Passing Through

Sort of in conjunction with my last post, I recently learned about this center. It might have been nice to have had that option back when I went IP… though it wouldn’t have helped me any, actually, because I was “too old.” No need to make accommodations for a freak like me, now, is there?! After all, at this stage in my life I’m “supposed” to be married with at least a couple of kids. (Gosh, do I sound bitter?!… nah, I can’t imagine why you’d think that.)

Never mind.

A perfect match (different sweatshirt, actually!) …

Let’s not forget the socks. Which are stuffed into my boots, so nobody sees them anyway. Anal much?!

I made French toast on Friday morning… but not just any French toast, I made PBJ French toast!  I didn’t mind the crunchy peanut butter in this case at all.  Sorry for the nasty picture, but it was too early in the morning for anything else.  😉

I had quite an exciting trip to Whole Foods a couple of hours later! Highlights included these… of course, the week after my coupons expired.

I probably won’t buy them again — I don’t like buying flavored yogurts — but I wanted to try them once, and besides, I was so excited to see the smaller containers that I just couldn’t, well, contain myself.  I tried the raspberry one already:

It was actually pretty good.  I was surprised that it wasn’t sickly sweet!  I also liked that there was a little bit of extra space in the container, so that you don’t end up having everything spilling out if you add something.

Whole Foods also now has Bora Bora bars! I was so happy to see four flavors that I haven’t tried: two of those flavors aren’t even on the website. I don’t remember what they are exactly. One, however, was cacao hazelnut, I think… since chocolate things are so often dairy, I looked at the ingredients panel, even though it was marked kosher pareve (as in, not dairy). Guess what? Milk chocolate. Okay. That won’t do. I took the other two flavors (the fourth contained coconut, which I hate). As I was waiting in line, I realized that one of those two bars had an icing-like drizzle on top which really looked like it would be dairy, so I read the ingredients panel for that one too. Milk powder. Lovely. I actually e-mailed the OU to “report” this error.

My aunt and uncle converged on my house… as soon as I set about making this.

It’s a “strawberry rice pudding.”  It probably is paranoid of me to think this, but it really does seem that people converge as soon as I even think about eating!  And then my aunt involved me in a lengthy conversation about her Bluetooth headset; apparently, since I am “from the younger generation,” I know how fix such things.  Ha… I’m a total techno-dummy.  If you turn something off and then on again, chances are it will start to work.  That doesn’t make me a genius!  It does, however, make for an interrupted bowl of rice pudding.  Hmph.

This is actually from last week, but I think I was too busy ranting then to mention it:

My dad thought that the texture of this was more like ices / sorbet than the ones that come in the smaller containers.  I think it’s all in his head!  This was okay; not out of this world, but not bad.  We will soldier on.  😉

There was supposed to be some massive snowstorm, but thankfully it never materialized!  Not that I’m upset about that, or anything.  I have quite the “busy” day tomorrow, none of which I’m actually looking forward to… I hate when that happens.  At least I’ve gotten my opinions posted of the articles I needed to read.  I don’t know how I do it… when I have no idea what I’ve read, how do I manage to blather on about it so much?!  I suppose it is a useful life skill to BS, so it makes sense that you’d learn to do it, right?  Though I somehow doubt that’s my professor’s intention…

Enjoy your Sunday!

In each journey of your life you must be where you are. You may only be passing through on your way to somewhere else seemingly more important — nevertheless, there is purpose in where you are right now.
~Bringing Heaven Down to Earth


17 responses to “Passing Through

  1. They really shouldn’t have age limits on treatment centers. Everyone deals with their ED at their own pace and not all people suffering from anorexia are 15! Even though I was at prime ED age (in my late teens), I couldn’t find a place that would accept me because I had no insurance at the time. It’s such a huge problem for people that want/need to get better and have nowhere to go!

  2. I was actually about to buy that soy ice cream yesterday! but if you say its not amazing, i dont think it’ll be worth the investment! 😛

    xox Vera

  3. rice pudding! my dad LOVES rice pudding. i don’t know why. =D

    perhaps because he’s asian!

    anyways, love the matching. at least you have STYLE! =D

    bora bora bars are in my costco but i’m like i don’t want to buy a ton and not like them!

  4. Aww shame about the ice cream 😦 It looks so promising too.

    Can you believe I’ve never actually had rice pudding? It does look really tasty though… I think I might just try it.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend ❤

  5. hey! rice pudding is so great(: my mom used to make that all the time when we were younger. im really sorry that the ice cream didnt work out! it looked really good at least? have a great day xoxo soph

  6. Hey! I’ve seen your comments/references to your blog so I thought it was hight time to check it out! I love your coordinated outfit, and the rice pudding sounds delicious! Happy (almost) Sunday!

  7. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i almost bought that ice cream today! good thing i didn’t, since you weren’t a huge fan. such a lame thing about age limits at centers like that. you’d think they’d want to help anyone they can right? whatever. nice earrings!

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    glad you didnt have to deal with the snow!! and yay for bora bora bars 🙂 cutee socks!!


  9. Great pbj french toast!!! I love that idea. You’re so lucky you didn’t get snow, we got tons here! It’s so nasty! Love ya girl,

  10. I hate it when things are marked safe for some sort of dietary restriction and turn out not to be so The usual suspects in the UK are things made by small companies which haven’t done their research, marked gluten free but which have oats or spelt in them. Neither are gluten free! Drives me a bit crazy 😛 and the milk thing is irritating too, because often things are marked as lactose free but contain milk proteins…great if I had a lactose intolerance, not great considering I’m allergic to the proteins. It’s irritating having to read ingredients lists every time I want to try something new.

    I’m a technodummy too 😛 hope NY does avoid further snow – it’s pretty to look at, but cold and a pain in the butt to walk in, lol.

  11. I am getting to the point where I cannot log onto Facebook without seeing news of yet another wedding or baby. Yikes.

  12. Hi!!

    I hated IP. I was there for like 2-3 weeks, my parents and I were arguing with everyone (doctors, nurses…) to let me go. Even got law problems because of it. Total mess.

    I HATE little kids…and finding a man is harder than having an ED, x)

    I love your earrings and yellow/white socks!! Looks so comfy 🙂

    Love the PBJ! Did you grill it? It looks toasty and all melty :p


  13. I’ve never tried rice pudding before in my life, but you just might have inspired me to give it a shot! What cereal did you put in the soy yogurt? That picture looks really yummy, and I agree that overflowing yogurt containers can get really annoying. But I’m usually not a fan of anything messy. Unless it’s a yogurt mess, that is. 😉
    I’m the same with technology. It’s a wonder that I’m able to leave this comment at all!


  14. Bora bora bars…that sounds interesting! Not available here of course, but still…;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  15. i am so jelous of your earrings!
    not a fan of rice pudding-maybes its the texture?! love the yogurt abundance!

  16. I love rice pudding and the strawberries in there…nice 🙂 And what pretty earrings, too! xoxo

  17. PB&J French toast is genius!

    I like flavored Greek yogurts (with the fruit on the bottom), but not so much the kids with a smooth consistency all the way through. I’d rather jsut add my own goodies!

    Lovely earrings!

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