Oh Dear

This morning, I woke up before 5.00 AM because I had a bad dream… in which it was almost Pesach again!!  There was no way I could fall back asleep after a nightmare like that.  Shudder.

I bought this carton of hemp milk a while back, but I’ve been wary of trying it because I’ve heard mixed reviews. But it had to be done eventually…

With Peanut Butter Pows. (Finished the box, but I am not replacing it… the cereal situation here is totally out of control.)

I’m not sure how I feel about the hemp milk. I like tasting the cereal, not the liquid that I pour into it, and while it wasn’t a very prevalent flavor, I could still taste it. Considering that this cereal has a strong flavor itself, that isn’t a good thing for me. I think I’ll stick with my Almond Dream!

Romaine, cucumber, fetus carrots, baked tofu (the red stuff is paprika), roasted delicata squash.

Dehydrated sweet potatoes.

They’re not crispy like a chip; they’re more chewy, kind of the consistency of dried apples.  I wonder what would happen if I put them in the oven after dehydrating?  Maybe they’d crisp up.  Hmmm…

I went on a Bath & Body Works spree during my lunch break!

Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in five scents (smells way better than Purell!), more Lavender Vanilla Room Spray, Eucalyptus Spearmint Room Spray (think it’ll keep me awake at work?), and Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist.  The best part of this?… the total cost was under $12!  Heh.  I have my ways.  😉

Verbal vomit time!  Today is Monday.  Monday = the day I see my nutritionist.  Like a truly stupid individual who should know better than to do this, I weighed myself this morning to see what progress I’d made, and according to the scale, everything was fine.  (Well, not in the part of my head that doesn’t want to gain weight, but let’s not go there.)  Still, I obligingly shoved food in me, including a double dose of “ipecac” — there are two bottles left, and I absolutely refuse to purchase this again. Not a problem, right, since I gained enough weight to not have to worry about it?

Wrong, apparently.

It completely baffles my mind that my nutritionist’s scale does not ever coincide with the one(s) I use, but according to her, not only didn’t I gain: I lost weight.  How on earth is that even possible?!  She claims it’s because I drank two of that evil concoction a day, instead of three.  Right — haven’t you heard, Boost Plus is the newest weight loss supplement?  But I still am not buying more…  I just can’t stomach it!  I don’t mind this as much; at least it doesn’t taste so awful to me.  But three Boost Plus = five and a half of those… ouch.  I guess it’s going to be painful any which way, but I am extremely irritated that I was so miserable and uncomfortable over the last week, and for no good reason.

And you know how I said last week that I was terrified?  (I believe the exact phrase was, “scared shitless.”)  Yep.  The way I feel right now puts last week’s fear to shame.

Moving on!  Tomorrow is “Meet the Friend” Tuesday.  Oy.

And this is just for Chillel!  😀  (Sorry, my hair was being obnoxious today.  Surprise!)

Have a glorious Tuesday.

“We often pretend to fear what we really despise, and more often despise what we really fear.”
~Charles Caleb Colton


13 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. love the earrings. so pretty. and hmmm never tried that cereal. then again, maybe i’ll like it since you don’t like the shredded oats that i love so dearly.

    sometimes it feels good to get that verbal vomit out!

    sorry about the drama with the nutritionist! that sucks.

  2. I’ve tried that hemp milk as well and really wasn’t a fan. It didn’t help that I forgot to shake it so there were little chunks of I don’t know what (…hemp maybe?) floating around in it. Ehh I really wanted to like it, so it was quite a shame.
    I totally can relate to the situation with your nutritionist, as I’ve had the same scenario many a time. Rationally I know not weighing myself beforehand would alleviate the anxiety of their being a discrepancy between our scales, but I just can’t not do it. Aaarrrgh. I feel you 100% and wish I had some wise words as advice. If you find the magic solution, please let me know!


  3. *you can NOT see me…Im ‘studying’..okay?*
    Had to comment on this though.. 🙂
    GORGEOUS earrings.. Totally made me smile..
    Be good to you dear..
    You owe yourself your health and happiness..

  4. Yes, everything hemp-related tends to be really…well, ‘hempy.’ Very distinctive and pronounced flavour which tends to divide people…I’ve tried hemp protein (eew!), chocolate hemp shake (yummy, but only when blended with banana to counteract the aforementioned grassy-ness), hemp pasta (again, eew!) and plain hemp seeds (actually very nice…ironically probably had the mildest flavour of all)…oh, and sprouted hemp bread, which was lovely but contained wheat so I paid for that one. Can’t find hemp milk in the UK though…methinks I’ll stick with my mild rice/coconut milks.

    Scales are strange beasts. The ones at my doctor’s used to weigh me 5lbs or more heavier than the ones at home, then the last time I went they weighed me 3lbs LIGHTER than my home scales. Bizarre.

    I hope you find a solution to the supplement dilemma, but surely taking the ones you can actually stomach, even in lesser quantities would be better than choking down the horrible ones if you can only manage two anyway because they’re so gross?

    Anyway, take care


  5. One experience with hemp milk was enough for me; I couldn’t stand how it overpowers basically every other flavor. Not a fan.

    BUT… I am a fan of you taking care of yourself and that I love seeing that you’re pushing forward despite being “scared shitless”. I know it’s a less than pleasant experience, but wouldn’t it be nice to live without having the prospect of knowing that you have to gain weight looming over your head? It really is quite liberating, hun, so hang in there ❤

  6. take care of yourself girl. you got this, you need to believe in yourself and make yourself do it. if you dont want to “stomach” the supplement drinks, then make your own….try heavy cream/banana/frozen yogurt or ice cream, or even an egg quiche…it’s very easy to get the same calories in liquid form and do it yourself. liberating too- i was proud of myself when i made my own yummy supplement drinks.

    also, your salads are very fibery…may be bulking up your stomach and making the ease of supplement drinks that much harder.

    stick with it youre a trooper!

  7. I’ve been so curious about hemp milk! I just recently started drinking almond milk again, and I love it.

    Sorry about the scale and shake issue. Maybe you could make yourself a tastier smoothie at home to store at work? The consistency might change a bit, but may be worth it.

  8. yea hemp milk is kinda dissapointing imo. almond milk is the way to go.

    i remember having to add so much stevia to my cereal when i used hemp milk.. just to get rid of that weird bitter taste.

  9. Hi hun!!

    How do you bake your tofu??

    Warm Vanilla scent…it’s calling me! :p

    I love your earrings 😀

    p.s: Remember our ‘carrot protein cake’ and ‘protein pancake’ failures??? While, I finally got my recipe right! Just posted about them, but they are baked, not microwaved. How about your pancakes? remember, never give up! :p


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