Come One, Come All

…to my centennial!  I’m going to throw a wild party.  Seriously, though, I feel like I’m a hundred years old.  I purchased an “arthritis heatwrap” this morning.  (If it’s for “sprains, strains, and overuse injuries” too, why is it called an “arthritis heatwrap”?!)

Didn’t really seem to make much of a difference.  My therapist is “very concerned” about my body that is “falling apart.”  (The former term is hers, the latter is mine.)  I think she’s overreacting a bit, since my wrist injury has been a chronic issue for the past couple of years, and this knee thing is a recent development.  It happens.  People get injured.  It’s not like something different is wrong with me every other day!  Either way, if this doesn’t go away soon, as much as I hate spending all my time and money on doctors, I am going to see an orthopedist.  I do not take well to inactivity, and because I feel like I should be resting it, I’m trying to cut out all cardio.  But I still need to be able to be mobile!!

Anyway, enough of that.  But as a side note, I did print out a selected portion of this post and give it to my therapist.  Um, as I was walking out her door after my appointment.  Go, me.

As a “parting shot,” my mom informed me, my cousin used one of my jars of (baby food) carrots.  Okay… I would like to know the following: what possessed her to think that we would even have baby food in this house, considering that I am the youngest person living here??  And why would you travel with a baby and neglect to take food with you?!

Believe it or not, there actually was some food that they did not eat.  I know.  I’m shocked, too.

Vanilla yogurt, corn topper, and the last of my jar of raspberry preserves.

Looks kind of disgusting.  But looks can be deceiving.  Anyway, I always use raspberry preserves; I genuinely like it, but I decided to try something different, and I now have a jar of blueberry and a jar of blackberry preserves.  Which to try next??

To further prove that looks can be deceiving, feast your eyes on this:

Wheat couscous, All Whites, sauteed eggplant, and mushrooms. (Random, but I just noticed that the nutrition label on the page with the mushrooms is actually from some other product. Heh.)  Yeah, okay, this doesn’t look bad, but wait!

Now that looks rather revolting.  I assure you it tasted a lot better than it looks!!  😉

And now, because I should be doing some more schoolwork, I’m going to procrastinate and have a little storytime!

This pedometer actually belongs to my mom.  Not that she ever uses it, or anything.  I have one of my own, which has been sitting on my dresser for months on end.  She wanted one.  I have attachment issues, apparently, because I didn’t want to part with mine, so I bought her a new one.  She never really used it.  My brother borrowed it once, and it’s been sitting on his dresser ever since.

Most of the food we buy in my neighborhood comes from one of two stores: a particular grocery, or a particular supermarket.  My mom has been wondering aloud for the longest time which one is closer to my house.  Mapquest didn’t help, because it sent us around the block with the car and then counted the mileage driven.  I thought it made more sense to just use a pedometer to walk to one store, check how many steps you’ve taken, then re-set the pedometer when you reach the second store and walk home.  Which is what I did.  (411 steps for the one I said was closer; 424 for the other.  In case you were wondering.  :p)

I don’t remember what day that was, but I didn’t have work, so it was sometime in the last week.  AKA, the Week From Hell, and it was decided that wearing a pedometer all day was a good idea.  NOT!!  I am pleased to report that it stayed at home today, so I don’t know how many steps I hobbled.  I’m apparently starting a pedometer collection on my dresser, if anyone wants to contribute.  😉

Okay, I need to get back to work here.  Boring articles are calling my name.  Actually, one quick “dilemma” — my first class next Wednesday is being held online instead, not in real-time, because the professor is going out of town.  I don’t really want to stick around for three hours waiting for my second class… supposedly, if you miss three classes, you get an automatic F.  I know I’m going to be missing one week for Pesach… so I don’t know what to do.  Hmm.  When I e-mailed my “proposal” to that professor tonight, I told him that I might not be able to make it to the lecture next week, but I still don’t know what to do.

Except go read some more articles now, I guess.

Have a great weekend.

“Attention to health is life’s greatest hindrance.”
(With all due respect, man, you got it wrong this time)


17 responses to “Come One, Come All

  1. glad the pedometer stayed at home today! i’m with your therapist, i’m very concerned about you too! injuries can nag and nag for years, so i hope you get it taken care of now! i agree though, all the time and $ poured into dr’s appts that often don’t yield any answers really sucks. the baby food thing =really? damn.

  2. i agree- you gota nip that injury in the bud!! get well girl and REST UP
    love your dinner “mess” looks are so deceiving!

  3. you should be able to claim religion (Pesach) for your class attendance, would be super prejudice I’d surmise if they didnt allow that as an excused absence!

    falling apart? Girl I have been a jock my whole life and seriously there are times where my injuries all rear their heads at once so i hear ya.

    And the lysine is a great thing if u still need that!


  4. I definitely know the “my body is falling apart” feeling. I know that giving up exercise, or even just making it less rigid, is hard as hell. That’s what I’ve been putting my effort into this year, and it’s tough. But don’t feel obligated to put your body through the wringer so much, it’s sending you urgent messages that it’s had enough. I’ve been reducing exercise for a month now, and haven’t gained any weight. But I do feel a lot better. Just hang in there, remember that even baby steps are progress.

  5. Your poor kneesies! Are you doing the 20 minutes of heat/ 20 minutes of ice thing? My dad swears by it.

    I’m sure if you explained that your future absence is for religious purposes your prof will understand. Mine always were pretty good about it.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I know that falling apart feeling well 😉 seriously, I’m all healthy on the outside now, but I still get pulled muscles and trapped nerves far more often than my sister, who is close to my age and has never had an eating disorder. I wouldn’t actually be so quick to dismiss the idea that it might be partly due to the physical stress of being underweight. Bodies are weird like that sometimes, they hold themselves together for years and then everything goes wrong at once. Well done for giving some of that post to your therapist 🙂 and for leaving the pedometer at home! It’s probably happier with the other pedometers on your dresser 😛

  7. The problems of living in a rural area like mine, are if you wanna go anywhere, you take a car. If I tried to walk to the nearest store I’d get there in about 3 days…if I didn’t die first. :0

  8. I can completely relate to feeling like I’m 100 years old, but your body is giving you signals that you have to honor… you need to get those injuries taken care of now or they’ll give you even more trouble in the future 😦 Take care of yourself, hun… rest up and give yourself some time to heal.

  9. You pretty much encapsulated every thought and worry I am having right now in this post – I feel a hundred years old too with my multiple injuries. We can have a little get together in the old folks home and reminisce about the good old days of global warming when winters were non-existent and snow was only an inch deep at most. I could really use one of those knee-heating wraps! Too bad they only sell them for back/shoulder pain where I can find them. I hope it works for you though.

    Well done for getting rid of the pedometer…and wow, your school has a tough policy on attendance! If my Uni operated on that basis NO-ONE would pass the course or graduate at all.

    Hope the weekend is going well for you


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  11. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    please try not to use a pedometer- it will just drive you nuts. Please take care of yourself, love. I’m worried about you too! You are young and should be fairly injury free 🙂 You can do this- stay strong.


  12. I hear you on feeling a hundred years old. We can hobble around together complaining about our respective aches and pains.
    That was so brave of you to give the printout to your therapist, even if it was as you were running out the door. I’m assuming you didn’t gave her the parts about how you’ve been doing/feeling, and not the descriptions of the meals for the day. 😉


  13. Haha love the heat wrap, very sexy! Seriously, though, you should take care of that injury ASAP!

  14. love that heat wrap! i need me onea those!! yeah girl you gota rest up-im worried about that injury! a pedometer seriously is obsessve-i would say dont use one.. i dont!

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