I disappeared there last night, didn’t I? … Yeah, I know, you had trouble sleeping because of that.  😉  This is my excuse:

And when I got home, I had to play the role of a good little student because one of my professors added another two articles onto the syllabus.  That is not fair!!  I was so thrilled that I finished my reading on Thursday night so that I would be able to have a weekend free of it, and then he had to go along and ruin it.  That’s just not right.  And then I needed to pontificate about it, when I have no idea what I am saying.  It’s a skill, albeit one that is quite time-consuming.  Anyway, I was terrified to go skating because I think the last time I did it was in high school, and I have had enough of falling on my face for the time being; and my knee is about fifty years older than the rest of me.  After a few wobbly minutes, I was skating like I hadn’t had that years-long gap (not that I was ever the world’s greatest skater!) — and oddly enough, my knee hurt less while I was skating than when I walk!  That might have a little something to do with the fact that I used a heating pad beforehand, but I don’t think so.  I think my knee and my hip are just temperamental, and can’t decide whether they hurt or not.

Indulge me for a little rant about that for a moment… I am not good at sitting still.  Even when I was little, my teachers always complained to my parents about that.  No, I was never diagnosed with ADD or ADHD; focusing on a task wasn’t a problem, I just didn’t like being physically idle for very long.  So it is killing me to “rest.”  I will admit that I have not been 100% successful in that endeavor, but I definitely haven’t been moving as much as I normally would, and it is not going over well with me.  And I should never, ever weigh myself; this here is why.  I did today, and apparently I have gained weight since last week.  Normally I would leave numbers out of this, but I need to illustrate exactly how ridiculous this situation is: I have gained a quarter of a pound.  Which could very easily not actually be “real weight,” but that’s not the point here; the point is my reaction to it.  That would be to catastrophize and find something that’s at fault so that I can “fix” it… either A) I am “eating too much,” or B) I am “not moving enough.”  Well, yes.  I thought that was done intentionally.  That’s supposed to make it okay, right? … Apparently not.  Oh, yes, it can also be because I didn’t weigh every single thing I ate over the past few days, because obviously that’s going to lead me to overestimate.  Do you see how ridiculous this is?!  I’m clearly very very bad at dealing with such things, but I’m just so frustrated.  I’m always getting in my own way.

Time to try perfecting my protein pancakes again!

20g soy protein, 15g whey protein, 1/2 cup All Whites, about 1/4 teaspoon each baking powder, baking soda, and cream of tartar, Truvia packet, and a liberal amount of cinnamon.  Still liquidy batter; still tasted eggy.  They certainly look like pancakes, though, if a bit thin.  It might just be the cooking method… I wish I could try the whey in the microwave!  Well, at least I can try the soy on a griddle… or maybe I should just decrease the amount of All Whites.  Hmm.

This next venture was a bit more successful… I finally tried egg whites in oats!  (All Whites in oat bran, actually, but whatever.)  I was wary of doing it, because it just seemed like it was so prone to being a disaster… but I did my homework first.  😉

Cherry pie oat bran!  1/3 cup oat bran, a pinch of salt, Truvia, vanilla extract, and sugar-free cherry pie filling.  Plus a little more than 1/4 cup of beaten All Whites.  It took forever to get them to stiffen, but it was definitely worth it!  I never understood how oats could be “fluffy,” but I do now.  Loved it!

P.S. Note the cherry bowl.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t microwave-safe, but I stuck it in there anyway after taking all of these pictures… and I didn’t die.  Apparently.

Another “version” of the yogurt / muffin topper combination:

Vanilla yogurt, chocolate chocolate chip muffin topper, and crunchy peanut butter.

I think I am a “smooth” girl at heart!  It’s just weird to me to have crunchy bits in peanut butter…

Quinoa, peas, corn, and zygote carrots.  There was some Bragg’s involved here, too, which wasn’t bad at all, but I missed my garlic salt!

Tonight my  mom and I went supermarket shopping for Purim.  My sister came along, as did my (triggering) niece… I think that it is extremely strange for someone who is not disordered or a foodie to think of supermarket shopping as a fun outing, but whatever, fine, I’m the only one in this family with a “problem.”  Right.  Some “exciting” purchases were actually made, but they can’t be revealed for a few days yet.  😉  (Because I’m so sure you’re just dying of curiousity…)

Then we made it to the “pharmacy” right before they closed… I really hope this isn’t going to become a habit, because I’m kind of running out of body parts, but my mom was kind enough to sponsor this:

Pardon the awful photo; I didn’t feel like getting up to turn on the light!

Much to my dismay, the weekend is over, I am not young and spry again, and I have to go back to work tomorrow.  BOO.  But I hope you all have a great Monday anyway.

