PB Campaign!

Today it occurred to me that it sounds like a very good idea for me to go away for a couple of days over spring break.  I probably won’t, but it was just a random enticing thought.  Such notions are made even more tempting on days like today, when I woke up at 4.36 for no reason at all.  Hmmm.

I’ve complained about my co-worker before (the one who can’t speak English) … anyway, I think I’ve mentioned that she’s going “home” for a month and is passing a portion of her work on to me.  Frankly, it’s not rocket science.  She told me once what to do.  I get it.  It’s not that difficult.  And she is being a total micro-manager about it.  She isn’t leaving for another week, and I’m positive that she’ll be asking me several times a day whether I did this / that / the other.  It is driving me insane.  How do you handle micro-managers like that?!

To assist in my “Finish the Peanut Butter Campaign,” I added some Smucker’s Natural to chocolate Cheerios

It actually made for quite a lovely combination.   The lighting is horrible — I promise I don’t drink blue almond milk!  😉

And, flagrantly flaunting my rule (okay, anorexia’s rule) not to eat the same thing twice in one day, I repeated the “frosted” muffin topper, but this time with peanut butter instead of Barney butter.

I think I preferred the almond butter.  Probably because it was smooth!

Remember the article I shared in this post?  Well.  Observe:

Looks perfectly innocuous, right?  But turn it over…

August 9, 2009!!  I bought this two weeks ago!  Naturally, I ate it anyway.  It tasted fine.  I think that the slightly different flavor was completely in my head, and if I hadn’t known that it was “expired,” it would have tasted exactly the same as it always does.  Which is nice and cinnamon-y.  😉

I’ve been lax in alliterating recently, haven’t I?  😉

Roasted rutbaga rounds!  Well, really most of them were half-circles because it’s easier to cut that way, but I won’t tell if you won’t tell.   I tossed the rutabaga with seasoned salt — way too much seasoned salt!  And if I’m saying something has too much salt, trust me, it does.  With broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts tossed with garlic salt; and tofu steak.  I wasn’t crazy about this flavor, but maybe that’s because I would have liked it crispier and should have left it in the oven a bit longer.

We had a cleaning woman here today; we don’t usually have one but before Pesach we do.  She cleaned the bathroom.  I hate it when we have someone else clean the bathroom; she will inevitably re-arrange everything in size order, and that is annoying because previously it was arranged in a practical manner.  As in, I use this more frequently so I will put it in the front.  Oh, well.  At least the bathroom is clean, I guess?

I had to read two really long articles this week, and I just didn’t feel like it.  I started to read the first one, and then I checked to see what this week’s discussion topic is.  After reading that, I decided that I wasn’t going to read the articles after all.  I gave my opinion on an issue without reading the articles.  That takes either talent or stupidity, I’m not quite sure which!

Thankfully, I didn’t enter my therapy session today in hysterics, because I would have felt extremely silly if I had done that!  I showed my therapist the letter from the insurance company, and she told me not to worry about it because she was “taking care of it.”  You know me — I wouldn’t settle for that and had to know what that means!  Apparently, my insurance company is merging with another one, and my therapist is planning to join their provider network, so I’ll still be covered.  I don’t see the difference from her end, but whatever, at least I don’t have to worry about this now.  That’s one huge load off my shoulders.

Have a great weekend! 

Because apparently there is no such thing as too many nut butters: Katie is having a Maranatha giveaway!

“Today I saw a red and yellow sunset and thought how insignificant I am!  Of course, I thought that yesterday too, and it rained.”
~Woody Allen

P.S. Last chances to enter my giveaway… I’m choosing the winner on Saturday night!


16 responses to “PB Campaign!

  1. YAY! so glad the insurance situation is being handled. i knew it would work out. hmm, you could use a little break, maybe a few days away would do some good. wow you’re brave to dive in to those snack things that expired…actually i’d prob do the same but when it comes to stuff like lara bars, things with fresh fruit in them, i avoid pushing the limit!

  2. YAY thats awesome girl!! hahah i always eat over the exp date! its bad!

  3. yay for things looking up (insurance wise.)

    HAHHA WE were meant to be friends coz we are so violent.

    YUP You are such a GENIOUS.

  4. hi pookie!
    the Roasted rutbaga rounds look awesome and thanks for the cliffs notes on them today! super appreciated! need to get on those, pronto 🙂

  5. That’s definitely my favourite quote yet.

    That’s brilliant about your insurance ~ I really hope that your therapist is true to her word and treats you with the respect and care that you deserve.

    Your PB campaign really makes me smile because if I were to do one it would be completely inverted…as in attempt not to eat two jars of the stuff a week 😉 I love the look of that PB icing, but no matter how hard I try I just don’t get the combination of PB and cold cereal…there’s something about ‘milk,’ no matter what the variety, and peanut butter together that doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I’m sure your opinions were well expressed even if you didn’t read the articles ~ often using highly academic language is enough to compensate for lack of content anyway…trust me, I’ve been bluffing my way through degrees for years 😛

    Well done for breaking out of your comfort zone with the eats!


  6. Great to see that everything worked out with the insurance thing 🙂 I’m sure that’s a big load off your shoulders, which is always nice.

    I have the same stupid rule about not eating the same thing twice in one day. Crazy.annoying. I’m glad you were able to break that rule though; I need to start doing the same thing.

  7. What kind of muffin toppers do you use??

  8. We used to have a cleaner come in sometimes and I would always go around after her and rearrange things 😛

    I am intrigued as to how peanut butter works with cold cereal. Whenever I try putting it on something with cold not-milk it just stays stuck together and I end up having to eat it all at once at the end! It’s very annoying. Bad nut butter.

    I’m really glad your therapy situation has been sorted out 🙂

  9. I LOVE RUTABAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have ate things numerous times that I’ve found out they were past the exp. date. I guess if it tastes okay it must be 🙂 Are the muffin toppers like Vitatops?

  11. Yay, thats great news about your insurance 🙂 Im sure its a big weight off your mind.

    Ah well an exp date of aug isnt to bad, for those sorts of foods I dont think exp matters to much, like for cereal and stuff I usually dont pay much attention to it.

    I hate when people re arrange stuff as well, its like I have the things placed there because I like them there! hehe 🙂

    Have a great weekend yourself, xox

  12. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    im so glad the therapist stuff worked out!! that is awesomee.
    and how annoying about the expiration date- ugh! haha oh well at least it tasted fine
    and i agree w/ the rearrangement of stuff- soo so annoying
    chocolate cheerios + pb soundds amzing



  13. I never really pay attention to expiry date…if it looks fine, I’ll eat it. If it gives me food poison, I’ll just sue and get my money’s worth. 😉

    yo, you SHOULD go somewhere for spring break! Go to DC! Check out the cherry blossoms!

  14. YES! So glad insurance is doing their job.

    Enjoy your weekend! Watch out for those sneaky expiration dates 😉

  15. glad they’re doing their job!
    but wait wait, 4.36 as in.. in the morning, or after noon? 😛


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