Minus Seventy

There are about seventy hours left to this helliday.  That is, until the technical end.  Then we have to stay up until the wee hours to put the house back together.  And then, while everyone else eats pizza at 2 AM, I am going to sleep, because unlike some people, I have to work the next day.

On the topic of work: I need some advice here.  This co-worker about whom I am always complaining?  He is really pissing me off.  I know it’s not my problem, but when I arrive at 8.00 AM and he doesn’t roll in until after 10.00, and then he just leaves for the day at 1.30 when I’m sticking around until 2.00 … I’m sorry, that just doesn’t seem fair.  I don’t want to be the bitch and tattle; I’m not the type of person who does that.  But I really feel like my blood pressure is going to go through the roof if something doesn’t change.

I cannot wait until all this “Pesach food” is out of my face.  But, until then…

These “pancakes,” quite frankly, are not very good.  (Well, big surprise there, huh?!)  That’s why I’m trying to get rid of them all before Pesach is over!  Vanilla yogurt and banana helped a bit, I guess.

I am aware of the fact that this next picture is of a pile of produce.  I had a vegetable baby after eating it (and yes, I ate it all by myself).  That sucks especially because I didn’t want to do that on purpose — fill up on vegetables to avoid higher-calorie food.  There just isn’t any other food to eat.

Eggplant and yellow squash, grilled on the Foreman.  It was good, but it would have been a lot better had I actually been able to spice it.

Beans and legumes are a no-no on Pesach; hence, no peanut butter.  I decided to try and make my own almond butter, so I shelled twenty almonds, at which point I grew tired of doing that and threw them all in the food processor.  Maybe twenty almonds was not enough, because I wound up with almond meal, not almond butter.  I didn’t want to burn out the motor on the food processor, so I just stopped.  After a couple of days, I decided what to do with it:

Croutons!  During the year, we have these soup croutons — AKA, “mandelen.”  The word mandel means “almond” (which is why mandelbread goes by that name, even though these days it often has no almonds in it).  There aren’t actually any almonds in the soup croutons, but my Pesach version obviously deserves its name!  I mixed the almond meal with one egg white and popped it in the microwave for a minute to firm up.  Then I diced the “omelet” and put the pieces in the broiler to darken / crisp up.  Apparently, I should have left them in there for longer, because they were too soft.  You live, you learn, I guess.

And, of course, what’s a post without some mention of internal conflict?  This time, it was spurred by this:

Times four.  Which is actually about a third of the “recommended serving size,” which doesn’t make any sense to me… but then again, I’m not a chocoholic.  I don’t dislike chocolate, but it’s not something I feel like I need to have; I can take it or leave it.  So I don’t understand why I feel so inexplicably guilty over this.

Dark chocolate is supposedly good for you, right?! … I don’t know, maybe it’s because chocolate in general is associated with decadence or indulgence.  Obviously a big “no-no.”

Still stagnating on this stupid project.  I am sure I will regret this — it won’t get itself done, after all — but even thinking about it makes me want to scream.  Or go to sleep.

Have a lovely Sunday.

“I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
~Winston Churchill
(It is difficult.  But I will refrain from adding commentary here.)


7 responses to “Minus Seventy

  1. sorry about the pancakes. my friend who also celebrates pesach starves the whole day since there is nothing to eat. =(

    vegetable babies! i had a protein bar baby yesterday! LOVELY.

  2. congrats on almost making it through pesach girl!!! almost over :]

  3. Hmmm..you may not want to be a ‘bitch or a tattle’ but seriously what your co-worker is doing is NOT cool dear..
    Honestly..if karma doesn’t take care of this soon i’d discreetly mention
    something to your boss..
    It just isn’t fair..
    peace and love!

  4. Yeah! You’re nearly at the finishing line. You only have to hang in there a little bit longer…think of it as the last few miles of your personal marathon. And no, you won’t hit the wall.

    Aren’t there any time sheets or methods of tracking hours spent in the office? If you have to sign in and out then it should be clear to your boss what your co-worker’s doing…and if they’re lying on timesheets then that’s grounds for dismissal in itself. You wouldn’t be a bitch at all to point that out.

    Again you have voiced my feelings over the whole thesis/project stagnation for each of us ~ even looking at the darn thing first makes me ridiculously angry and frustrated, then after a good few tears and uh…actually screaming, I try again an hour later and just contemplating it makes me feel tired…emotionally wrung out I suppose? And I don’t have a helliday to consider on top of that too. Perhaps when this horrible experience is out of the way your thoughts might be clearer and you’ll be able to focus on it more? You DO have the brains to do this…you’re one of the most intelligent bloggers out there and if you can overcome your self-doubt with this and write something, even if it’s junk to start with, then at least there’s something down on paper. Don’t get a ‘thing’ about this project…try to imagine you’re starting over with something completely new…you’re more than capable of completing this, I know it.

    I have vegetable triplets every day…you’ve seen the size of my veggie/fruit plates and they’re ON TOP OF other, more substantial food too :/



  5. haha well this may make you feel better. my parents got me a huge ghiradelli 100% cacao bar for easter and i ate the entire thing(3.5 servings) last night. these are ginormous chocolate bars… 770 calories hahah easter bunny treated me well 🙂

  6. imaginenamaste

    hey! you made it! i hope that everything ended well for you and that you saw that you could make it through the holiday! have a relaxing rest of your week–you deserve it!

  7. LOL at Winston Churchill’s quote. That seriously made my day. Never thought of pig (pork) that way. Mm, bacon.

    your co-worker sounds like a man-bitch. But by letting it gripe you so much, the only person being negatively affected is you. Try not to stress out so much…or give him some good bitching, and get it over with!

    Chocolate is good for you. The research all says so. So eat up, and enjoy, my dear!

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