National Sleep Awareness Week 2010

Apparently, my body didn’t get that particular memo.  It also didn’t get the memo that the average person falls asleep in seven minutes.  For once in my life, I’m above average, but I don’t want to be!  Going to sleep after midnight and waking up at 5.00 AM is not a good combination.

Some things that happened during this seriously interminable day… Nature’s Path Peanut Choco Granola Bars:

It was pretty similar to the Peanut Buddy flavor!  Huge chunks of peanuts, but the taste wasn’t too nutty.  I couldn’t really detect the chocolate, though, beyond its texture.

Romaine, roasted Brussels sprouts, tofu steak, roasted kabocha.  Clearly, I set off my smoke alarm.  What’s life without some of that?  But unlike my last subpar kabocha, this one was perfectly “dry” and flaky, just the way I like it.  I didn’t like that I had to peel it, but I get a little freaked out sometimes about eating the skin of non-organic vegetables, especially if they’re grown in Mexico!

Moophrey burger (with steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, and bulgur with garlic salt) … the flavor of this is fine, but the texture is just so strange!  It’s kind of … stringy.  I just can’t get used to it.  But I probably will buy it again at some point since I don’t really have much of a variety to choose from…

Verbal vomit!  Not too much of it, since I feel like I’m regurgitating (no pun intended!) the same words over and over again.  But I am practically making myself dizzy from spinning in these circles.  I saw my nutritionist tonight.  Most of the time, when I leave after my appointment I’m sure I’ll be 100% compliant, but that almost never ends up happening.  I don’t know where all that will goes, but I am apparently incapable of doing anything that is supposedly for my own good.  Because I am, evidently, nothing but a big fat wuss.  Since we’re such forward-thinking people, my nutritionist informed me that I need to be at X weight before she goes away for the summer, “And you’re not even close.”  I have no idea where I am according to her, but her definition of “close” tends to vary depending upon whether we’re going up or down, so I don’t know what to make of this.  It didn’t help that it came after a total “fat day.”  They seem to happen far too often.

As an aside, I make no secret of how desperately my mental health depends on my moving out.  Yeah, most people in my community live at home until they get married.  But most people actually get married.  There is a greater chance of finding ice cubes in hell than there is the possibility that any half-sane person will ever want to marry me, so that would effectively have me living with my parents forever.  Which is not going to happen, since I refuse to allow it.  My sister told me today that if I move out, it will “kill” my mom.  Since when do I need to sacrifice my sanity to cure her empty nest syndrome?!

Just a couple of bits of “business” …

First, is anyone else having weird problems uploading pictures to WordPress?  Sometimes when I first upload it, all I see is a red X, but if I click to insert it into the post, the picture shows up.  Strange.

Second, I really want to try Kashi’s Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat cereal.  I’ve had no success in locating a box with a kosher symbol on it.  It would be this one, near the net weight at the bottom of the box:

Anyway, I’ve e-mailed Kashi about this several times.  I understand that it takes time for the new boxes to hit store shelves, but for heaven’s sake, this has been going on for months now!  If you happen to have a box of this cereal lying around, would you mind checking whether it has the symbol on it?  And if it does — where on earth did you find it?!

Have a lovely Tuesday; here’s to hoping it doesn’t crawl by like Monday did.

“To know all is not to forgive all.  It is to despise everybody.”
~Quentin Crisp
(I thought I’d end on a nice cheerful note!)


18 responses to “National Sleep Awareness Week 2010

  1. i’ll look for the cereal for you!

    and dude, i htink i’m going to be stuck at home FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE because no one will marry me! AUGH!

    today was an epic “tear your hair out” kinda day.

  2. SERIOUSLY? The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes?!
    mines more like 45 minutes.. yikes.. 😐


  3. aw cmon, you will make some man relaly happy some day, i know it! and he will be more than half sane ;). weird that it’s sleep awareness week, in my clinical psych class we’re doing a unit on sleep!

  4. im asleep the moment i hit the pillow. i run n gun for 18-19 hrs, sleep for 5. Repeat. When i hit pillow, im out.
    And girl i moved out when i was 16..needless to say the folks and i arent and weren’t real “close”. nuff said. 🙂

  5. Come on, be nice to yourself! I am sure you will find a good partner! From what I read here, you sound like a wonder, conscientious person.

    When my therapist was telling me stuff I needed to work on (a bit different, I know) it all seemed so clear when I was there, but I had a hard time remembering it when I left. I am very self-destructive as well. Each day is a fight!

  6. we’re v. relaxed kosher here! Lots of kosher cereals, no kosher symbols!

  7. Haha! I feel like no one will ever want to marry me either. Actually someone would have to like me in the first place before marrying me. I know I’m still young, but I can’t wait to move out of my mom’s house. A lot of people my age have moved out and I still feel like such a kid. 😦

  8. I feel the same way as you… because of all the social isolation I experience as a result of my ED, I feel like I’m never going to get “out there” to meet someone. But don’t write yourself off like that! Life can change in an instant; we never know what the future will bring. Just have faith 🙂

  9. great post…as far as moving out – yeah – you have to do for YOU and your life hun…don’t live for others’ happiness ;)…and I picked up those NP bars the other day – but in the MAple flavor yum 😉

  10. 7 minutes?!! Gah, it takes me at least an hour, usually more. Funnily enough I slept so well at the start of recovery, I think my body needed the rest, and when I started turning into my usual insomniac self I got worried that I was doing something wrong. But no, I just don’t need all that much sleep apparently. I still function and my mood isn’t affected so it must be OK.

    I hear you on the moving out thing. I hope you manage to escape soon 😉 it’s mostly money that’s holding me back right now, but I have plans…

  11. L, you will make a wonderful spouse for someone some day. We haven’t even met in person, but I know you have a lovely personality that someone else will find incredibly charming, too. Not that you need me to tell you this, but it can’t hurt.

  12. Blimey, I’m lucky if I get to sleep in 7 hours! But I don’t really need it anyway, so it’s not so bad unless the insomnia continues for months on end. It must be awful to really require a decent amount of sleep but be unable to get any shut-eye 😦

    Mmm, that granola bar looks lovely. And you have me craving Kabocha again now. If only I could find one to end my green-skinned squash hiatus.

    I can understand the desire to move out ~ I feel the same way but am constrained not by marital woes but by the inadequacies of my ridiculous excuse for a brain: wouldn’t inflict myself on anyone else but couldn’t cope alone. I don’t think there’s no hope for you at all! You just don’t realise all of the positive qualities which you have and, trite though it is, no-one can love you until you love yourself because your lack of confidence is the only thing holding you back. You’re beautiful (yes, you ARE!), smart and have the most wicked sense of humour of anyone I have ever ‘met’. You’d make a brilliant wife, if that’s what you want.


  13. it takes me AGES to fall asleep as well! ugh. so frustrating! its probably stress though. drink some tea before bed and read a nice book :] maybe that will help?

    you are AMAZING girlie and someone is definitely going to marry you :] maybe moving out will help with that situation too! and i agree, i sometimes feel guilty about leaving my mom alone when i go off to college but its not our responsibility to make our PARENTS feel better you know?

    keep fighting darling ❤ totally with you with that nutritionist thing too

  14. WordPress is doing the same thing to me…grrr. It takes me a lot of time to upload these pics, and there’s nothing more frustrating when the the pic doesn’t even shows up!

    That salad looks yummy though! I need to try tofu in a salad. Do you eat it raw or grilled?

    Thanks for the pb bar review…I wonder how I’ll feel about a chocolate pb bar that doesn’t taste chocolate.


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