In The Freezer

If, for some strange reason, you wanted to find me last night, this is where you would have had to go:

That’s me in the freezer.  No chance of being locked in there, but I am in an enormous sweatshirt because the damn thing was actually running — my mom said that the knob to turn it off was broken.  And here is the end result!

So ridiculous.  And after all that, my dad gave the knob another little turn, and just like that, the freezer was off.  Figures!

I went to bed with a headache last night; I woke up at 3.15 with a volcano about to erupt in there.  Tonight I am being smart and I actually took the ibuprofen before I go to sleep.  What would be really nice, though, is if these headaches would just stop altogether.

Tried the last flavor of soy yogurt… strawberry.

The texture was not very pleasant.  I know that this can happen sometimes with soy-based yogurt / pudding, but I had to stir and stir and stir, and I still couldn’t get rid of all the chunks.  It wasn’t as sickeningly sweet as the blueberry or peach, but still, not something I’d buy again.  I’ll stick with the plain, thanks very much!

Courtesy of my mini-kitchen:

Romaine, rutabaga, chick’n strips, zucchini.  Actually, I cheated here; my regular microwave was still available at that point, so I microwaved the zucchini and rutabaga.  But it is now no longer an option.  And so…

Remember these Dr. Praeger’s burgers?  I had said that I didn’t like that I couldn’t just pop them in the microwave.  Since I was steaming my vegetables in the (meat) microwave, I couldn’t use the (dairy) toaster to heat the burger, so I nuked it.

So much better this way!!  I microwaved it for a minute, turned it over, and then microwaved it for another minute.  That would probably be one minute total with my regular microwave, because the one in the basement kind of sucks.  Apparently, the lighting doesn’t.  How weird.

It is kind of really pouring right now.  I am not someone who is afraid to drive in bad weather, but this was truly insane: I was barely able to see three feet in front of me!  My windshield wipers could hardly keep up.  Just about mirrored my emotions, really; I went to see my nutritionist.  This is especially fun (sarcasm) on a rainy day — my body always resembles that of a puffer fish, no matter what weight I am, because I retain water like crazy.  Even more so in such weather… rain, humidity, all that fun stuff.  And I have this idea that if I gain weight — even if it’s only a quarter of a pound — then I’ve done my duty, I’m through, everything is fine, I don’t have to keep stuffing my face.  Lucky for you, I am not going to expound on this because I want to go to sleep!  Or, actually, it has nothing to do with your luck… you don’t have to read it, after all.  ;p

I suppose I should have mentioned this yesterday — I’m choosing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow evening, so you still have time to enter!

Have a lovely Tuesday.

“The well bred contradict other people.  The wise contradict themselves.”
~Oscar Wilde


6 responses to “In The Freezer

  1. glad you found a nuke method that works for ya!

  2. I must have missed something dear…excuse my stupidity..
    but why does the fridge/freezer have to be lined again?..
    Apologies for my ignorance..Im obviously not as up to date
    on your blog as i like to think i am..

  3. well i certainly hope you gained and are fighting you ED everyday. i wish i had that freezer talk about food storage and supply!

  4. That patty actually looks really good, and I hardly ever say that about anything that isnt beef, ahahah ❤



  5. girl you will get there some day!! i know you will!! 🙂

  6. I laughed so much at that photo of you in the freezer! I hope your nutritionist appointment went OK 🙂

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