“This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.”
~Horace Walpole
(I wonder what that makes me?!  I think, but the world is most certainly NOT a comedy to me.  How about you?)


14 responses to “Oopsie.

  1. 😦 i wish you weren’t upset about the weight “gain.” i know that rationally you know better, but there is that other side that just takes over. sigh. ouch your knee! nice of your mom to sponsor that though haha. so weird that ice skating felt better on your knee than walking..maybe you should invest in those super cool heelies shoes that adults should never be allowed to wear. your pancakes always come out perfectly, how does that happen?

  2. I think I’m a thinker and a feeler so I guess I see it as both sometimes….?

  3. Girl: Note the cherry bowl.
    I already did!!!!! TOOO CUTE!
    Cant wait to see the purim finds, im on the edge of my seat 🙂 I should probably do something w/ skylar for the holiday but we’re not. We’re a blended religion family and i am clueless about things still!


  4. I think I’m both too 😉
    Skating is fun, I think it’s one of those things that your body remembers, like riding a bike. I’m sorry you got so freaked out about the unexplainable quarter pound, if it’s any consolation the same thing happened to me this week, but on a bigger scale 😛 it freaked me out for an hour or so, but I am being surprisingly rational now. In all likelihood a quarter pound is absolutely nothing, just a random fluctuation due to hydration or something. Bodies are pretty quick at adapting to being less active. I love your cherry bowl, it’s really cute 🙂

  5. awww feel better girlie :[
    loved your eats btw!! i want to try putting egg whites in my oats now :] except i don’t think we have any egg whites in the house? haha…
    take care and no worries about being inactive–i’ve been forced to be a “lazy bum” for about a year now and my body seemed to have adjust pretty quickly lol.
    stay strong ❤

  6. That’s exactly why I avoid the scale like the plague… the smallest fluctuation will have me analyzing everything trying to figure out how to get things back under “control”, when in reality, the body does it’s own thing, and we have very little say in the matter. Fluctuations are random and happen all the time. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. But usually the opposite of what we expect. Try not to stress over it too much, hun, especially because the difference is really insignificant.

  7. EEK! what a knee brace! HORRORS! mm. pancakes. i kinda miss those! -D
    love the yogurt muffin mix. okay bad idea to read your blog when i haven’t eaten breakfast yet!

  8. YAY, I’m so glad you went skating!

    I have trouble sitting still, too. Spending a day in bed always SEEMS like heaven, but when I actually try it I get pretty antsy.

    Have a great day!

  9. I agree with you. And, those boys have nothing better to do than pick on others. 1.) Because they are teenage boys and 2.) Because they have nothing better to do.

    Sorry for your situation with your mom. I know what you mean, though. Perfect mother-daughter relationships can be hard to have when there is no middle ground. My mom and I don’t get along much either. I love her to death, but sometimes I just don’t like her. You know? It’s hard to like someone else when they don’t support or agree with your decisions or if they want you to change the way you are.

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    please don’t let that quarter of a pound get to you- you know your weight fluctuates all the tmie and it is HIGHLY highly unlikely that is actually weight- and even if it is, so what? it is practically nothing. I know you know that 🙂 I know how hard/triggering the scale can be too..ugh.

    I know what you mean with not being able to sit still! I am so like that. i actually CANNOT ice skate. LOL



  11. Ohh I love ice skating, I havent been in years and years though, we dont really have many icerinks here. I was terrible at it but it was fun anyway.
    Try not to let the weight gain get to you, it was only a quarter of a pound, I know thats easy for me to say and I have freaked out over minute differences as well but that little gain in weight could have been due to anything, Id say more than likely just fluid, peoples weights vary by pounds over a day remember!


  12. My scale doesn’t even weight in quarter increments! Get off the scale! You are letting numbers get in the way.

    I cannot sit and “rest” either. Some people can sit on the couch all day and that drives me bonkers!

  13. okay, girl. my weight fluctuates up to 5 lbs a day. 0.25 lbs? That’s nothing. That’s like…half of a poop! I think you are just too smart, and you think too MUCH. For once, let everything go, and try not to analyze so much! Just…go with the flow, so to speak. It may bother you in an immediate reaction, but it is within your power to quell it, and forget about it.

  14. I’m so glad you felt so much less pain ice skating! And, it sounds fun! I’ve been trying to convince people near me to go….not so much.

    I am HORRIBLE at the sit and rest. Seriously, at my yoga training, they made me do 5 minutes and then gradually work up. It was a challenge. Still not good at it.

    I understand about the weight fluctuations, it drives me absolutely nuts.

    Although, I’ve decided that its going to be my goal to not obsess over it as much–even if its a little bit less time than the time before.

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