Close Call

I have a scale.  I realize this piece of news doesn’t exactly come as a shock, but I haven’t used it in a couple of years; it’s been in my closet, and out of sight, out of mind.  It isn’t one of those fancy digital scales with lots of bells and whistles; it’s the most basic of analog models.  And, apparently, highly inaccurate, because even when it was calibrated “properly,” I somehow got a lower reading than on any other scale.  That’s what drove me craziest and what made me stop using it: right after I got out of IP, it was, quite frankly, “triggering” to see that.  (I hate that word.)  Anyway, my brother randomly asked me today if he could borrow my scale.  I dug it out and gave it to him, and when he gave it back to me, I was thisclose to getting on it myself.  I know, I know, I should get rid of it altogether, but for the moment I’m just glad that I flung it back into the scary abyss that is my closet!  Using it would have been a very, very bad idea indeed.

Somehow, I seem to have set my phone to “vibrate” last night.  My phone doubles as my alarm clock.  I think I woke up a few minutes before it went off this morning, and then I was puzzled as to why my phone was suddenly buzzing!  Very weird.  It’s a good thing I didn’t oversleep, though, because extra time needed to be allotted for the adventure that is walking on snow… especially enjoyable (insert sarcasm here) are the stretches of sidewalk where the slush froze over again, meaning you have to walk on the bumps caused by footprints in the snow.  No traction whatsoever… and wellies are not a bunion’s friend.  I’m glad tomorrow is Friday, if only for that reason!  And also because the vent was opened again today.  Why?!?!  It’s the middle of the winter!!  And on the topic of wellies, I walked through a slushy puddle today — I’m wearing rubber boots, after all — and some guy followed me and got his feet all wet, then chastised me for wearing rubber boots because he didn’t know that there was a puddle there!  Well, excuse me.

When I got to work this morning, I found that my computer apparently had somehow eaten a very necessary program.  I called IT and left a message, but they’re so unhelpful and useless that I knew they wouldn’t get back to me… in fact, they didn’t, but it turns out that it didn’t matter, because my computer vomited.  I found the program; it was just the shortcut that had vanished.  Strange.

Since I was in the area yesterday anyway, I decided to go to Trader Joe’s (which I hate to do), because I can’t find Pure bars anywhere else. They only have the chocolate brownie and cherry cashew, which I’d never tried… I bought a lot of them anyway, because I do not want to go there more than I need to!

I loved the chocolate brownie flavor, so I was excited to try this one.

I think I’ll stick with the chocolate brownie! This was okay, but it was a little too greasy from the cashews and a little too tart from the cherries.

I actually really want to try them microwaved, but I hate eating bars at home (I can’t use the microwave at work because it isn’t kosher)… I eat so many of them already when I’m out and about!  Case in point:

I promised a review of this!

I liked them! They’re not overly sweet, and there are visible dark chocolate chips studded throughout the bar. The apple crisp is still my favorite flavor, but this one is vying with the cinnamon for second place. 😉

This has had my curiousity piqued for some time now, and I finally bought it.

Honestly, I had no idea what to do with it… I randomly added it to some microwaved vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, and zygote carrots) which I then mixed with millet and tofu steak.

Tastes like soy sauce, only a little less salty.  As an aside, I don’t know where I got this crazy idea, but for the longest time I’ve held this “belief” that unless it can be consumed with chopsticks, a meal must require a fork and knife.  (Reasonably.  I could technically use a knife for this too…)  Things like this remind me that I can be really stupid sometimes, because this was good, absent knife be damned!

After a very hot shower, which was supposed to make my back feel better but did not, I played the part of the diligent student and read some more nonsense.  I am telling you, it is the world’s best sleeping pill — it isn’t even 10.00 yet and I am so ready to go to bed!  I think I’ve got about twenty-five pages to go.  For this week.  Mega sigh.

Have a great weekend!

“Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.”
~Anton Chekhov

(No kidding…)


17 responses to “Close Call

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    GREAT QUOTE. so freakin true. sounds like you had an iffy day, though i give you a lot of credit for resisting the urge to hop on the scale. i agree, the cbrownie pure bars are way better than the kind you got today. you hate TJ’s? i definitely prefer WF but i enjoy both in different ways. hope your back feels better!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT re: reading. BAH! i hate school.
    anyways, i AM pretty curious about that braggs stuff! soysauce but NOT?! poser!

    chopsticks. best invention ever. chocolate brownie IS better

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    im so glad you resisted the temptation to weigh yourself- that is great!! I actually like TJs a lot 🙂


  4. It’s great that you managed to avoid stepping on the scale. I use to be obsessed with weighing myself all the time but now I avoid the damned thing like the plague. No number ever made me happy so why stress myself out more than I have to?

    You just reminded me that I planned to learn how to eat with chopsticks some time this year… I think I’ll get on that 🙂

  5. I can almost assure you I would have stepped on the scale….No will power for that yet. Sad I know! I can’t walk by a scale and not get that itch to see. Its only cause I want to know if im progressing any in my weight…but I guess I would just as easily know if I looked in the mirror and saw that Ive made it back to a healthy weight.

    Never thought to microwave my snack bars….good idea!

  6. Hey sugar!!
    Im sorry about the lack of carbs comment-i should have kept my mouth shut. its all out of love.. i promise! scales suck-i hate weighing rather judge by my clothes fitting AND how i feel!! 🙂
    ehh i didnt like that PURE bar either!

  7. Good for you for ignoring the allure of the scale. I’m proud of you!

    I agree with you about the greasiness of the PURE bars (and have also only found them at TJs).

    I’ve used Bragg’s in soups (when I want salt + a little extra flavor), on cheese melts, on steamed veggies…

    Have a good weekend, my dear 🙂

  8. Ohh scales are so luring, every time I see one I feel the temptation of hopping on it. Scales are terrible for varying in their results as well, I have two sets the exact same make and model and they vary by about a 1lb sometimes more, I dont get it.
    Anyway you did the right thing by throwing them back in the closet, leave them there! I dont weigh myself as much as I used to anymore and I think its better, takes away the fixation of yet again another number.

  9. MAJOR congrats on resisting any temptation to hop on that scale. It would be playing with fire, and it’s awesome that you did not do that to yourself.

    Just out of curiosity, why don’t you like going to Trader Joe’s? I’m not from out west, so I’ve never been in one.

    Stay warm!

  10. “a little too greasy from the cashews and a little too tart from the cherries.”= I agree and that’s what husbands or toddlers are for, to pass off the stuff that’s meh to me 🙂

    Bragg’s. Great stuff, use in place of soy as a marinade. I just posted a peanut sauce recipe today that would be perfect w/ bragg’s. Any kind of tofu marinade too, it’s great with.

  11. Scales are terrors. I wish there wasn’t such an invention. Why do we need to know the exact numbers anyway? We can tell by just feeling how the clothes fit.
    Glad you resisted!

  12. I’m glad that you resisted the magical magnetic pull of the scale. I find that once I start weighing myself it’s hellish to stop, so when I’m tempted I just remind myself that it’s easier to just not do it in the first place.
    That is an awesome quote! Definitely just copy pasted it into my collection. 😉


  13. I’m not a huge fan of that Bragg’s Amino stuff either, I don’t really see what the hype is about.

    I loved the line “wellies are not a bunion’s friend” haha, so funny:)

    Have a fab weekend girlie!

  14. hey! happy saturday 🙂 its an amazing step that you let yourself avoid that annoying scale. i can promise you that it wont bring you anything but a number. i have tried the pure bars a couple of times and i totally agree with your review on them- i really enjoyed it but they were so greassyyy which made it alot less enjoyable! have a great weekend girlie xoxo soph

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