Blogiversary + “My Favorite Things” Giveaway!

This isn’t a “real” post — I don’t have time for that on Fridays, especially in the winter — but I just wanted to get this up right quick.  Regular posting will resume, hopefully, tomorrow.

Next Saturday will be one year since I’ve begun blogging, so I am having a “My Favorite Things” giveaway to celebrate!  (Or should I call it “Some of My Favorite Things”?!)

I’m really, really sorry about this, especially because I know I have several regular international readers, but I can only keep this open to U.S. residents.  😦

Here are the goods…

  • PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful
  • Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds
  • Cheerios (just to represent my love of cereal in general!)
  • Glenny’s Multigrain Soy Crisps
  • Honey wheat pretzels
  • Chocolate dipped whole wheat pretzels


  • NuGo Dark bar, chocolate chocolate chip
  • NuGo 10 bar, cranberry
  • PURE bar, chocolate brownie

  • Postcard (from the Cayman Islands… encapsulates diving and traveling, I guess!)
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Vanilla scented candle
  • Journal (writing)
  • Fuzzy socks!

And, of course…

  • earrings!  (Blue Eyed Heart, get it?  Ha ha.)

Also, as always, I may or may not toss some other random thing in there.  And to make it about you, the winner can choose one of their favorite things that I will include.  (Within reason, of course; I’d love to give you a million dollars, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen!  If it fits in the box, and I can get my hands on it, you’ve got it.)

I want to do somewhat of an overhaul of my blog; I’m usually fine with the fact that it’s all over the place, but I’d like to turn it into a more organized form of chaos!  So, here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me what to change on my blog (aesthetically, content-wise… whatever)
  2. Link back and leave a separate comment to let me know you did

    That’s it!  I’ll be picking the winner next Saturday night, March 6, around 9.00 PM EST.

67 responses to “Blogiversary + “My Favorite Things” Giveaway!

  1. what to change on your blog? less dead fish! lol i’m kidding i swear. awesome giveaway, happy blogaversary! mine is coming up as well, but i’m not sure if it “counts” because of the hiatus i took. i’m planning to do a giveaway soon too!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I personally would love to know more about your Jewish culture. You mention it in passing a lot, but never in detail. I want to commiserate with you during Passover!

  3. What an awesome giveaway! Happy blogiversary!

    I have a really hard time reading long posts, so I guess shorter posts? But I write long posts too… I think this is something a lot of bloggers need to work on, or I just need to get better at! Yikes. I am such a byotch!

  4. This one’s tough! I don’t really know of anything you should change. But I would like to say you don’t have to apoligize for the times you speak (write) bluntly. I think its cool and most of the time funny 🙂 You have a sarcastic sense of humor like me.

  5. change the header…TO THE ONE I DREW! hahah just kidding. hmmm. recipes?

  6. Happy blog-iversary! You know I’ve been wanting your accessories for forever! I like to see more of your jewelry and clothes pictured on the blog b/c you have the cutest style.

  7. I love all of your posts, but I especially love seeing all your earrings and your clothes 🙂 If you wanted some changes, maybe a new background? But I really like your header; it’s very calming.
    I think you should post more about your books–I am so impressed you are published! How did you get into writing and publishing? Maybe give us all a sample of your writing for that genre?

  8. yay! Happy blogiversary! I love your writing – maybe you could include more pictures of around the city?

  9. im all about not changing anything unless its something YOU want to change, so i have nothing to offer you in that regard. i think you should post pics of finished crosswords more 🙂

    happy blogiversary 🙂

  10. Hey sweet girl!
    thanks so much for your amazing comment-i am so thankful for you
    i like your blog because you say whats on your heart!

  11. I would be honored to enter to win your fave things!
    The only change would be more pics of YOU!!!!! I want to see you more, girl!!! 🙂

    p.s. I have a give away right now i just started today!

