Mind Numbing

I have just come from what was, quite possibly, the most mind-numbingly boring class in the history of all mankind.  We had a “guest speaker,” who is a native of some other country, so his accent wasn’t so easy to understand.  On top of that, he had a lisp, which is not his fault, but it made it even harder to comprehend what he was saying.  Which was basically his thesis and a paper he had written about some obscure and boring topic.  If there were a hundred students in the class, I would have just gone to sleep, but there are only nine of us and so that would have been too rude even for me to do.  And after all that, my professor still hasn’t issued further direction about our final project.  Ladeda.

Today was a dreary, rainy day.  But I got to use my purple umbrella.

I am a big believer in brightly-colored umbrellas.  Something has to add some life to a “blah” world!

A Mr. J story for you… illustrated by the hoodie I wore today:

Like I said, this is pretty much my winter “uniform.”  I have a somewhat vast collection of sweatshirts, and most of them are from Aeropostale.  Aeropostale sweatshirts very often have “1987” on them.  As I have been wearing various Aero sweatshirts every winter (and summer, because it is frigid in the office — like today, because my crazy co-worker asked the have the air conditioning turned on, when it is 37 degrees outside!) since I’ve been working at my current job, you’d think this question would have come up sooner.  But this is the conversation that ensued today:

Mr. J: 1987… is that the year you graduated? … Wait, no, that’s the year I graduated.  Is it the year you were born?
Me: … No, I was born before 1987.
Mr. J: So what is it??  Just a random number?
Me: Uhh … it’s the year Aeropostale was established.
Mr. J: The year what?
Me: Aeropostale.
Mr. J: What is that?
Me: The store where I bought this sweatshirt. (!!)

See what an exciting life I lead?!

Romaine, beets, roasted tofu, roasted rutabaga.  We are in desperate need of new jelly roll pans, but my mom refuses to acknowledge that fact.  Here’s the proof: when they’re in the oven, the heat makes them “warp.”  One of the squares of tofu jumped out of the warped pan and onto the oven floor, where it started to burn, setting off the smoke alarm.  The rutabaga wasn’t done yet, so I didn’t want to turn the oven off… I took our biggest, longest knife and stuck it through the slats in the oven grates to spare the errant piece of tofu.  See?!  We need new pans!

My take on my new peanut butter

I’ve been using Polaner sugar-free jam, because I like that brand; and after I finished my jar of Skippy Natural, I started making my PBJ mini pitas with PB&Co. Old Fashioned Crunchy. This time, I used the Smucker’s Natural and the Hero preserves that appeared from out of nowhere.  I don’t know if it tasted so different because of the preserves or the peanut butter!  But the Smucker’s is definitely much chunkier than the PB&Co.  Too bad I prefer smooth peanut butter, huh?  😉

It’s actually making me a bit nervous having so much peanut butter around.  It’s not like I think I’m going to polish them all off at once — I have a bit of a dubious history with peanut butter.  I must have liked it at one point when I was a kid, because I remember eating it… but then somewhere along the line, my “best friend” declared that she hated peanut butter, and for some reason, to the highly impressionable me, it felt “wrong” not to hate it too.  I didn’t eat it for years, until I was IP.  I still don’t know whether I did / do like it, but I can’t eat too much of it without feeling like gagging.  It’s fine in small amounts, but beyond that?  Not so much.  I’ll just have to manage to find some more novel ways of using it, is all.

I thought this might interest some of you… my mom sent me an e-mail linking to this video about Whole Foods’ “organic” products.

Having not completed much schoolwork beyond attending class today, I am going to diffuse my hair because I want to go to sleep.  I am seeing my therapist tomorrow, and I am quite anxious to resolve this insurance situation, whichever way it goes.  I am feeling that there is no way I am switching; if I won’t be able to stick with my current therapist, I am officially giving up.  But we shall see.

Enjoy your Thursday.

“Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy.”
~Mark Twain
(I really do like this guy)

P.S. Reminder … giveaway!  Two more days to enter.


13 responses to “Mind Numbing

  1. no way, you will NOT give up, no matter how this stupid insurance thing pans out. haha i’ve had that 1987 convo with people too, i love aero! mmm roasted tofu! love your umbrella, i have a fun one too. sorry about the prof, ick!

  2. I really need to get myself a purple umbrella! It’s my favorite color and I always get envious of people with purple umbrellas, but I’m too lazy to go get one!

    Skippy Natural is still the best pb i’ve come across, and I live right near PB&Co. too!

  3. don’t give up! everything will work out!

    wwhat a cute umbrella! too bad umbrellas are only around for like 3 weeks of the year here!
    peanut butter. mm. tasty.

  4. imaginenamaste

    Do NOT give up with your insurance! Fight the power 🙂

    I have a Gap sweatshirt with 1969 or 1968 or something like that on it (it even says Gap). People are like, why do you have that year–me, when Gap was established, its just a comfy shirt. Never ends!

    Oh people!

    PS I love your umbrella!

  5. roasted rutabaga-i have never had it!
    your sweatshirt is cute and i have A & Fitch clothes from h.s. I am 33 so you know how long a good hoodie can last if you’re careful 🙂

  6. Umbrellas make rainy days much better 😉 I have one which I decorated myself, I get quite excited when I have the chance to use it! I lead such an exciting life..

    No giving up allowed ❤ I hope therapy goes ok

  7. I have a Happy Bunny umbrella but I have to be careful where I bring it cause Its not exactly G-rated Haha!

  8. I completely agree that umbrellas need to be funky to brighten the rainy days; mine is a cat, complete with tail and ears ❤

    I hope things work out alright with your insurance, hun… especially if you're finding therapy beneficial.

  9. Yeah- Ed made me all weird around PB too but ever since I broke that barrier about a week ago (victory!) I’ve been feeling easier around it and incorporating it into lots of things. Your love will return with time. 😉 Oh and my work thinks it’s okay to keep our store at -25 degrees too! I walk around all shriveled and trembling (we have a dress code so I can’t put more stuff on!) it’s so not fair! 😐 And I love your purple umbrella! Purple is one of my very favorite colors. Thanks for all the lovely and encouraging comments on my last few posts hun!!!! XOX

  10. ah i hate boring speakers like that!!! so annoying. and that is funny about your sweatshirt LOL. im going to check out that video after i post this comment =]

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