All Rise

Here’s the challah-making process, illustrated.

ready to rise


post-shape, pre-rise

post-rise, pre-bake




You should have seen my reaction when I looked at the dough after the final rise… I literally jumped for joy!  My dough rose!  It worked for me — I liked it.  The same cannot be said for the rest of the people in this house, but that’s hardly surprising, as my palate rarely coincides with theirs.  However, I do think that these would make good French toast, so the leftovers (two loaves) are going into the freezer for that.

Let the record state that protein powder and whole wheat hot cereal do not a very great combination make. 

Saved by the blackberries.

My co-worker returned to work yesterday after her trip to China.  She brought this for me:

I just smiled and said “Thank you,” because to do otherwise would have been rude, but, um… does anyone have any idea what this is, functionally speaking?!

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a CPR refresher, deemed necessary because of an “incident” that happened in the building.  They chose this time to let me know that I am “on call” this month.  Has anyone else noticed that the month is halfway over already??

Random photo:

Pancakes made with 1/4 cup each pancake mix and cottage cheese, water, Truvia, cinnamon, and one egg white.  My pancake-flipping skills have not improved any in the past few months, and these were really airy, so they were even more difficult to turn.  Ah, well.

An as-yet-untried (well, before yesterday!) Turtle Mountain flavor (strawberry):

It was fine, I guess.  I’m just not much of a fan of strawberry ice cream; I think I’m a vanilla girl.  What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

As lovely as it is to not have to go to work, weekends are a big black hole to me, one that I’ve never managed to really explain.  But.  This (somewhat indirect) quote is most of the reason why I need more texts:

“Keep your eye on the goal — we are aiming to get you to gain weight quickly since the slow way wasn’t working. You need to follow through even when it is hard and scary. Even if you end up gaining X lbs this week you will not have reached your goal weight. Besides, I don’t trust the scale you go on — it always says you gained when mine doesn’t show that. You are allowed to be nervous but you are not allowed to harp on it. You have to work very hard to create positive distractions. You are more than just the amount you weigh — and what you weigh and will weigh is still grossly below healthy. The time has come to resolve this issue by using your own willpower rather than being forced into it by a hospital, which may ultimately happen if you don’t choose to be in charge of your own recovery.”

…And that isn’t even the whole message.  There were six of them, I think.  And as much as I like being able to “disconnect” over Shabbos, sometimes it’s really. damn. hard. not to have any access to “the outside world.”

But on the topic of messages, I got one from my “best friend” from high school, asking, “How are you doing?”  Which, in her-speak, is code for “I want to vent.”  This time, the vent was about her being “unofficially diagnosed” with dysthymia.  Well… welcome to my world.  So, according to her, “We haven’t drifted as far apart as I’d thought.”  The irony in this is that I’ve been that way ever since we’ve known each other, and she’s the one who always told me to “just be happy”!!  Thinking about this makes my head hurt.

What I’d like to accomplish tonight:

  • shower
  • schoolwork
  • put up some sweet potatoes and apples in the dehydrator
  • slice and freeze the leftover challah

What I probably will accomplish:

  • shower

We shall see.  I’m off to make an earnest effort.  😉

Enjoy your Sunday — last day to enter the giveaway.

“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”
~Ogden Nash


12 responses to “All Rise

  1. I love challah bread! yours looks so good!!!
    My 100% favorite ice cream flavor is Coconut! So delicious! With vanilla a very close second 🙂


  2. looks like a good luck charm. i have one of a peanut. =D yay for baking escapades TURNING OUT WONDERFULLY!!! i’m so jealous.
    my favorite ice cream flavor is mocha almond fudge. seriously. i love nuts. coz i’m a nut.

  3. yea strawberry ice cream isnt that great. vanilla def. is way better! ❤

  4. Haha I think its a cell phone charm. A friend from China brought them back for our office mates on a trip. I guess its supposed to hook to the antenna or if there is a place for a string to go through….not really sure. Mine is hanging around a pen in my pen/pencil cup 🙂

  5. i love the title of this post 🙂
    and the shower. as a mom, some days, seriously, that’s the best part of my day and a “big” accomplishment to check off my list! LOL

  6. Impressive baking skills 🙂

    Hmm that looks like a little bag charm or maybe one for your phone depending on size, its pretty anyhow 🙂

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Your Challah bread looks stunning ~ in fact it’s so great that it resembles those photos they take in magzines of food whereby the stuff’s actually made out of plastic or been sprayed with heck knows what to make it look ‘perfect.’ You’re such an amazing baker!

    Erm, I see what you mean about that present…a very small, noiseless wind chime, perhaps 😉

    I think that text is right on the money ~ I didn’t know how to respond to your last post because there was no way at all that you’d have gained what you thought you did (the dietician I saw a while back, way before my blog, told me that it takes a week at least for calories to metabolise and show up as ‘true’ gain or loss…anything else is related to random fluctuations), but I’d have been a total hypocrite for telling you not to worry about it because on the very same day I was crying like a baby over gaining 2lbs this week…and I don’t need to!

    Favourite ice-cream = vanilla soft serve, no contest. Shame there isn’t a vegan version! Ooh, now that I think about it, there was a limited edition coconut ice cream that was around for the summer months YEARS ago and then disappeared, never to be seen again. It was, without question, the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


  8. Your bread looks so fancy! As much as I love baking, bread and yeast still intimidate me… I stick to cookies, cakes, and muffins for now 😉

    Sounds like you’re having some pretty substantial textual conversations there, but it’s some sound advice. Dealing with the anxiety of recovery is a b*tch, but it’s also unavoidable. Do your best to stay strong, hun. Doing it at home is so much better than being forced into a hospital. You’re in my prayers ❤

    When it comes to favorite ice cream flavors, mine is the simple vanilla. If I need a change, I just dress it up with different toppings, as vanilla beautifully complements just about everything.

  9. Everyone should have day once in a while where all they really “accomplish” is a shower.

    Favorite ice cream: Edy’s Tagalong flavor, available only during Girl Scout cookie season every year!!!

    And the points made in that text are dead on! Glad you have such great support.

  10. The challah is so beautiful!

    Is that thing your coworker brought you one of those phone charms?

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