  12. Happy versary!!! I love reading your blog!!! Maybe switch up the header? otherwise don’t change a thing-you’re great the way you are!! (awesome giveaway…..:)

  13. I linked you to my favs;)!!

  14. Haha, great giveaway, and I totally dig the earrings…it’s so..YOU!

    The only thing I’d like to see more in your blog…is (besides more posts) a little more positivity, perhaps? I love your honesty and rather hilarious cynicism…but it would be great if you could show a bit more self-love, because you really are a lovely person. 🙂

  15. Great giveaway girl! What to change? hmmm…I personally love it the way it is.. I really love reading your posts, you are very honest and very articulate 🙂

    Happy blog iversary sweetie!!!


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  17. don’t change a thing! 🙂

  18. your blog is fabulous and so are you. nothing should be changed! xo.

  19. Happy Anniversary, hun! (that sounds a bit wrong… but hey!).

    I can’t enter your giveaway because I’m up here in the North, but I like your blog the way it is; your posts are always refreshingly honest 🙂 If you need a change, you can always play around with the layout. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with yours, but it would be something different, if that’s what you want 🙂

  20. just keep doing what you are doing! i ❤ it!

  21. i linked you!

  22. Cute blog! Could go for some recipes though! I always love checking out others’ creations 🙂

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  24. what a great giveaway! your blog is awesome; keep it up :).

  25. Hmm… change? Include recipes? Only if you’re feeling it, though. Happy Blogiversary!

  26. Happy Blogiversary! I personally would love to know more about your recipes….

  27. i know alot of people already said this- but more recipes seems like a good idea!

  28. Happy blogiversary! I just linked back:-)

  29. I love your blog as is, L! Maybe a little color? But really, I enjoy every day’s post just the way it is 🙂

  30. i love your bloggie just the way it is girlie!! but if you are looking for a change, maybe try out a new template??
    happy blogiversary though doll ❤

  31. Your blog is adorable, but I am a fan of BIG FOOD PICTURES because food is pretty 😀

  32. happy soon to be blogiversary!! i’m so happy for you :]

  33. its your blog girl. do what you want!

    and send me those goods. kthanks.

  34. I love your blog 🙂 I think you should do whatever suits your fancy because it truly represents you. I would like to see a little more color, though, but hey, it’s your choice.
    Thanks for such a nice giveaway and have a lovely day!

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  37. thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! i LOVE reading your blog especially because you always include tons of pictures! the only thing i would suggest changing about the blog is maybe adding more color to it so it matches your positivity and vibrancy!!

  38. love your blog!! if i had to choose something to change, i’d say more recipes and maybe a different layout? i enjoy this blog as is 🙂

  39. Love this Giveaway and happy one year blogging!!

    I say change comes from within, and if you want to change it, you should, I think your blog is great!!! xoxo

  40. I’m a new follower so I’d have to say I love it how it is 🙂 But, change is good…so maybe a new layout, background…something like that?

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  42. Hey! Your blog seems great! I would say maybe add a background or larger pictures…

  43. Sweet giveaway, I see a jar of PB in there! As for changes – maybe shorter posts? I have a hard time getting through really long ones (though I sometimes do it too!) hehe

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  45. Linked back from my post!! 🙂

  46. I’m new to the blog, and I wouldn’t change anything really. But if you’re looking for a change, layout is always a good one to start with. It’ll liv’n things up ’round here without being permanent or too time consuming. Congrats on the blogiversary.

  47. As for any changes I’d like to see in your blog, an incredibly healthy long-lasting fish would be nice. 😛 But other than that, I say to just stick with what you enjoy writing about. Maybe enjoy isn’t the right word? What you want to write about. It was cool when you posted art therapy photos though!


  48. I think a more colorful blog layout would be nice. ♥

  49. I would KILL to win this prize!!!
    And I don’t think you should change one single thing!

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  54. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog, is it too late to enter? Anyways, I think your blog is great and I always like reading a fellow Jewish blogger…there are a neat little handful of us (I’m not very religious but it’s a big part of my cultural identity). I would say for your blog…maybe more photos? I know someone could say the same thing to me though 🙂

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  56. I’m a new reader, but I agree with the above that recipes are always great material. I’d also jazz up the look a little with some more color, different fonts, etc.

  57. If I had to suggest a change, it would be to add more color! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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