Bit Better

According to metro, this is my horoscope for today: It’s one of those days things aren’t likely to go as you planned. Uhhh… kind of a day late, wouldn’t you say??  Today was definitely a much better day than yesterday.

For starters, there was this unfamiliar blindingly bright thing in the sky.

That alone was an improvement over yesterday, when I haphazardly threw together this salad at a crazy late hour.

Romaine, delicata squash, tofu steak, and zucchini.  Good news: that was the last of the tofu steak.  Bad news: that was my last delicata squash.  And I didn’t even have the luxury of roasting it.  😦

I also tried these “American Fries.”

My first thought upon opening the bag was, Not very generous, are they?! But its appearance is deceptive, because as I was eating it, I kept wondering why it just wouldn’t end.  They tasted similar to these veggie straws, but they were a lot drier.  In a stick-to-your-molars kind of way.  I get annoyed when I’m apprehensive about trying something, and then I do and it’s not amazing.  Oh well!

Finally got my hands on some of this:

Lest you be under the mistaken assumption that I didn’t already have some… I did.  But obviously I need to stockpile because whenever I want something, I can’t find it!  (I’m kidding … partially.  There actually is another reason why I’m buying so many, which has to do with Pesach, but I’m too lazy to explain it right now.)

On my lunch break, I took a little stroll and bought — shocker — a pair of earrings.  Which I am not going to bother showing you because they will appear one day anyway, when I wear them.

And my mom went to the supermarket where I had seen this, so I asked her to pick up a tub for me:

Chocolate protein powder that does not have added sugars.  Finally.

And I went swimming.  I’m almost always the first one in the pool, because the “bobbing ladies” are busy lollygagging.  I stepped in today and had only one word: Yum.  It was 84 degrees (I think it was really more like 82, but whatever), which meant that I didn’t have to thrash about like a crazy person… I actually got to swim leisurely.  What a novelty.  And I apparently re-adjusted my goggles perfectly: they didn’t hurt, and they didn’t leak at all, so I emerged with mascara 100% intact.  I am also a rocket scientist and figured out how to use my new nose plug properly.  In short, it was wonderful, and that is a damn good thing, because I really needed it.

It also reminded me that I have yet another reason to stay away from razor blades… explaining such things is not fun.  Especially since I don’t even have a cat!  Since I’m always covered up except for when I’m in the pool, it’s easy to forget about that.  I never really mention it on my blog, because it’s not exactly an issue for me anymore the way it was in the past; I used to carry my own (clean!) blades with me.  Not to disenchant you about airport security, but I never had a problem carrying blades through, and all I was interested in was self-destruction.  I shudder to think what could happen with people who are set on mass destruction … anyway.  I don’t carry them anymore.  Hopefully it isn’t an instance of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I’m skipping my nutritionist appointment this week.  This makes me kind of nervous — well, not missing it, exactly, but it’s too complicated for me to ramble about it now.  Especially as I had my acupuncture appointment today, and I was poked in the face with a needle that will supposedly help me sleep.  Can’t wait to see if that works!

Can’t forget the earrings of the day, can I? … Even though my computer is being a bitch and I just spent twenty minutes trying to get this picture up.  I actually switched to my older laptop.  Ugh.

Excuse my hair; it would not get out of my way.

Oh, P.S.

$15.99/box.  (I think it’s about a pound per box; there are four or five matzos in each one, if I recall correctly.)

Have a happy Hump day.

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.”
~Edith Wharton
(Eh… yep.)


15 responses to “Bit Better

  1. Glad you had a better day m’dear. The sun does tend to have that effect on us, non? I hope the needle you got in the face (omg?! ouch!) does help you sleep, and that tomorrow is another uncomplicated day 🙂

  2. pretty damn glad that the razor carrying is no longer an issue for you! funny that you got acupuncture today when i just heard that lecture yesterday! yay sunshine and good thing you had a nice swim despite the bobbing ladies

  3. …what the heck is that big glowing thing in the side? I’m with you on this one – I haven’t seen that in quite the while.. haha!
    Ps your hair in that pic looks great! Did you use a curling iron or is that natural?


  4. apparently i way over estimate the cost of matzah! LOL

  5. This is a terrible way to de-lurk..But it had to happen at some point right?..
    I was wondering..You seem to have a similar earring addiction to me..You also seem to wear them EVERYDAY..Do you wear really ‘light’ earrings so as not to stretch the hole?…I worry that i’ll get to 30 and my ears’ll be stretched like an elephants..Which is why i got another set of holes put i alternate…crazy i know..paranoid for sure..
    Love love your blog..
    I promise my comments wont be so random in the future..

  6. I didn’t know that about airport security – I had to very hastily get rid of some blades once when I realised I was about to go through a metal detector! This was about six years ago now. Biggest panic ever. Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing OK at staying away from them at the moment 🙂 they do indeed make swimming difficult. Who needs to feel more self conscious when wearing a bathing suit?!

    I want one of those shiny things in my sky. Humph.

  7. glad today was better. not glad to see a picture of matzo! not ready

  8. Hooray for a good swim in the pool!


    (Our 5 lb box of matzoh arrived yesterday.)

  9. So happy that today was an improvement on the last ~ despite the horoscope (or horror-scope, as I call them) there seem to be quite a few things which went right and it’s great that you highlighted so many positives.

    I hope the accupuncture works!


  10. It really was a beautiful day in NYC today! Makes for a nice change, huh?! 🙂

  11. omg i want that matzah!!!! 🙂

    thanks for the review on those ‘fries’– ive always been curious about them. glad you had a nice swim

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