free syrup, pears, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, whole wheat pancake mix, soy protein powder, egg white, water.  No amounts because obviously this didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to!  I had some of the pear left over, so I chopped it up and microwaved it in a mixture of water and syrup.  It still didn’t soften up.  Something is weird about these pears, I tell you.

I then proceeded to traipse about in the scorching heat.  It was probably about 90 degrees out, which is actually fine with me, as I like the heat.  What I don’t like is the humidity.  Anyway, I just have to say this: I hate Trader Joe’s.  I waited in line for over twenty minutes just to buy some Pure bars.  Too bad that’s the only place around here where I can get them!!  And then I wandered around in search of disposable knives.  I found forks and spoons aplenty, but knives?  Don’t even ask.  Weapons of mass destruction, right?!  (I did find them.  In a supermarket in my neighborhood.  Figures.)

Oh!  The happy return of the baby doll (those of you who have been reading my blog since last spring might recall that I am in love with that type of top):

This actually matches the earrings I wore today, which I bought in St. Lucia.  At the time I thought they were purple, but I guess they’re not.

They had another design that I really loved; it had a tiger’s face.  I have a slight obsession with tigers (and dolphins), but I feel kind of weird about having a tiger hanging from my ear, so I went with these instead.

Requisite pile of vegetation:

Used my julienne peeler to make strands out of an e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s zucchini, then diced up the “core” and added it to a pot with sauteed eggplant, zygote carrots and black beans.  The size of this was rather daunting, but have no fear, I prevailed.

Verbal Vomit!  But not too long, because I would love to get to bed.  So.  Monday = nutritionist.  I actually popped in on Friday, just to get weighed after my vacation, but I didn’t have a full appointment then.  Which might not be such a bad thing, since we are getting very … circular.  I fail to see why it matters whether I am 100% compliant if I fatten up anyway.  I mean, yes, if I were heavily restricting and gaining because my metabolism shut down due to starvation or something, then I see the point.  But it really is quite disgusting to me how much I am eating, and to be Machiavellian about it, if the end result is the same, what’s the difference?!  I do not want to lie about what I eat; that would be stupid and pointless.  In spite of the fact that I am, unfortunately, a very good liar, I prefer to be honest about this, since the only person I’d be fooling is myself.  I said that I won’t be “perfect.”  And the circle keeps going.  And I want to pull my hair out.

Humidity and I are not friends.  Ignoring the frizzbomb on my head, humidity makes my body retain water.  (To clarify: feeling bloated is not the same thing as feeling fat, and neither of these are the same thing as feeling full.  Just saying.)  You’d think it’s dehydrated or something!  Which, believe me, it definitely is not.  It just likes to play cruel jokes on me.  I think my new strategy should be to avoid looking in mirrors or thinking about my corporeal being in any way at all, because doing either of those things makes me want to throw up.  And we know how I feel about that.

As a side note, the Cereal Situation is completely out of control.  I usually have five or six open boxes; that’s normal for me.  But now I have five or six unopened boxes waiting in the wings.  Oy.

Have a great Tuesday.

“Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds.”
~George Eliot


All Over The Place

Glad you liked the photos — I’m one of those annoying people who is snapping pictures of everything all the time!  The instructor who went diving with us nearly spit out his regulator because he started to laugh when my battery died in the middle of the second dive.  Which, to be fair, wasn’t entirely my fault: the camera doesn’t have an on / off button, so once it’s in the waterproof housing, it’s on until I take it out.  I have a feeling that the whole standby thing probably uses up more battery power than it’s worth, but whatever.

Hmmm… I seem to have forgotten how to blog.  So.  When I travel, I take nut butter packets with me because it’s just easier than taking a jar.  That’s why I was saving this Sunbutter sample:

I didn’t knead it well, so there were some really gross chunks in there, but that was my fault.  Honestly, I don’t think this tasted all that different from peanut butter!  On a related note, I discovered that I actually don’t hate Justin’s almond butter.  Too bad my open packet was attacked by fruit flies or something and had to be thrown out.  And on another related note, those are the pitas I mentioned … they are incredibly thick and doughy, and also nearly double the size the nutrition panel says they are, but that’s what I get for being neurotic and weighing it.

