Post #300 — Giveaway Winner

In one week exactly, I will be at a seder.  Shoot me now.  But first, before I forget: the reason why the refrigerator / freezer is lined in foil is because it’s the same one that we use all year, with food that isn’t kosher for Passover.  According to some people (i.e., my mom), scouring the inside of said appliance is not good enough.  No, we have to cover it too.  Gah.

And the major kitchen transformation takes place tonight… after which I will feel like I am living in a spaceship.  Having every surface covered in foil will do that to you!

Back to today.

Broccoli, corn, chorizo style Smart Sausage.  I had to cook the broccoli in a pot, and the “sausage” in a skillet… but it was actually better that way, because it got a little crispy.

And spaghetti and “meatballs.”   The picture in the link does not adequately portray this, so I took one of my own:

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, I’m sure you see the problem here.  I do not like condensed calories.  If there are a lot of calories in there, it damn well better look like it.  I do not think this qualifies:

Don’t ask me what this was doing in my freezer.  I’ve tried it before; I know I wasn’t crazy about it.  I’d rather make my own.  But whatever.

When I got home today, horror of horrors: the Internet was down.  And the phones were out, too, which actually doesn’t bother me at all.  But no Internet?! … It’s back now, obviously, but those were a scary few hours.  Or not, since I spent most of that time at the pool.  I guess the bobbing ladies are too busy preparing for the upcoming helliday, because not many of them were there.  That would explain how I managed to do more laps than I usually do and still get into the locker room far earlier than I thought I would — as it turns out, it’s a lot easier to swim in a straight line than in a zig zag!

I can’t even remember the last time I wore my hair in a ponytail.  I never do it, if I can help it.  But today I did, because my hair just doesn’t like this weather, and I already feel fat and ugly — I don’t need uncooperative hair to exacerbate that.  Feeling the way I do is particularly irksome because it is wholly illogical.  Suppose your car ran out of gas; you’d fill it up, no questions asked.  Not that people are exactly the same as cars, but the analogy is close enough.  I do not know why it does not equate in my head that eating apparently isn’t the sort of thing to which I can say, “Mission accomplished; no need to do this anymore.”  And that annoys me most of all, because there is always that urge to “take a test drive” … you know, “just to be sure I can still do it.”

In more exciting news, I checked the price for my vacation this morning, and it had gone down (after previously going up)!  I wanted to book it then and there, but I won’t enter my credit card number on my work computer, so I had to wait.  During the afternoon, it went back up again… and then a few hours later, back down.  At that point, I decided this is really bad for my blood pressure, and that I am going to book it the first chance I get.  So I did.  And guess what? … I got an additional discount because I am a repeat Orbitz customer.  Yay!  I still haven’t sorted out the airport transportation, though.  $116 is pretty steep…

You know what else is pretty steep?!  I picked up my renewal for my thyroid medication today, and the price has nearly doubled!!  I would like to know this: if my insurance rates keep going up, shouldn’t my co-pays go down?!  I am so going to ask my endocrinologist to double the dosage so I can cut them in half.  I would also like to know why that would be the same price.  There is no logic involved here.  None whatsoever.

And have I whined about this yet? … My sister-in-law was under the impression that my parents are paying my grad school tuition.  No wonder all my siblings seem to think I’m rolling in money!!  This really, really irritated me for some reason.

Oh, yeah, you wanted to know about the giveaway winner, didn’t you?!… Sorry, I couldn’t be bothered to take a screen shot of the result, but it’s Amanda! 😀 Let me know where you’d like to have it sent.  Thanks to all who entered!

Have a happy Hump day.

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
~Babe Ruth


10 responses to “Post #300 — Giveaway Winner

  1. Just wondering about your thyroid problem, I was told several years ago that I have an enlarged thyroid and doctors have been steadily watching it since then for any changes. I always thought it had a lot to do with metabolism and possibly how much a person weighs… I wrong? I know you can gain/lose weight on thyroid medication though. Sorry, just curious.

    ❤ Tori

  2. Thanks for the explanation dear!

    Can i just say that i love the ‘tone’ of your
    personality?..You come across as really ‘dead-pan’-like..
    That’s a compliment by the way!
    You’re so genuine.. 🙂


  3. I… won something? Holy smokes! I never win anything. Woo!

    I totally wasn’t aware of the fact that you had to go so far as to cover everything with aluminum foil. I would probably feel like I was living in a spaceship too. But that’s great that you finally got your vacation booked! And at a better price than you thought too 🙂

  4. Thats interesting about the foil, didnt know that.
    Im pleased to hear your vacation is starting to work out 🙂

  5. One of my medications also recently tripled… they decided not to make it generic anymore. Boo hiss.

  6. Yay for the fridge of doom finally being lined 😉

    Wow, I think I will truly stop moaning about the UK healthcare system! That’s so incredibly unfair about your thyroid medication. It’s not as if you can do without it!

    The calorie content of that frozen meal is a little odd…there isn’t a lot of fat in it at all so I’m not sure where it’s coming from for such a small portion size. Mind you, 360 calories isn’t something I’d regard as ‘large’ anyway! But I know what you mean ~ some of the Amy’s meals are the same portion and about 100 calories less. Well done for eating it anyway though…it seems that the majority of it is protein if that helps at all?

    Vacation plans sound fantastic ~ I’m glad you have something to really look forward to again.

    You might be feeling fat and ugly but please believe me when I say you’re as far removed from either as it’s possible to get. I’m not going to start with the ‘beauty comes from within’ mantra because I know that doesn’t help, but on a superficial level you honestly don’t need to radiate beauty from within (although I reckon you do anyway!) because you’re a stunning-looking woman. With exquisite taste in earrings.



  7. Ugh. Nothing like money issues to come between siblings. Money brings up so many problems…

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