Seeing Stars

Clearly, I should not quit my day job just yet; I don’t seem to have a future in fortune-telling! You know how I predicted yesterday that I’d have no trouble falling asleep?… nothing could have been further from the truth. I was wide awake until about 1.00 AM. It didn’t help that I just couldn’t get comfortable, because I’m used to going to sleep on my left side, and aside for the beautiful eye you saw yesterday, I have a blossoming bruise on my cheekbone. Lying on that kind of hurts. Actually, as weird as this sounds, I’m glad that it doesn’t look as bad as it feels.

For those of you who expressed concern as to the origin of this injury, I appreciate it, but don’t worry, I’m not being beaten up on by anyone!  I’m just a big fat klutz, is all.

I did, however, use Stef’s line a few times today … “You should see what the other guy looks like!”  It did get me some interesting reactions.  Except for my sister, whom I randomly met in a store today — random because it’s not even in our neighborhood.  She says that I should sue.  Um.  Okay.  Sue whom?!  And I’m sorry, I actually had more pressing concerns at the time than getting the name and number of every person found nearby.

While I can’t speak for my sister, I was in that area because that store is right next door to the supermarket I go to after I see my nutritionist.  Where I scored two kabochas!  (At the supermarket, not at my nutritionist’s.  :p)  I’m a little confused here — I’m a very black-and-white person, so it’s difficult for me to not know what happened with my weight.  I don’t particularly want to know it, actually.  It’s just frustrating.  And then as I was walking out her door, my nutritionist told me that I “have to get back on track.”  To which I replied that I didn’t know I had ever gone off it; how can I know anything for certain if nobody tells me?!  She said that of course I did, because I went on vacation.  Eh — that was almost a month ago!!  :/  Somehow, I don’t think this is supposed to be so complex.

There was a carton of Pacific almond milk in my cabinet, so even though I’m quite happy with my Almond Dream, I tried this one today.

With my favorite cereal, of course!

I guess it’s the Pacific brand, because when I tried the mini-cartons, I had the same problem; it doesn’t matter how well I shake it, there are little pieces in it.  It doesn’t affect the taste any, but it kind of grosses me out.  I’ll stick with the Almond Dream from now on!

Romaine, baby corn, water chestnuts, tofu steak, roasted delicata squash.

I tried the chocolate-dipped pretzels today; they were good, but I think I prefer my honey wheat pretzels! There was a little too much chocolate involved here.

Mr. J didn’t come in today, which of course made me happy; but I left early myself to go to the dentist for my follow-up visit.  He wasn’t satisfied, so I need to go back in a few weeks.  Hey, if he doesn’t charge me — he doesn’t, since all he did was look at me — I don’t mind leaving work early!

Okay, I need to rant here for a moment.  Whoever wins my next giveaway, be warned that you just may need to put up with me as well as the package, because I am considering delivering it myself.  I hate the USPS!!  I ordered a textbook two weeks ago.  I get my packages delivered to my dad’s office, because nobody is home during the day.  I was tracking said package, and supposedly there were notices left at the door on Friday afternoon and on Saturday.  That would mean I need to take the notice and go pick up the package, except for the fact that there was no notice.  This morning I called the Customer Service number, and was told that anyone can pick up the package, even if it isn’t addressed to them.  Great, then someone else can pick it up for me, since the stupid post office closes long before I get home.  But just to make sure, my mom told me to call the local post office.  So I did… and had a conversation with someone who clearly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.  An excerpt went something like this:

Postal Worker: Well, you have fifteen days to pick it up.

Me: Thank you.  I kind of needed it last week, so I’d like to have it picked up today if possible.  How am I supposed to do that if I don’t have a notice?

Postal Worker: You can tell your boss you’ll be in late one day.

Me: But I still don’t have the notice!

Postal Worker: Where was it being delivered?

Me: {{address}}

Postal Worker: Oh, well, they’re closed on Saturdays!

Me: I know they’re closed on Saturdays!  That’s why there was supposed to be a notice left!

Postal Worker: You should know this, we don’t deliver there on Saturdays before they’re closed, and we don’t leave notices.  It will just be delivered on Monday!


Okay, fine, I didn’t really say that last part.  But I definitely should have!!  I mean, it was 9.02 AM when I called; the post office opens at 9.00.  What could have already gone so drastically wrong with her day that she had to be such a total bitch to me?! … Oh, right, I forget.  She works for the postal service.  ARGH.

Anyway, thank goodness, I did get the book.  This is kind of important, because I was supposed to present a chapter last week.  Since I didn’t have the book yet (neither did anyone else!), as a reward for volunteering to go first, now I get to present two chapters.  Aren’t I lucky?!  I started reading it, but I was just speed-reading and none of it was sinking in, so I gave up.  It’s so unlike me to leave such things to the last minute; I’m that annoying person who always had the term paper finished before the midterm!

Google Reader is crazy overloaded, but I’m thinking that bed makes more sense at the moment.  I will continue playing catch-up tomorrow! … And doing all that last-minute schoolwork… ah, okay, I’m giving myself a panic attack now.  I’m out of here.

Have a great Tuesday.


14 responses to “Seeing Stars

  1. AUGH. i hate the usps. i am on tenderhook waiting to see if they delivered a letter i mailed LAST WEEK to someone in canada. have i mentioned i hate them?!

    so when i come viist you you’l make me salads AND pancakes!

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    im with you.. i hate not knowing my weights! it is so frustrating but it is for hte best of us, you know? sorry about the mail issues..blehh


  3. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    ahh so frustrating about the post office! they don’t call it “going postal” for nothing…i’ve been driven to near murder myself. lol glad you used my line, awesome! weird about running into your sis. sorry the N appt didn’t go so well, hope you “get back on track” even if you don’t think you ever went off it!

  4. Oh dear, you have more patience than I do! I’m glad the missing textbook has turned up now. And ack, that was a bit annoying of your nutritionist. How are you supposed to know what to do if you don’t know what’s going on? Not that I’m advocating either side of the ‘knowing your weight’ debate because it’s not helpful for a lot of people, but she could at least give you a bit more advice than ‘get back on track’! I hope you got a better night’s sleep 🙂

  5. Is your favorite cereal Strawberry Fields!?!! If so, that’s my favorite too!!! Love it so much. I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep! Sometimes some warm almond milk before bed does the trick 🙂 Have a lovely Tuesday!

  6. Eep the scale. I avoid it like the plague. I’ve learned that no number, no matter if up, down, or the same, will make me happy. Better to just stay away. Ignorance is bliss 🙂

    I prefer Almond Dream over Pacific as well… Pacific actually makes me feel a bit ill actually… But I hope your head and eye and cheek are feeling better soon, love ❤ Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Tuesday.

  7. I hate not knowing my weight, but I find that when I do, it can get pretty obsessive and drive me insane.

    p.s. you can send those choc covered pretzels my way if you want 😛

    Have a terrific tuesday
    bec xo

  8. girl take this opportunity to get back on track with flying colors! i have no doubt i can do it!

  9. ** lol meant to say YOU can do it

  10. Ugh, story of my life! I bought Ari two things- from two separate vendors- for Valentine’s Day last year and neither showed up at the house. Grr!

    Hope you sleep better tonight 🙂

  11. I’d say that what your nutritionist meant was that you’d lost, but being so enigmatic and admonitory at the same time is pretty unhelpful. She really should be a little more encouraging, tactful and sensitive.

    I just saw the last post and I’m so sorry about the injury! I’m the world’s worst klutz too but it looks really painful 😦 Hope you’re okay now, or as okay as it’s possible to be after that!


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