Blah Blah Blah… Mini Giveaway

I’m glad you enjoyed the blow-by-blow account of my oh-so-exciting day(s)… I ought to do one for a regular workday.  It would look something like this: “Sat on my ass.  Sat on my ass.  Sat on my ass some more.”  Yep, my life is really that exciting.  Hard to believe, I know.  :p

Part of my attempts to clean out the freezers included this:

That would be a cappuccino chocolate chip muffin.  Which is all fine and good, except that it was my third muffin in as many days.  And then my mom realized that there is no way in hell that we’re going to be able to condense everything into one freezer, and so she called my sister and asked if she could turn on her extra freezer over Pesach.  So I was eating crazy things for no reason.  On the plus side, now that we do have that extra freezer, I can load up on Steamfresh vegetables — which are on sale this week, and with a coupon, they’ll only be fifty cents each.  Which is a big deal, considering that I eat them by the dozen!

Thanks to the NYC Half Marathon, it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get to the pet shop today!  But this is what I got out of the deal…

Three painted tetras — orange, purple, and blue (even though I asked for green).  And my steering wheel.

An ugly pleco.  And the other side of my steering wheel.

A julii cory catfish.

A moderately successful trip, since I actually wanted a bristlenose pleco (they don’t get as big), and more than one albino cory catfish (ditto), but these will do.  Especially if they live.

Remember this kitchen?

You’ve never seen it cleaned off, but imagine it.  It now looks like this:

It would be pretty easy for a single person to live with this kitchen, even sans oven; there’s a toaster oven, and a microwave that you can’t see here (it’s actually on top of the refrigerator).  The problem is that the toaster is dairy, and the microwave is meat.  Keeping a kosher kitchen means keeping all of these separate, which means I’m having a lot of trouble — if I “roast” something in the toaster, I can’t eat it with something I re-heated in the microwave.  And anything I make using either of those appliances can’t go into the containers I usually use for work lunches, because those are pareve (neither meat nor dairy), and I want to keep them that way.  Hence the pot and skillet on the stovetop — my mom never uses that stovetop.  I have no choice!

This is the result of my first foray into the tiny kitchen.  Pardon the truly awful picture — I didn’t realize the macro setting was on.

Kind of hard to see anything, but that’s green beans with mushrooms, rutabaga, and tofu; the latter two were “pan-seared” after being liberally doused with seasoned salt.  It was quite good, actually, but I prefer an oven because it’s more passive and I don’t need to tend to it constantly!  I also used a different type of tofu than my usual choice, and even though I don’t really like dealing with water-packed tofu, I was quite pleased with this one.

Having completed nothing useful today beyond finally filing my FAFSA and TAP, thanks to oh-so-helpful professorial figures, I’m off to “line the refrigerator and freezer.”  Why we need to do this is beyond me, and every year I get roped into doing it because “you’re the only one who fits inside.”  (This is not true — my brother did it when I was IP, and he is at least six inches taller than I am!)  But before I head for the fun that awaits me…

I’m approaching 300 posts, but due to the impending helliday, food giveaways will not be happening.  However, since these earrings seemed to be quite popular, I managed to get another pair for prize purposes!

For an entry, leave a comment telling me … um, something random.  Because I can’t think of any particular question.  😉  Link back for a second chance to win, and don’t forget to let me know about it!

Have a great Monday.

“Always laugh when you can; it is cheap medicine.”
~Lord Byron


23 responses to “Blah Blah Blah… Mini Giveaway

  1. ”…um, something ramdon.”

  2. Haha, did you get the joke???
    ”Leave a comment telling me …un, something random.”

    …Okay, I’ll shut up.

    And I linked you back!

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  4. I am reading a book about reading the dictionary (yes, I am weird)!

  5. those earrings looks lovely!
    hmm….. something random….

    it’s my dog’s birthday this thursday!

  6. I just ate tofu for the first time… was good! Is that random?

    ❤ Tori

  7. beautiful earrings!! uhh random? i love pb! hahaha jk that is not random!

  8. Something random…hmmm, I legally changed my first, middle and last names to names I like after 33 yrs with names I didnt 🙂

  9. Chocolate cappuccino muffins? Oooo I want, I want! I love anything to do with chocolate, and anything to do with coffee. Naturally, I love the two together as well 😉

    I don’t know how you deal with having all those rules in the kitchen! I suppose it’s different because you grew up with them, but I feel like I would forget a whole lot of the stuff. Do you ever make mistakes when it comes to keeping things kosher?

  10. you want random? There’s a kid on a Pogo stick in front of my house. It’s nearly midnight so let’s assume he’s been drinking. This should end well for him.

  11. Awww..those earrings are beautiful..
    Who doesn’t love pearls eh? Faux or otherwise..
    I actually wear pearls to the gym..necklace and studs..
    i kid you not! 🙂

    Umm..please be careful in the freezer..The overactive part
    of my imagination fears that you’ll get trapped inside..
    As much as i’d love for you to ‘last’ forever..I’d much prefer
    you thawed…


  12. greenberrygreen

    oh my…these fishes are pretty cute…want them..maybe that would be a better prize?! ( i like earrings, too..but not as much as these fishes 😀 )

  13. The painted tetras are stunningly beautiful ~ let’s hope all of your new fishies have some staying power this time!

    Planning meals must be like a military operation in that kitchen ~ I’m such a scatterbrain that I would definitely find it difficult to remember which appliance was suitable for what.

    Your freezer situation and Chillel’s comment has made me think of Hansel and Gretel when the witch was pushed into her own oven at the end. Not that I’m equating the two of you! I just meant that the image it conjured in my mind was slightly disturbing for some reason. Poor you having to crawl in there when you’re always so cold anyway ~ it does seem pretty mean that you have to do that!


  14. Something random… hmm… it is too hot on the train. 😉

    I always wonder how races like that affect people trying to get from point A to point B!

  15. I used to have those tetras. I made the mistake of putting my tortoises in the same tank. They kind of ate them.

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  17. I don’t care what I look out when I go out for reasons such a school, but I feel so self concious at the gym (im not talking about my body here – im talking about my face aha)



  18. Hmmm… something random… You’d think this would be easy for me, considering basically everything I say is random!
    For the past two days my ipod has kept freezing for no reason whatsoever. It’s really annoying. I hope this isn’t “the beginning of the end” …. <– There's my link back to you as well!

  19. Pretty earrings! Random = my vet just told me I have to brush my dog’s teeth after every meal…um, wow. Btw, I love your blog; we are kindred spirits in cynicism, and I appreciate the honesty in your posts.

  20. Can i still enter if i dont have a blog? haha, either way my something random is that im also an orthodox jewish girl close-ish to your age in ny, and fighting to recover from an eating disorder…. but i doubt we know each other! (altho we prob have mutual aquaintances) i stumbled across your blog and did a double-take when i saw references to a frum lifestyle.. so now i read your blog all the time hehe

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  22. very cool giveaway! 🙂

    glad i found your blog!


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