But, I did not weigh myself today (I don’t weigh myself, generally, but Sunday mornings are my weakness).  So I suppose I can consider that an accomplishment.

Some other new products I picked up because I got tired of Turtle Mountain all the time:

Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet and Almond Dream “ice cream.”

The sorbet tasted, well, like an orange.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’ve tasted so many things that don’t actually taste like they say they will, so I’m just throwing it out there.  😉

Vanilla is always a winner, if you ask me.  I liked this better than soy “ice cream,” though; the texture isn’t quite as “mushy,” I guess.

Yes, so, this post is all over the place, but that’s suitable because so am I!  I am getting to work on planning my next vacation; I feel like I need to squash in as many as possible before school crushes me again.  Too bad I’m not a millionaire… I’m looking at August right now, so I can excuse that one by calling it my birthday present to myself.  😉  But there is no good reason for me to go in June, except that I feel like it!  I probably won’t, though.  Boo.

As annoying as it was that I couldn’t find the wraps I wanted and had to buy brown rice tortillas, I’m glad it happened; in fact, I think I will now be buying more of the latter.  Since I just finished a package:

Barney butter, banana slices, and sugar-free chocolate syrup.  I decided to overlook the fact that I don’t actually like warm bananas, and baked this.  I’m glad I did, because it just wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.

Today I went to my friend’s son’s upsherin. I missed my nephew’s while I was away, but I had to go to this?… I felt like a sixth wheel. Since I went with two friends and their kids (three between them — hence, the “sixth wheel” reference). I left so fast I nearly got whiplash.

Obviously, I missed my veggies while I was away.

I doused cubed tofu in chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika and put it on a non-stick pan for a few minutes, then added the vegetables (broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, red pepper, carrots, celery, water chestnuts) with some more of those spices, and some garlic powder, onion powder, and salt.  Then I added some cooked rice noodles and topped it all off with crushed red pepper flakes.  I do believe I went a bit overboard on the whole spice thing, if my fiery mouth is any indication.  Whoops.

Something that made me very happy today:

Cherries!  One of my favorite summer fruits (if not the favorite)… my mom told me not to buy them, since they were on sale, so according to her, they can’t be any good.  I am pleased to report that she was wrong, and these are amazing.  Unless I’m just cherry-deprived.  😉

I’m actually not going to verbally vomit — not for lack of reason, but for lack of patience.  I just don’t feel like it.  Isn’t today your lucky day… 😉

Have a great Memorial Day! 

“The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”
~Samuel Johnson

Re: St. Lucia Photo Album

This isn’t a “real” post, as I was hit with a massive migraine today and am not exactly functioning right now.  Must be something in the weather… I never used to get migraines this frequently!!  Anyway, as is typical of the fiercely private and paranoid me, I password-protected my last post because, well, it contains pictures.  Duh.  If you want to see / read it, e-mail me for the password.

Back tomorrow or Sunday with a “regular” post!  Until then — have a great long weekend.

Protected: St. Lucia Photo Album

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Dive Day

Ahhh… the reason I went on vacation!

Preparing / gearing up for a dive is a royal pain in the ass.  And, ironically, I hate getting wet.  But once in the water, it is so worth it.  These dives were a lot more comfortable for me than the last time I went, because A) I was using my own wetsuit (really, really glad I went with the 5mm — anything less and I would have been cold), and B) the weights were integrated, meaning I didn’t have an annoying weight belt knocking into my hip the entire time.  Those hurt.

