Up-front admission: this is not a picture-heavy post!  Apologies in advance.

In chronological order, for simplicity’s sake.  Or, okay, for the sake of making my life easier.  😉

Woke up at 5.00 AM even though I couldn’t go to the gym.  (Actually, I could have… but it seemed kind of dumb to drag myself an hour uptown to the gym, only to reverse the trip immediately after to go to the endocrinologist…) I attempted to go back to sleep, but that wasn’t happening, so I rolled out of bed a bit before 7.00 and did some crunches and leg lifts, twenty minutes on the recumbent bike, and called it a workout.  Packed up mountains of food, went to the endocrinologist.

Can’t really say much about the appointment, because everything really depends on the blood test results.  I just had that done today, so the results are pending.  The part I was dreading — getting weighed?  Yeah, I said I didn’t want to know, but I guess he didn’t hear me, because immediately following my statement, he announced the number.  Thank you, kind sir.  So, anyway, I asked him if the medication I am taking is available as a generic, considering the recent price increase in the name brand pills!  It is, but it’s not exactly the same thing.  If I were just starting the treatment, I probably wouldn’t care, but since I’m already taking the brand name and I know that it works for me, I’m wary of switching.  I may just end up getting the brand name at a double dosage and cut the pills in half.  Do you care about generic vs. name brand drugs?

And, since I’m already on the topic of drugs… I am now in possession of a prescription for Provera.  I’m not quite sure that I want to fill it, though.  It is a concern of mine that it can cause weight gain, because I don’t want to gain weight from a pill.  He told me that there is just a very small percentage of people who experience that side effect, but I know that I am one of them — I’ve taken Provera before.  I gained weight on it.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate making decisions???

Off to the lab, where I got my blood drawn.  (I have “beautiful veins.”  Phlebotomists love me.)  He wrote fasting, underlined twice… I can hardly wait to see his reaction when he realizes the discrepancy between my blood sugar in the last test (non-fasting) and this one.  Ha.  He can be sort of an absentminded professor about such things sometimes… he’s an old guy!

Then off to work.  It was beautiful: I was only at work for three hours today, and one of those was my lunch break.  I could get used to that type of schedule!

Romaine, fetus carrots, kidney beans, whole-grain rotini, broccoli.  I have no idea why, but this was a fantastic salad.  It is so weird how sometimes things just work.  And a note on beans: these are from a can, but I am totally graduating to the dried variety.  It just gets annoying to have to eat beans when I don’t particularly want to, just because I started a can a couple of days ago!  Not to mention that it’s vastly more cost-effective to buy dried beans.

Spent a mind-numbing five hours in school.  At some point between my classes, this was consumed:

Chocolate protein cake.  Apparently, this is a lot better when eaten immediately… then again, maybe that’s because I microwaved it for far too long.  Oh well!

I stayed at school later than I should have had to, because I was trying to explain something to my professor about the Assignment from Hell… basically, we are supposed to arrange it in two “formats,” but one of them just doesn’t make any sense for my topic.  It took a while for him to grasp why that was the case, and then when he finally did, he said, “Oh, so then just do X.”  Again: thank you, kind sir.  Isn’t that what I said way at the start of this conversation?!  But now I have to go re-structure the entire thing.  Wheeee!

And then I finally came home.  And I made a sandwich to take to work tomorrow.  Remembering my Thursday lunch woes, I suppose this is pretty impressive.  But I really am getting very very annoyed with myself for allowing fears to inhibit me… from doing stupid things like this.  I guess it’s a good thing that I’m getting pissed.  I don’t know…

Apparently, I’m not feeling very coherent.  Sorry!!

There is a matching necklace, too… but I didn’t wear it today.

Seems like this week went by pretty quickly… funny how that happens!  Time drags in the moment, but in retrospect it does the exact opposite.  Either way — have a great Thursday.

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”
~Marilyn Ferguson


10 responses to “Generic?

  1. I hope your blood tests turn out well, hun; I’ll be thinking about ‘ya.

    I have the same problem when I try to fall back asleep after waking up in the morning; it’s just not possible! You’re a trooper though, I usually give up after 15 minutes and drag myself out of bed and on to the computer 😉

    I can’t really answer your drug question, as I’ve never been on any prescription medication, but from all the things I’ve learned in school, the generic and brand name ones are pretty much exactly the same. I can understand your anxiety with switching, though, if you know the brand name one works for you. But you can try the generic and always go back if it doesn’t work?

  2. I hope everything turns out well for you! I’ll be thinking about you. Hmm my drug opinion….my eye drops, I ask for in brand b/c they are formulated differently in the generic brand and it burns (no good!). You could always try and go back?

  3. I have to get a brand name for my birth control because there is no generic. I used to use generics when I was on the pill though, and it did seem to affect me negatively! (that is why I switched to this other thing, and have been doing great!)

  4. I recently had a bit of generic drug anxiety when I refilled my birth control. I was already on a generic, but they gave me a DIFFERENT generic for the next month. I was anxious, because I had been comfortable on the other version and worried the new one might trigger some of the side effects I’d thus far avoided….but no difference at all, honestly, nada. It can depend on the drug, obviously, but usually the active ingredient is exactly the same no matter what off-brand you use.

    How long are you supposed to be on the Provera? I took it for a short time a couple of months ago, and the only side effect I noticed was a little bit of a breakout on my back. But then again, I was only on it for 5 days.

    I know that being put on meds is SUPER anxiety-provoking sometimes, because there’s stuff going in there and changing the way your body works, but remember that the doctor wouldn’t put you on it for kicks and giggles, getting everything running smoothly and normally is definitely worth the initial stress.

  5. i have used generic brands before and some worked better than the brand name.. but mostly i stick to the original brand name and pay the extra money… i find most generics can have fillers that im allergic to. it all depends- both can be good. trial and error i guess. XO XO

  6. Good luck with the blood test results ❤ Maybe your reaction to the provera was due to your metabolism being slow from the thyroid problem? After all, thyroid hormones are…well, hormones 😛 so now you're on medication for that presumably your endocrine system is balanced differently. It's worth a try if your doctor thinks you should take it, and you can always come off it again. I know it's scary – I actually CRIED over the potential weight gain the first time I took a hormone related pill. I didn't gain so much as a pound though, so that was a lot of stress over nothing! I hope it works out for you anyway 🙂

  7. LONG DAY! You certainly maximized every minute of it. Good luck with your blood test results! Fingers crossed they’re stellar 🙂

  8. i sure hope you eat more than you post girl!!!

    sending you good vibes for good blood results. that ” i dont wanna know my weight” happened to me at the doctor a few months back…now i refuse to let them weigh me

  9. I have serious medication fear in general (and with good reason, given how my body reacts to it!) but even if I could take prescription meds, I would have just the same anxieties as you about potential weight gain…it just seems ‘unfair’ somehow because of not having done anything to prompt it. At least when it’s from food there’s an element of enjoyment there (if you’re a food-obsessed PB junkie like me that is) but I looked up the side effects of Provera and it lists both weight gain AND weight loss…I’m not going to tell you to take anything you aren’t comfortable with and despise medication in general, but it looks like the former wouldn’t be as likely as you might think ~ as Katie said, the last time you probably still had thyroid problems going on so it’s not necessarily going to happen again.

    Fingers crossed about the blood tests ~ will be thinking of you.



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