Ups & Downs

Big, exciting news!  This morning, the gym opened early.  And that’s not even the exciting part.  The exciting part is that I was able to do twenty minutes on the elliptical — mostly pain-free.  Words cannot even begin to describe how euphoric I am about this.  And I was even able to run across the street to make the light, also without waddling like a penguin!

I’m kind of on a roll lately with finding “steals” … I got a five-count box of these granola bars for $1.29.

Good thing I didn’t hate them!  They were a tiny bit too sweet for me, but nothing overpowering.

Even though I could see the flax seeds, I couldn’t actually discern them in the flavor or texture when eating it, which is good to me because I hate seeds.

Salad before…

Romaine, beets, alfalfa sprouts, and a mesquite lime Primal Strip.


Mixed with sauteed eggplant.  Can we try to keep the remarks about its revolting appearance down to a minimum?  Thanks.

The Fall 2010 class schedule was released.  I have a dilemma.  I have four classes left before I graduate; at the rate I’m going, I am set to graduate after Spring 2011.  That’s two classes per semester.  Problem: there is nothing for me to really take!  Either they’re cores which I’ve already taken, or they’re classes geared toward a specialty not my own.  And another thing: I tentatively worked out the only possibilities, and that would have me taking Wednesday classes.  If I do that, I’d have to miss three weeks due to holidays again.  And after all of those calculations, I realized that I only had 1/3 pages of the schedule printed out.  Once I got the entire thing, the problem shrank … but only slightly.  I am still having trouble cobbling together something that actually makes sense.

My other alternative is to take summer classes.  If I take two classes in Summer I and two classes in Summer II, I will be able to graduate at the end of July (2010).  But I might also not be alive to see it, because it would mean going to class until 9.30 every night of the week, after working all day; that leaves no time to study.  At all.  Then again, once I graduate, moving out is a much greater possibility.  But like I said… I would have to be alive to do that.  It seems kind of stupid to kill myself like this over a year, doesn’t it?

Oh, and I am completely and utterly f***ed.  I received a letter today from my insurance company; as of April 1, my therapist will no longer be in their network of providers.  I have no idea why she hasn’t mentioned this to me, but there is no way I can afford her fee 100% out-of-pocket.  I am not about to start over again with someone else, because then I’ve just wasted the past couple of years since it takes so long for me to open up to someone.  In short, I am screwed.  I know what I need to do.  But I also know that I can’t do it on my own.  It’s kind of pathetic that I have to pay for support, but that’s life, and it sucks sometimes.  I saw my nutritionist tonight and I mentioned this to her, and it seems like she knew about this.  What I’d like to know is why didn’t I?!

And in totally random news unrelated to anything, the skin I had on my phone tore.

So I got a new case.

One of my favorite shades of blue!

I know, I know, this post is already long, but I want to do this before it slips my mind… Cammy passed this award on to me.

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you
4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one truth.
5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might also have fun telling outrageous lies.
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you tagged them.
Thank you, Cammy!  🙂  So, here are my lies / truth … none of them are really that outrageous, but I’m not exactly highly imaginative.
  1. I am a natural blonde
  2. I weighed eleven pounds at birth
  3. I’ve never taken the SAT
  4. I can’t walk in high heels
  5. I am allergic to tomatoes
  6. I was kicked out of preschool
  7. I’ve caught a home run ball at Yankee Stadium

Pick the truth!  😉

I nominate:
  1. Tra
  2. Jessica
  3. Katie
  4. Rachael
  5. Morgan
  6. Katie
  7. Katya

I’ll shut up now.  Have a lovely Tuesday!

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
~Hans Selye

P.S. Don’t forget my giveaway!


16 responses to “Ups & Downs

  1. The truth is #4! Yes? Well it’s the truth for me! 😉

    Aiii, I’m sorry, girl! Sounds like you’re going through some stressful dilemmas…the thing about the therapist sucks…but does it really help? do you really need one?

    As for the school thing…why not just take a “fun” class for once? Something that is unrelated to your field, but which will peak your interest, and maybe put you in a more creative and passionate mood…

    Best of luck, my dear!