I’m going to put up more pictures when I get home and do my picture-intensive post, but these are just a few of the things I saw today…

hawksbill turtle

various types of crabs

sea urchins

I have 148 underwater pictures.  I am probably going to put them all up on Facebook, because I am going to be too lazy to sift through them and remove the blurry ones.  😉  There are a lot of those… because I am a combination of a moron and a genius.  This is because I finally figured out how to use the flash on my underwater camera.  Unfortunately, that only happened once I was on my night dive.  That is unfortunate because without the flash, I couldn’t really get anything that didn’t look like a beam of light, because, well, that’s what it was; with the flash, I had to be two inches away from my subject or I encountered a major problem with backscatter.  However.  This is just to show how excited I am about figuring out the flash: it means color!  Other than blue!

See that??  Red, yellow, green… at a depth of thirty feet!  This is a very exciting development.

I am apparently being very lazy during this vacation, because this morning I opted to sleep in (to the tune of crawling out of bed at 6.00 AM instead of 5.00) instead of going for a run.  I don’t consider diving to be a very strenuous activity, so I’ve essentially been sedentary for three days running (no pun intended).  Whee, right?  The thing about this is, I need to go for a run at least once so that I will not have brought my running shoes along in vain!  I have a feeling that this will not be happening tomorrow morning, however.  That means it probably won’t happen at all.  Hmm.

Happy Hump Day!

Needing A Vacation… While On Vacation

It is common knowledge that after a vacation is when you really need a vacation.  That couldn’t possibly be more true in this case.

Today, while sitting and reading near this swimming pool…

…in which I could not actually swim, due to lack of a swimsuit, this happened…

Due to lack of sunscreen, which was in my luggage.  Also due to lack of said luggage was the fact that I got eleven hours of sleep, because I couldn’t go for a run this morning since I had no running shoes.  And I ate a pound of baby carrots while sitting and reading by the pool, because there was absolutely nothing else I could eat.  I felt kind of sick after that.

I spent an insane amount of time on the phone trying to get my suitcase back.  The airline says they reimburse up to $25 for any clothes or things you may need to buy in the interim.  They don’t know this yet, but they’re paying me a lot more than that.  And I would have bought clothes if I could have, but apparently today was Whit Monday (first time I’ve ever heard of it!), and so everything was closed.  Lovely.

My bag was finally delivered to me around 6.00 PM.  The first thing I did was take a shower and put on clean clothes (okay, short shorts and a tank top, but whatever).  Then I examined my precious cargo, which apparently was not treated as precious cargo, because everything in there is all bashed up.  Nothing seems to be ruined — I suppose I can eat crushed cereal as well as non-crushed — except for some sort of stain that seeped through the top of the bag and onto a skirt.  Me not happy about that either.

I was actually about to send an email to notify the dive operation that tomorrow won’t work out when I got the call that my luggage was here.  I am really just kind of hoping that I don’t have to write this off as the worst vacation ever, so I’m not holding up some very high standards here for the next couple of days!

I love the convenience of a tiny Mini, but it’s more difficult to maneuver and it’s harder to get pictures up, so for the most part that will have to wait until I get home.  But I do have this one, which I snapped while trudging along the side of the road today… for lack of anything else to do.

There is a big, big bed and a TV calling my name …

Have a great Tuesday!  Tomorrow IS Tuesday, right?…

Arrived Alone

Just a quick post to say that I am a genius and figured out how to get online in my hotel.

No, really, I wouldn’t post just for that.  I’m actually announcing that I have arrived at my destination.  Alone.  As in, the airline “misloaded” (WTF?) my baggage.  So I had to cancel my dives for tomorrow, because I have no swimsuit, wet suit, or dive gear.  I also have no pajamas, no clothes, and very little in the way of toiletries.  And oh, yeah — I have no food.  I spent the hour drive to my hotel composing my letter to the airline, because they are so going to pay for this.

My head is about to split open, and since I won’t be able to actually do anything tomorrow besides for hang around waiting for my baggage to be delivered, I might end up getting more sleep than I have in the past three nights combined.  Which would be nice, if, oh, I don’t know, I had pajamas to wear!!

That is all I have to say at present.  (The island is beautiful and the hotel is too, but I would be able to appreciate that a lot more if I didn’t have to deal with this crap.)