Remembering the injury to my Sartorius muscle, I’m being cautious with it.  But I figured two days was enough of a rest, and that I could try another mile today, since my thighs’ screaming was downgraded to a whisper.

I’d love to report how long that mile took, but I oh-so-brilliantly managed to reset the treadmill after .86, so I have no idea.  The thing about running is that I kind of hate it a little bit while I’m doing it, but I love the way I feel after doing it.  I can’t decide what to make of this.  But hey, at least I didn’t get a side stitch today!  Eh, okay, I did.  But only a little one.

I bet I’m also not doing myself any favors by wearing such shoes while running:

It’s not that I don’t own proper running shoes.  I do.

Pristine, aren’t they?  I’ve never worn them outside.  Because I’m weird like that, and I didn’t want to get them dirty.  (Uh, hello?  They’re shoes.)  And I am very lazy about toting them around with me when I go to the gym, because they’re just… bulky and cumbersome, and I’d rather wear shoes that can do double duty.  Unlike traipsing about all day in something like this:

I can’t even remember the last time I wore these.  Like my little curly “laces”?  😉  Double- or triple-knotting doesn’t seem to matter, my laces never stay tied.  ’tis epic annoying.

Much like work today!  I mean, I’d probably work anyway, even if I didn’t have to, because I’d be bored stiff otherwise.  But I don’t like having to work.

I have homework from my therapist… I’m supposed to compile a list of reasons why I should not hate myself.  Hello, if I had anything to put on such a list, then I wouldn’t hate myself!!  Durr.

No water wastage this time around.  (Is “wastage” even a word?  It sounds like it would be.)

Okay, so this didn’t quite work out the way I envisioned, but…

A rainbow salad!  Quite literally… it should actually go by the name “ROYGBIV salad.”  Behold:

R Smart Deli Pepperoni
O fetus carrots
Y roasted yellow squash
G roasted Brussels sprouts
B blue tortilla crisps
I roasted baby eggplant
V roasted purple cauliflower

The problem was in the execution… there are no naturally occurring blue foods.  Even the blue tortilla crisps are closer to violet than anything else!  And the purple cauliflower actually was violet before I roasted it… much in the same way the eggplant skin was actually indigo.  But, no matter.  I only lined it up this way for display purposes.  When it came to consuming this monster, it actually looked more like this:

Dressed in barbecue sauce.  Because I’m cool like that.

About all that stuff in my last post… I’m still not okay with it. At all.  But I’m going to push that aside for a moment, because something happened today that is truly deserving of an explosion of rage: my insurance premium is going up.  Again — for the third year in a row.  It is increasing eight percent.  Seriously — why the hell do they even bother to pay me??  It is just a teaser.  Why not take all of the money that I earned and just give it to the government to distribute to people on welfare, who don’t work and live off of my work, which I can’t do because they’re doing it?!

Don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against people who are on welfare.  When it is warranted.  Fact is, there are far too many people in this country who take advantage of the system because they’re just damn. lazy.  And you know what?!  At this rate, it would behoove me to become just like them, because the more I work, the more money the government gets out of me!!

It is things like this that make me so angry, I wonder why the hell I even bother to get out of bed in the morning.

In other news, after the whole debacle involving the baseball game which my dad and I will not be attending together, my therapist appears to have decided that it is somehow imperative that we have daddy / daughter time anyway.  Uh… exactly what are we supposed to do??  I am a pretty boring person, I guess, because there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that would fit the bill.  Help??

Why does this picture look so odd?

Not sure whether I am going to post tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday, or any combination thereof — hooray for last-second school stress! — so have a lovely Friday, weekend, or whatever you will.

“Fear makes us feel our humanity.”
~Benjamin Disraeli
(I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem to be working that way for me)


10 responses to “ROYGBIV

  1. Maybe that’s why I don’t have insurance….the only one I have is my mandatory school insurance.
    Haha, you’re just like my friend who refuses to wear her running shoes out because she doesn’t want them dirty…mine is dirty like heck, but I get to buy new ones every year!

  2. if you only knew how much we pay for health insurance, hubs is self employed and we both have pre existing conditions.. i have posted on insurance about 2-3 weeks ago. nightmarishly expensive but if you dont have it, you could be financially bankrupt for a decade with an unanticipated medical situation or hospitaliztion. in the meantime, the premiums kill you anyway. i know, it sucks!

  3. me and my dad would be so akward together. actually we never even talk. we were never close- he’s not a ‘daddy’ type character. so i cant really help u there.. but sometimes its good to go on a little trip together. me and my dad went on a ferry ride to a little island and looked around.. wasent too akward.. maybe u guys could take an adventure together somewhere. i let him choose.. cuz i didnt wanna be held responsible for having a good time or not. turned out for the best thankfully.

    xoxo ❤

  4. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about stuff like health insurance up here in Canada. From what I hear, it’s not the nicest thing to deal with and I can totally understand why it would piss you off.

    As for what you can do with your dad… hmm… dinner? Coffee? A movie? Bowling? That’s all I got, really; it’s been a while since I’ve been out with my dad.

  5. i hate how so mnay people take advantage of welfare coz they don’t want to work. it’s so silly. -(

    sorry about your health insurance stuff. i’m dealing with that too. sometimes my sister brings up how my disease shit caused us to lose (still does) money. ugh.

    bbbq sauce salad? must try this (i typed mustard. LOL!)

    i’ll cheer you up with a text! TOMORROW!

  6. Please wear your running shoes when running! Yikes! I don’t want you to get hurt wearing those other things.

    8%?! That is crazy! 😦

    I like to go on bike rides with my dad. Do you ever do that?

  7. did you switch up your layout? nice! ouch, that injury sounds painful. i despise running while i do it, but i loveeeeee how i feel afterward too so that makes it worth it. great roygbiv salad!

  8. *doh* I hate it when treadmills do that. It drives me insane when I don’t know exactly how far I’ve gone. I actually think every runner has at least one moment during their run when they really don’t want to carry on and/or despise what they’re doing, but it’s pushing through those moments that creates the ultimate sense of satisfaction at the end. As has been said, if running were easy then everyone would do it. Seriously though, those shoes!? I’d pick comfort over style and just wear the proper shoes: you’re dicing with injury wearing random flats!

    I’m so sorry about the insurance 😦 Sadly, welfare and benefits aren’t much better in England and far too many people sponge off of the state while people like my Mum work their butts off to support them. Again, I have nothing against legit claimers, but there are a heck of a lot of people who aren’t.

    Such a pretty salad!


  9. I’m bothered by dirty shoes too! In fact I looked down at my running shoes and thought oh no the right foot is so dirty. Then I reminded do run in those! 🙂 Bwhahahaha

    You should def wear the running shoes when you run, a friend of mine really messed up her foot wearing the wrong shoes.

    Love the earrings!!

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