By The Hours


3.52 AM: I am awake, but I need a crowbar to pry open my eyes.

4.07 AM: Why am I awake?  I’m going back to sleep.

5.11 AM: Okay, fine, I’m going to take a shower.

5.16 AM: It really isn’t worth it to buy inexpensive shower poufs; they unravel.

5.42 AM: Let’s try these protein pancakes again.

20g protein powder, a little bit more than 3 oz. All Whites, about 1.5 T applesauce, 1/4 t baking powder, pinch cream of tartar, cinnamon.  Microwaved.  Hmmm.

5.58 AM: This would have worked better on a griddle.  The edges are tough.

7.06 AM: Waiting for the girl who opens the gym.  Shocking.

7.24 AM: Finally!

9.22 AM: Call my sister-in-law to report the existence of Heinz reduced sugar ketchup.  Twenty-five minute chat ensues, during which I break out a 20-oz. bottle of diet Snapple iced tea, which I proceed to drip onto my shirt.  Caffeine clearly required.

10.36 AM: Dang.  I really don’t want to eat this snack.

10.49 AM: Eat it.

11.07 AM: How can it possibly not be noon yet?

12.36 PM: Why is it still not quitting time?!

1.57 PM: Co-worker leaves.  I follow.

2.05 PM: Gosh, it’s warm out.  Take off sweatshirt and jacket.  Feel mortified and overexposed.

2.11 PM: Standing in front of Whole Foods’ freezer.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  Need to quit being such a crazy person.  Compromise and go for the lowest-calorie options.  Have a minor anxiety attack anyway.

2.51 PM: There is a crazy woman sitting next to me.  We’re being held momentarily by the train’s dispatcher.  Please be patient.  I can’t be patient; my ice cream is melting!

3.34 PM: Remove marble white chocolate chip muffin from the freezer to defrost.  Freak out.

3.39 PM: Time to try out the new whisk.  Didn’t realize it would be this tiny.

3.40 PM: Someone knocked over my All Whites.  Will have to use a real egg white.  Hope I don’t get food poisoning.

3.46 PM: The KitchenAid mixer would have done a better job of this.  And I wouldn’t have had to stand over it all day.  Oops.

3.58 PM: Banana blackberry oats!  (Blackberries are on sale in Whole Foods… I’ve missed them.)

3.59 PM: Something’s missing.

4.39 PM: Eat the damn muffin.  Freak out a little bit more.

6.49 PM: Light candles.

6.51 PM: Grab PEOPLE magazine in an attempt to ward off the looming anxiety.  Not working.  Pace while reading said magazine.  Still not working.  Beginning to despair.  At some point, get wrapped up in celebrity craziness.  Yay.

8.29 PM: Brother returns.  Odd that he made it home before father; never, ever happens.  Am getting antsy.

8.33 PM: Father home.

8.38 PM: Father makes kiddush.  Bring on the (overabundant) food.

8.47 PM: Father telling a story.  Soup is getting cold.

9.14 PM: Am I really going to eat ice cream now?

9.15 PM: I am.

9.16 PM: That might be a mistake.

9.45 PM: Think I’ve earned the right to a diet Snapple.  Too late for caffeine.  Too bad.

10.35 PM: Married brother pops in for a visit.  Reading on the couch doesn’t always distract me.

11.30 PM: Am tired.  Still feels “too soon” to go to bed.

11.44 PM: I’m tired, dammit!

Shabbos / Saturday

8.59 AM: Refuse to get out of bed right now; nothing particular to do anyway.  Go back to sleep.

9.45 AM: Okay, that didn’t work very well.  Time to feed the fish.

9.51 AM: Lovely.  A dead pleco.  Why does this always seem to happen on Shabbos, when I can’t take it out?

10.01 AM: Inform dad of the casualty.  He wants to know why that keeps happening.  As if I know.

10.02 AM: Go back to bed, consider reading the book on the floor, decide lying around or going back to sleep is more appealing.

12.13 PM: There’s only so long a person can lounge around.  Get dressed.

1.08 PM: Other married brother arrives with some nieces in tow.  Confusing conversation about protein powder, or something that may not be protein powder.  Still unsure.

1.35 PM: Brother arrives home before father, again.  Strange.

1.57 PM: Open front door to revel in gorgeous weather; meet father coming up the stairs.

1.59 PM: Father makes kiddush; yep, eating again.

2.40 PM: Ice cream?  Again??

3.21 PM: Locked up in the kitchen behind closed doors because it is impssible to read on the couch when people are snoring.

5.50 PM: Must have some sort of system broadcasting my thoughts; just have to entertain the idea of eating and everyone congregates in the kitchen.

6.40 PM: Needing to empty out the freezer is not a valid reason for eating ice cream twice in one day.  Can do whatever I feel like doing but it still feels vaguely disgusting.

8.08 PM: Tending to the aquarium.  Fun stuff.  Must go to the pet store tomorrow… no bottom feeders left here.

8.49 PM: Waiting for dad to bring the car back … need to get out.  Before the freezer transfer frenzy ensues.  Save me.

**NOTE: This is obviously not every single thing that happened over the last forty-eight hours!**

“Lost time is never found again.”
~Benjamin Franklin


11 responses to “By The Hours

  1. Haha love this, kind of like I am following you 🙂

  2. So the pancakes are a success? Haha 🙂

  3. hahah ^^^ i was going to say the same thing! no eggyness this time?

    and this was a good post :] very creative, and you are too cute! love ya girlie

  4. this:
    Banana blackberry oats! (Blackberries are on sale in Whole Foods… I’ve missed them.)

    I AM SO Jealzzzzz. BBerrries are still ridic overpriced everywhere here….I adore them, too!

  5. Hehe I love these kind of posts… it’s fun to get a closer look into the daily lives of bloggers 🙂 I’m thinking about doing my own some time soon. Good job on the ice cream, girl. Enjoy it! If I could find one that didn’t have something I was allergic to, I’d be indulging myself as well ❤

  6. The first couple of hours of your Friday look very much like mine…up until the pancakes that is. I really like this post ~ it’s a twist on the usual ‘day in the life’ schedules that have been popping up recently…more of a stream of consciousness style I suppose.

    I adore those star earrings 🙂

    Ice cream in one day isn’t disgusting ~ it’s low-cal stuff anyway and vegan, so it’s more than okay in my book 😉 Seriously, it’s another food, an assemblage of particular molecules and atoms…it’s just the connotations of guilt which society has placed upon the words ‘ice cream’ which makes it ‘wrong’. It’s not as if you downed two pints of Ben and Jerry’s!

    P.S Sorry about the fish again ~ you're certainly more perseverant with them than I would be!

  7. Jeez what a day!
    I salute you for getting through it unscathed

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    fun post to read- but i am sad about all your struggles 😦 and i am sad about the fish!! that bloowws. diet snapple is quite delicious, i must say! and lots of ice cream sounds good to me!


  9. imaginenamaste

    You are on a mission with those pancakes! I think your days sound exhausting–even if not everything is included! I hope your ice cream and food anxieties decrease…I know how hard that is. I love going to Whole Foods–but such a love hate relationship.

  10. I did this once… it’s kind of funny to see your thoughts by time, no?

    That whisk is pretty cool! Looks like an electric toothbrush. I just got a really funny looking one, too…

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