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    that bar looks so good!

    and about therapy- i really really hope you can figure it out bc i think it is so important. I know you’ll figure out school too- have u talked to a counselor about it?


  3. #6? lol. omg that really sucks about insurance!! gah!! i hope she’ll work at a reduced rate or pro bono or maybe set up a single case agreement with the insurance company, i know a lot of people have had success with that. that granola bar looks good!

  4. so sorry bout your insurance. dont even get me started on how eff’ed up health care is, and our personal situation is outta control based on some pre-existing conditions. it’s beyond sick what we pay to have coverage.

    your truth. ill go with #6 you rebel you !

  5. gah! I just nominated you for the same thing this morning! I’m hoping #7 is true 🙂

  6. Well I weighed 9 lbs. when I was born so Im going with #2? Sorry to hear about the insurance delima. Im waiting right now to see if insurance will pay for my therapy.

  7. imaginenamaste

    Kicked out of preschool….rebel! I just never got my “well-behaved” stickers in preschool or kindergarten for my chart!

    The class schedule things must be universal! I only have one class left and its not offered until Fall 2011! No idea what I am supposed to do next semester. Haha, right now…registered for a few independent studies!

    I hope you can get things worked out with your therapist…maybe she is trying to talk to them to extend her contract with them short-term!

    I hope that it all works out 🙂

  8. Hooray for a pain-free workout!!!

    Re: school- I’d want to get it out of the way if possible, but 9:30 classes are already making me tired! You’ll figure something out.

    SUCKS about your therapist and insurance. My regular doctor switched on me a little while ago, too. Maybe you and your therapist can work out some kind of deal? Sometimes it happens..

    Congratulations on the award, and hanks so much for passing it along to me! Let’s see… you can’t walk in high heels?

  9. that’s great about your buys! haha i love when i find them too! i dont have any advice about the therapist, just sending you hopeful good wishes! you may want to check into the summer classes it may be worth it. coming from a person who didnt do what you could right now, if i could go back and do it again i would have gotten college over with. you could always use your gym time for studying!!

  10. I’m going for truth number 6, because I like to think of you as a little rebel 😉 And thanks so much for tagging me with the award!

    I meant to comment yesterday but ended up with the beginnings of a migraine so couldn’t look at the darn laptop screen. I have to ask: what was that green dish which you suffered so much guilt over? I only wondered because it looks pretty healthy to me, and I am sure that you are overestimating the amount you actually ate of it. Also, the girl in that picture provides conclusive evidence that you are about as far away from gluttony as it’s possible to get. You want gluttony: try eating ten bars of chocolate in a day as I recently did!

    So sorry about your therapist 😦 It’s disgraceful how the insurance system precludes you from treatment, although in the UK it’s not much better if you want a private therapist. I think you underestimate yourself though: I know you *can* find the strength to do this yourself…please don’t despair because we all have faith in you, even if you don’t.

    If it was me then I’d wait out the extra year when it comes to school: you don’t need to put any more pressure on yourself than you’re already under, and I think you’d have more chance of succeeding (to the level you want I mean: you’re more than bright enough to succeed anyway!) without being subjected to ridiculous levels of stress.

    Hurrah for a pain free workout ~ I’m so happy for you 🙂


  11. hey i get to do this! yay! thanks!

    dude, my salads look so much like yours! hahah!

    and YAY FOR NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am going to have to go with number 6, because it seems like there is potential for a hilarious backstory there.

    So sorry about your therapist. Have you asked if they can adjust your rates once they’re out of network? I was forced to switch insurance last year, and my therapist was able to get me a sliding-scale fee.

  13. Thats terrible about your therapist, I dont really understand totally how healthcare works over in the US but I hope you can get something sorted out.

    I picked up some primal strips when I was in NY, I think the flavour I tried was Thai peanut or something like that, it was actually quite nice, different but nice.

    Lol getting kicked out of preschool? Such a little rebel!

  14. I’m going for number 4, and I can’t do that either 😛

    Argh sorry to hear about your insurance. Starting over with someone new is always frustrating, I hope you can work something out. I wish I could suggest something helpful! I’m glad your leg is behaving itself now at least ❤

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