The weekend can’t be over.  I refuse to acknowledge that it is!  A mini-recap…

Protein pancakes… yes, again.

I beat about 3 oz. of All Whites with a pinch of salt until frothy, then added 20g of whey protein powder, a packet of Truvia, and a mountain of cinnamon.  I added a couple of tiny pinches of xanthan gum, but oddly, it didn’t thicken the batter at all!  It was still pretty runny, so I had to use my small round skillet.  Using less All Whites definitely helped mask the “eggy” flavor, but I guess leaving out the baking soda / powder wasn’t a good idea, because they were pretty thin.  Keep trying!

Since today was National Cereal Day, I had to celebrate it!

Strawberry yogurt with Fiber One, Quaker puffed wheat, and Kashi Go Lean.  You don’t even want to know how old the latter two are, trust me.  I remember finding the Go Lean absolutely tasteless a few years back, but oddly, I don’t seem to mind it now.  The negative associations I have with it bother me more.

A salad that was so enormous, I practically could not finish it.  What?!  Me, have trouble eating vegetables?!  Preposterous.

Romaine, broccoli, baby carrots, water chestnuts, tofu steak.

I attempted to work on a project for school, but it was an exercise in frustration… it’s kind of hard to complete an assignment when all of our class time is spent on useless guest speakers instead of actually reviewing what it is that is expected of us!  I semi-cleaned my room instead, all while freaking out over my project that isn’t being done.  I love weekends, but they make me feel so … useless.

My spring break is next week, and I still don’t know when / if / where I’m going.  I find this mildly amusing, since I am so not a last-minute person.  I need to arrive at a conclusion, and soon.  (Coincidentally, next week is also the beginning of the Hebrew month of Nissan. Pesach begins on the fourteenth day of Nissan. The preceding craziness began a long time ago, in this house at least. Morgan, if I go into detail, I promise you’ll feel better! 😉  For the record, it is my least favorite holiday of all time.)

In an attempt to “relax,” I decided to watch the Oscars.  Whoops.  Cablevision and ABC won’t allow me to do that.  Well, fine, then.  I did this instead.

And I have a headache.  I would go to sleep, but, well, my hair is wet.  (Is it just me, or does it seem like my hair is always wet?!)  So that’s my oh-so-exciting life for today.

Have a glorious start to your week!

“Intelligent people know of what they speak; fools speak of what they know.”
~Pirke Avot 3:18 (Ethics of The Fathers)


15 responses to “Useless

  1. imaginenamaste

    National Cereal Day! Love it!

    I hope you have a good rest of your Sunday night and Monday 🙂

    PS Your new picture at top is lovely! I love your eyes! I just manage to poke myself a lot when I try to do that!

  2. Don’t feel bad, I can’t watch the Oscar’s either 😦 Had no idea that it was National Cereal Day….Oh well, I could celebrate tomorrow I guess! Haha

  3. I had no idea it was national cereal day!! Where have I been?! I looove Kashi cereals, each and every one 🙂
    Those protein pancakes look great! I need to try them. I’ve just now gotten on the protein powder bandwagon.
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. National Cereal Day!!! No way! I have like 7 boxes to choose from – so I guess I’m covered ;)…great post and blog :)…and my hair is always wet when I go to bed – I’m too lazy to dry it…problem is that is looks horribly flat and boring the next day…oye.

  5. How do I always end up missing these national days? Aside from oatmeal, today is actually the first day in a while I didn’t have any cereal. Fail! I really don’t like Kashi GoLean… something about the texture of it throws me off I think.

    I tried watching the Oscar’s but I instantly got bored and my attention started to wander. I fail at watching TV in general though… maybe ADD?

    Hope your headache goes away soon, hun.

  6. Again, let me harp…go to DC! Visit the Library of Congress! Walk beside the early cherry blossom trees! Go to the Smithsonians (they’re free)!

  7. whoa your spring break is so soon! hope your head feels better!

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i am watching hte oscars too 🙂 and i didn’t know it was national cereal day- oops! haha. feel better hun


  9. National Day…you and Janetha are always up on this stuff! Sorry bout the random commenting glithces today but i think we’re all good now. Thx for your info and help sweets 🙂

  10. Hehe I missed National Cereal Day, I ate pancakes for breakfast 😛 but I suppose it wasn’t International Cereal Day anyway so it doesn’t matter! I think there must be a ‘day’ for pretty much everything. I hope your Monday is going well 😉

  11. Don’t worry. My carrot protein cake was a disaster too. 😦

  12. haha youll get the hang of the pancakes…maybe add some pumpkin to the batter and it will fluff them up without the xthan gum, baking powder and such. wouldnt need truvia either…just a thought!

    love the quote at the end!

  13. you will get those pancakes right eventually darling!! :] ugh, pesach is a frustrating holiday for me. i’m so torn between having gross carbs that taste bad that are kosher and not keeping kosher for passover =/ ed gets very angry. hopefully it wont be so bad this year though!
    and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog ❤ love you!

  14. Weekends might make you *feel* useless but trust me, you’re far from it. I get frustrated when our assignment briefs aren’t clarified properly too, and it’s no reflection of your acadamic ability. How on Earth are we supposed to engage with complex critical theory when the assessment criteria are sketchy enough that they require deciphering before we can even start?

    I admire your pancake perseverance (thought I’d alliterate for you there) ~ I’m sure you’ll get there eventually!


  15. I must be the only person who just found out yesterday was national cereal day… but I had it yesterday anyway! Not my usual ‘fast, so I must have known 😉

    I do hope you get to do something nice for yourself over vacation.

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