Unexpected Day Off

Preface: How is it that a day essentially filled with “nothing” can make for such a monster epic post?!  And random question from a technodummy: How do I put a link to my Formspring on my sidebar?

When I got to work this morning, the security guard basically kicked me out, because the building was closed… when I asked why, she said that “the president died.”  After a few seconds of confusion on my part, I realized that she meant the president of the institution, not the president of the United States!  So by about 8.30 AM, I found myself with nowhere to go.  Yeah, I could have gone home, but I had a laser appointment at 12.30.  My acupuncture appointment obviously will need to be re-scheduled, because the clinic is affiliated with where I work, so it was closed too.

I did my best to keep myself entertained.  I went in search of Justin’s cinnamon peanut butter squeeze packs, way further uptown than I ever go, and didn’t find it.  I went to Whole Foods instead, just for kicks.  That killed about an hour and a half, but I had very little desire to keep roaming around — my back / neck / shoulders really didn’t like that idea.  So I decided to go to the laser center and re-schedule.  But when I got there around 10.00, the waiting room was empty, so I just asked if I could get it done then.  Problem solved!  And then I went to Whole Foods (a different one!) and bought this.

Yes, I’ve already tried this one.  And yes, it’s a fairly regular event for me to buy these.  But usually, it’s for four people.  Four people, four servings, end of story.  Since I live with some crazies who don’t like cinnamon, this one is all for me.  And that is kind of freaking me out a bit.

If I didn’t start this right away, it would just sit in my freezer forever, and then I’d eventually throw it out.  So I had to dig into it.  I will admit that I did weigh out a serving; but now that I know what a serving actually looks like, I want to stop doing that.  The fact that I did do it, though, will probably help remedy the inevitable — whenever I scoop this out on Friday night / Shabbos, the last person to be served ends up with some scrapings.  Usually that’s me, so I don’t really mind per se, but whatever, you get the point!

After buying that, I finally went home.  And just by the way?  Mr. J called my cell phone around 8.45 to tell me that we didn’t have work today.  Thanks, dude.  Considering I’m supposed to be there at 8.00, and all!

The lunch I had packed to take to work was eschewed in favor of another; I stuck the packed lunch in the refrigerator.  No sense in wasting the pretty packaging, is there?  😉  In its place, I made an absolute monster of a salad:

One day, after I get over the mortification of it, I am going to show you just how deep this bowl is.  There were probably two pounds’ worth of vegetables in there! Let’s see… romaine, broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, tofu steak, BBQ croutons, and barbecue sauce as dressing, because I’m cool like that.

And then, to make up for the supplement and snack that I missed because I was busy trekking all over town:

A chocolate white chip muffin.  From the depths of my freezer. Is it weird that I actually like muffins better after they’ve been frozen and defrosted than when they’re fresh?  The best is when it’s still a little bit frozen, actually.  Please tell me I’m not the only freak who thinks that!

My mom came home at some point, toting a bag from the grocery store and lamenting the fact that they didn’t have everything that was on her list.  Since I technically had nothing better to do, I offered to go to the supermarket in my neighborhood.  (You have to understand how exciting it was when this supermarket opened… I have to check the labels on everything in conventional supermarkets.  It’s kind of a thrill to go to a huge kosher supermarket and know that I can buy pretty much anything in there!)  As it turned out, it was quite an exciting trip!  Behold:

This featured once before on my blog, when I was in Israel.  There are a couple of Israeli puddings that have been available here for a while, but I’ve never seen this one before!

Corn toppers!  I was tempted to grab three boxes of every single flavor, because they’re impossible to find… but I drew on the self-control I exhibited last night with the PB&Co., and just bought one.  And the Glenny’s multigrain soy crisps are hard to find, now that Duane Reade decided to stop selling those and just sell their own store brand… I was going to buy them on Amazon, but I don’t exactly need an entire case!

Somehow, even though I didn’t exactly intend to do it, I downed this entire bottle in less than twenty minutes.

Just so we’re clear, that’s a 32-ounce bottle.  At least it was early enough in the day so that I won’t have to wake up twenty times in the middle of the night to pee!  Although I’ve come to the conclusion that the phenomenon that is an uninterrupted night’s sleep belongs solely to the weekends.  I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night during the week; and you’d think it would be easier to accomplish, if I’m only sleeping four or five hours!

While I was busy stuffing myself with fluids, my oven was busy too…

…and then I scraped the living daylights out of this spaghetti squash.  It was quite a novelty for me to actually have time to let it cool, instead of burning off my fingertips!

It paired very nicely with this.

After my experience at the pool last week, I was a bit wary of returning… cold water is not my friend.  I was planning to use my scuba mask in lieu of goggles (I certainly paid enough for it to justify that!), but in a stroke of brilliance, I used one of those “bakery strings” to put my goggles back together again.

