The Rule of Threes

I’m apparently not made of durable stuff… one stinky mile yesterday has my thighs all sore today!  And I took a Piyo class this morning, so my abs are pretty sore now too.  (Random aside: if the “Pi” is supposed to be short for “Pilates,” don’t you think it should be pronounced “pih-yo” instead of “pah-yo”?!)  I’m hoping that for some reason, my arms will be sore tomorrow because of tonight’s swim… hence the “rule of threes” title.  😉  Lest you think I am complaining about this, I must inform you that I absolutely am not.  I love being sore.  It makes me feel like I don’t actually spend all day sitting on my butt.  Even though I do.

Breakfast #2 included a sample I received some time ago… Bear Naked Cranberry Raisin cereal.

I liked the flakes; not so much the raisins and seeds.  Guess I won’t be buying this!

New-to-me bar: Ginger Almond MacaPower.

There was a spicy flavor to this… it’s either the ginger, or that’s what maca tastes like.  I liked it; I’d buy it again, but it wouldn’t be my absolute first choice.

Meet-the-friend-for-lunch day:

Baby potato blend, Tempehtations.  I remember trying this vegetable blend before, and I don’t remember liking it much… I was right.  I’m just not a major fan of potatoes, I guess!  But as I was walking out the door to go meet my friend, I got the most awesome call on my cell phone (um, it’s only been over a month coming):

My wetsuit has finally arrived!! 😀   (Excuse my toes in the picture.)  I guess it fits… that thing is so freaking thick, it looks like there are two of me in there anyway.  :p  But I suppose it will do an adequate job of helping me not to freeze…

For your viewing pleasure:

Double chocolate chip muffin topper with Barney butter, microwaved.  Melty goodness!  (Why do I think that “melty goodness” is only supposed to apply to cheese?  I am so strange.)

Tomorrow I need to present for peer feedback my Assignment from Hell.  Did I prepare for this presentation?  Of course not.  Failing to do so is somehow better for my nerves — if I’m not working on it, I can pretend it isn’t happening!  But I’m just lucky that I can get away with that in this crazy class.  That won’t always be the case.  Ulp.

I also need to be a pain and bug my endocrinologist again.  I hate calling someone repeatedly, but I need that prescription; I can’t keep lifting pills from my sister!  (Actually, that isn’t such a bad idea in terms of my bank account… ;))  Stupid blood test results… shouldn’t take so long.  And I also want to ask him for a prescription so that I can get a bone scan; my crazy doctor won’t give me one because he has this “new machine” that he claims is so fantastic, but really isn’t… and since he wants to use his new toy, he won’t give me a prescription to get a real bone scan.  I have mentioned that he is crazy, right?


Have a great Wednesday.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
~Thomas Alva Edison
(This actually made me laugh)


11 responses to “The Rule of Threes

  1. great wetsuit!! you must be thrilled!!!!

    the bar review, thanks.

    and the pronunciation of your class, i;m with your logic on that one!

  2. I used to love feeling sore after a workout; made me feel like all the hard work was paying off and I can’t wait to be able to get back into it.

    Good luck with your Assignment from Hell tomorrow; I’m sure it’ll go great. Oh and that muffin topper? Replace the PB with AB and I’m down 😉

  3. yay for the WETSUIT! i sawwww on facebook!

    good luck with the ewwwwyyy assignment. i’m rooting for you!

    lovely muffin top snack. i’m hungry. =D

    darn you just reminded me to call my doctor.

  4. beautiful earings love ❤ wow.

    o btw, i totally just zoomed in on ur toes- cute polish 🙂 haha

    wet suits are so fun- i love the feeling.. sorta weird. just not so fun trying to get off! lol ❤ xoxo

  5. Bad doctor! I have to have another bone scan this year too and I would NOT be impressed if my GP wanted to use some new fangled machine over the tried and tested ones. Good luck getting that prescription!
    I love that quote! It made me laugh too 🙂

  6. What kind of machine is he wanting to use?

  7. haha tell your doc to GIVE YOU a bone scan dont as, demand!

    “I love being sore. It makes me feel like I don’t actually spend all day sitting on my butt. Even though I do.” i agree with this statement 100%…. i got in a wetsuit once my dad is a pool guy and i was taught how to scuba dive!…its weird haha

  8. You’re not weak, you’re just trying a new form of exercise! My legs have been KILLING since I started Shred-ing on Saturday.

    Hope you get that prescription.

  9. Heck yeah for the wetsuit. I have those same earrings in turquoise!

  10. Another fan of the workout-sore feeling here. I especially love it when it comes from weight training and I can feel each different muscle ache a little when it contracts…it feels like they’re ‘growing’ when they do that (arm muscles that is! My leggies really don’t need to grow any more, seriously!) If that treadmill mile was the first you’ve ever run then your time was great! Just shows that all your swimming is also keeping you very fit.

    Glad your wetsuit finally came and I love those earrings: they’re really different from your usual style (sort of ‘louder’ and less delicate if that makes any sense!) but still gorgeous.

    Grr…our GP won’t give my Mum a bone scan either, despite the fact that she’s basically the dictionary definition of osteoparosis. I really hope both your GP and endochrinologist get their act together!

    P.S I wish I was bright enough to wing presentations the way you can!

  11. Your posts seriously inspire me to wear dangling earrings!

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