The water was chilly.  The thermometer said 82, but there’s no way that was accurate.  Still, compared to last week, I can’t complain!  And the goggles did not leak at all.  Unfortunately, they did give me a very big headache, because I made them too tight.  I’m going to have to re-do it.  Observe:

That dark shadow on the inner corner of my eye is courtesy of the goggles… and the circle around my eye is, too, but that doesn’t really hurt.  (However, I’d like to point out the nearly streak-free, but extremely un-waterproof, mascara!)  I think I’m going to try a scuba mask anyway; it will eliminate the need for nose plugs, and I can clear it underwater if it floods.

Classes are canceled for tomorrow, because everyone is mobilizing for this supposed blizzard.  This is especially good news because, despite my lack of work today, I didn’t do one bit of schoolwork.  Queen of Procrastination?  And Mr. J called me tonight — not once, but twice, because the second time he thought I was someone else, and then claimed he wanted to be sure I’d gotten his message… whatever — to tell me that the office is closed tomorrow due to the weather.  It would be kind of funny if we didn’t actually get any snow… which is what happened on Saturday!  Some white stuff is already coming down, though.

To be honest, this is making me a little bit anxious. After what happened during the last “snowstorm,” I am guessing it would be a futile effort to go to the gym tomorrow.  Being housebound is not good for my mental health.  It’s hard for me to maintain some sort of equilibrium when everything is thrown out of whack; that’s why weekends always mess me up.  I wish I could just enjoy a snow day the way I did when I was little… but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to capture that feeling again.  😦

Have a great Hump day, whether you’re snowed in or not!

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
~Ernest Hemingway
(I always knew I liked that guy!)


14 responses to “Unexpected Day Off


    dude, can you make that chili thing for me/?!??!!! pb lovin. haha love that term.

    i dunno. it sort of helps because i muse about the crossword whilst stuffing my face. =D

    AND I SEE YOUR CROSSWORD! bbq sauces as dressing?! now i gotta try this!

    psst: i like frozen pumpkin bread straight out of the freezer. =D

  2. I totally feel you on the google eyes 🙂 I was a swimmer forever–didn’t even notice them after awhile 🙂

    Have a safe, restful day in your blizzard.

    I’ve decided that I may need to give myself a snow day….now that is an idea (it is snowing a lot here, but not too bad for the area)

    PS Your food pics are beautiful 🙂

  3. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    you wear swedes goggles? ahh they hurt my face too much, i have to go with the ones made specifically for women lol. israeli pudding sounds awesome, i love finding foods here that are hard to come by! sad abotu the president dying, but not gonna lie it sounds like you had a yummier day as a result..is that horrible of me to say? that snickerdoodle ice cream is on my must-buy list for hte next time i go to WF. you can tackle that carton by yourself, can’t believe they hate cinnamon!

  4. Don’t feel bad about the monster salad! My salads look the same way… gotta get those veggies in!

    It’s too bad you didn’t have fun on your snow day 😦 I don’t think we’ve ever had a legitimate one here… it can be -40 and a blizzard outside and things will still be open. Crazy Canadians… But I know what you mean about needing to have some sort of routine; I feel better that way as well.

  5. Hope youre able to enjoy the day. I’ve had off from classes all week bc of the storm.. CRAZYNESS!

    have a wonderful wednesday lovely lady & stay warm!
    bec xo

  6. Oh dear, goggle ring! At least that effect doesn’t tend to last too long 😛 You are lucky you don’t live in the UK, we tend to close everything down as soon as there’s even a threat of snow, it’s hilarious how everyone gets so panicky about it! I hope you find some way of keeping yourself occupied. I’m a master of days full of nothing now, but in the beginning it was hard to avoid feeling like climbing the walls. Snow is an extra pain in the butt because outside distractions are coooold. Good luck with your day off 🙂

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote and STOLE it! Thanks so much….and I have to say that I completely miss the bulk section at whole foods. Things I miss: a whole selection of dried beans, nuts, all those goodies….I miss pop chips too!

  8. hey! AH snow day 🙂 enjoy it while you can, i seriously need me some snow!that snickerdoodle ice cream looks amazing. i am for sure looking for that next time im in the ice cream section. cinnamon, yumm! no need to feel bad about that salad: it looks so amazing! salads are deliciousss. have a great day xoxo soph

  9. In the summer I regularly consume the 32 oz bottles of Powerade Zero, but any time I’ve done that with the red flavor it’s given me a killer headache, I think I’m sensitive to the food coloring.

    Can you think of any projects or crafts or something else to keep your mind and hands occupied for the Snow Day tomorrow? Jigsaw puzzles have always been a good option for me in situations like that, or writing projects, or something like that.

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